a Sonny & Emily story


Chapter 1


“How could you do this!” Carly cried. “How could you lie to me like this?” Sonny stared at her, incredulous at her nerve. After a moment he replied. “You’re seriously going to stand there and act all offended that I lied? The woman who lies easier than she breathes?” “Don’t make this about me!” Carly protested. “I want to know how you could trick me into marrying you!” She paused and then added. “I guess you just wanted me so much you couldn’t help yourself.” Sonny burst out laughing. “You would think that.” Carly narrowed her eyes. “I’ve got news for you Carly,” he continued, “I didn’t just lie to get you to marry me; I’ve been lying to you for months.” Carly started to feel sick to her stomach and asked, “what…what do you mean?” “I mean, I have never wanted you back.” “You…but you said you loved me!” Carly wailed. “And you believed me,” Sonny replied. “I guess all these years living with the Queen of Liars has rubbed off; I did a good job.”

Carly started crying. “Wh…why?! Why would you do this, just to prevent me from marrying Jax?” “You were wrapping MY kids up in a neat little bow to hand to your Mr. Wonderful Jaxy-boy. You were cutting me out of their lives…and don’t even try to deny it. You told Michael I was too busy to take him to an event at school so he would ask Jax. I’m never too busy for my kids! Did you think I would just sit back and let you do that to me?” Carly tried to pull herself together and challenged him; “well what’s to stop me from doing it now? I can still marry Jax and he can still be a good father to the boys!” Sonny shook his head. “Number one, don’t ever threaten to take my kids from me like that again. Number two, Jax doesn’t trust you now. He came home and found you married to me. He dumped Brenda at the altar for kissing me; you think he’s going to marry you now? Then again…he might just be that much of a chump.”

“What about us?” Carly asked trying to sound sad. “I’ll get the marriage annulled as soon as possible," Sonny replied. "And I’ll call your new best friend Max, you know the guy who betrayed his boss to help you run away with MY kids after the wedding, and he’ll help you get your stuff and move out. And hey, he’s got a crush on you so maybe he can keep your bed warm now that Jax doesn’t want to see you. In any case I know you won’t be alone for long.” Carly walked away in a huff and headed up the stairs. “Oh and Carly…” Sonny called after her; “MY boys will stay here for a while!”


Emily turned onto her side and stared off into the dark bedroom. Nikolas had just finished his nightly run-through…a.k.a. his idea of making love…and Emily was as unfulfilled and unhappy as usual. Most days she couldn’t believe she’d even gone back to him. It was like an old habit that she thought would give her some comfort after Sonny ended their relationship. But Nikolas was totally consumed with himself and his child, especially when the nanny Colleen kidnapped the boy. Emily totally understood him being wrapped up in Spencer in that situation, but now that they were home with the baby nothing had changed. Nikolas expected Emily to take care of him and his son, and never so much as asked her about her work at GH or anything else. “The only other option is be on my own,” Emily silently mused. “Sonny’s married to Carly again, and doesn’t want us to be together anyway.” Emily knew that Sonny had been arrested for shooting Alcazar, and that Carly was the key witness. She figured that was the main reason they got married, especially since she also knew that Carly was engaged to Jax. But Emily figured that like her, Sonny was comfortable falling back into old patterns. “Maybe this is how it’s supposed to be,” Emily thought. But in her heart she knew that wasn’t the case, and she knew she’d never be happy unless she was with Sonny again.


Chapter 2…a month later

So much had changed in Emily’s life. She was back living with the Quartermaines, and so was her brother Jason. And the reason for both of those things was the death of their father Alan. Almost a month earlier there was a hostage situation at General Hospital. A man who had been in business with Lorenzo Alcazar killed him in his hospital room. Alan walked in on it and was shot. Then the man took Elizabeth Webber and Robin Scorpio hostage in his attempt to get out of the hospital alive. But Sonny Corinthos was also in the hospital that day and he killed the man, saving both women. Unbeknownst to him he also saved Jason’s child. Elizabeth was pregnant and not with Lucky’s baby as she had claimed, but with Jason’s. Sonny had been shot during the event, and Carly tried to weasel her way back into his good graces by offering to take care of him. Sonny didn’t want anything to do with her…and to date, neither had Jax.

Emily was devastated by Alan’s death, but found no comfort with Nikolas. He was upset that she was spending so much time with her family instead of with him and his child. Emily couldn’t take it anymore and abruptly dumped him and moved out of Wyndemere.

Jason was also really shaken up by his Alan’s death and by the realization he was about to become a father. He felt he needed to make a major change in his life, and went to see Sonny in his room at GH to talk about it. “How are you feeling?” “I’ll live,” Sonny gruffly replied. He was grouchy being stuck in the hospital; and grouchier that Emily hadn’t stopped in to see him. Did she not even care that he’d been shot? He couldn’t stop himself from asking Jason how she was. “I’ve been meaning to ask…how is Emily taking everything?” “She’s really upset about Alan,” Jason replied. “But she’s trying to get on with her life. And in case you’re wondering, she moved out of Wyndemere and back in with the family.” Sonny’s heart soared at that piece of information. “Has she been working?” Jason shook his head, “no and neither has Monica. She did ask me how you were though.” Sonny relaxed; that was all he needed to hear. Emily hadn’t totally forgotten about him after all. “I sent flowers,” Sonny told him. “Oh, OK thanks. There are so many bouquets there she probably didn’t see they were from you.” Sonny was surprised at Jason’s response; why didn’t he assume Sonny had sent the flowers to all the Qs?

“I need to talk to you,” Jason continued. “Sure, what’s up?” Jason took a seat next to Sonny’s bed. “When are you getting out of here?” he asked. “A couple of days,” Sonny replied. “Will you be strong enough to handle things without me?” “Why…oh you need to take some time off? Sorry man, I should have suggested that with Alan dying and all.” Jason shook his head. “No Sonny. I don’t need a vacation…I need more than that.” Sonny remained quiet to hear him out. “Alan died because of our business. It wasn’t our fault…it definitely wasn’t your fault so I don’t want you to think I’m blaming you, because I’m not.” “I’m sure the Qs do.” “At first. But I explained to them that this is all on Alcazar. That you tried everything to peacefully co-exist with him for all our sakes, and that he broke the truce and flat out tried to kill you in your office.” “Did they believe you?” Jason studied his face. “You mean does Emily believe me? I know you don’t care what the others think.” “That’s right. Does Emily think I’m responsible for her father’s death?” “No. She never did, not for a second. And I really think she’s relieved that Alcazar is finally dead so he can’t hurt you anymore.”

Sonny was happy to hear Emily didn’t blame him. Jason was right; he couldn’t care less what any of the Qs thought of him. But if Emily blamed him, he couldn’t handle that. “So anyway…” Jason continued. “Yeah, sorry go on.” “Alan’s dead, and Elizabeth is having my baby. For the first time since the accident, I really feel like I need to take care of my family…the Quartermaines.” “Makes sense,” Sonny stated. Jason took a deep breath. “Yeah but to do that I need to leave my other family…you.”


Chapter 3...two weeks later

Edward Quartermaine was happy; as happy as he could be after losing his only son. But his favorite grandson was back in the family fold, and he brought someone into that fold with him. Jason had moved into the Q mansion with Elizabeth Spencer…who was pregnant with his child. A week earlier, the family was gathered in the living room when Jason appeared with Elizabeth and announced they were moving in. He had looked at Edward, “Elizabeth is pregnant. We’ll be getting married as soon as her divorce from Lucky is final. And if you want I’ll help run ELQ. I’m not working for Sonny anymore.” The whole family erupted into cheers at the return of the family golden boy; everyone, except his sister. Emily couldn’t help but think of Sonny. What did it mean for him if his right-hand man was leaving the business? When she had a chance, Emily wanted to ask Jason that very question.

“Ms. Emily?” Emily now looked up at Alice calling her from the doorway. She left everyone and walked over to her. Alice handed her a card. “I was cleaning up some of the rotting flowers; I thought you’d want to see this.” Emily stepped out into the foyer and closed the living room doors behind her. She looked down at the card which read, “Emily, I’m so sorry for your loss and am here if you need me. Sonny” Emily burst out crying and ran up the stairs to her room. There she closed the door and threw herself on the bed. She read the card over and over like it was a lifeline saving her from drowning in her misery. “He still loves me,” she cried. “I just know it!”

Detroit, Michigan

Johnnie Quinn looked down at his pager vibrating on his belt. When he saw the message, he immediately got up and left the bar where he was drinking with his friends. “What’s up with him?” one of them wondered. Once outside he looked at the message again. “I need to see you. Corinthos.” It had been almost a year since he’d seen Sonny Corinthos in person, but Quinn spent every day working in Sonny’s organization in Detroit, Michigan. To most people, Quinn was nothing but a mid-level soldier in a large criminal empire. But he knew that he was a lot closer to the big boss than his position suggested. Sonny Corinthos had once saved his life, and that of his brother, and Quinn had pledged his eternal loyalty to Sonny.

The two Quinn brothers once lived in Northern Ireland (their given name was not Quinn), with their father who was very active in the IRA. Their mother had been killed during a protest and their father blamed the British government for her death. He went to work for the IRA and orchestrated a bombing that killed a British official. The boys were 19 and 17 years old at the time, but that didn’t stop the authorities from assuming they’d been involved in the bombing as well. They hadn’t, but rather than stay and try to clear their names…difficult to do with their mother dead and their father in prison…they fled to relatives in the U.S. Those people were in New York City, and one of them worked for the biggest mob boss in the country, Sonny Corinthos. Their relative brought the two young men to see Sonny in Port Charles, NY, and once he was satisfied they were being truthful about the events in Ireland, Sonny promised to get them new identities and jobs. He’d been true to his word and Johnnie and Joseph Quinn (their new names) moved to Detriot to work for Sonny there. But before they left, the eldest Quinn, Johnnie, asked for a private meeting with Sonny.

“I can’t thank ya enough for what ya done for us,” he began. “Don’t make me sorry,” Sonny warned. “No sir we won’t. I promise ya that. And if there’s ever anythin’ ya need…anythin’…I want ya to know I’ll be there for ya. Ya have my loyalty always sir.” Sonny shook the young man’s hand impressed by his pledge.

Over the years Sonny did call on Quinn to handle special jobs for him, and was always more than satisfied with his performance. And more than that, Sonny liked how the young man’s mind worked. He was intuitive and intelligent. So when Jason made his decision to leave the organization and go back to the Quartermaine way of life, Sonny immediately thought of Johnnie Quinn to replace him. He would have given the job to Max, but Max had betrayed him by helping Carly run off with the boys right after the wedding. Sonny told Max he was fired and dead to him…and that if he ever came around the house or his organization again, he’d really be dead. Max knew he meant it, and took Milo and left. Carly gave them both jobs at the Metrocourt in order to stick it to Sonny, but when Jax returned he promptly fired both of them and took back Carly’s share of the hotel, leaving her high and dry.


Chapter 4

Emily found Jason at the desk in the study at the Q mansion; doing paperwork. He looked remarkably comfortable in his new role, something she never thought possible. “Do you have a minute?” Jason looked up. “For you, of course.” He got up and walked over to the sofa with her. They both sat down. “I wanted to ask you about Sonny,” Emily began. Jason didn’t say anything. He knew neither Sonny nor Emily had really gotten over each other. “Is he going to be ok?” “He’s almost totally recovered,” Jason replied. “The doctors don’t see any lasting issues from the shooting.” Emily shook her head. “That’s not what I meant, although I’m happy to hear that. I’m asking about the business Jason. Is he going to be ok without you?”

“Sonny’s more than capable of handling the business without me,” Jason replied. Emily raised her eyebrows. “Oh really? You didn’t think he was capable of running it even with you when I was involved with him. Wasn’t that why you stabbed him in the back?” Jason winced as her arrow hit home. “I was wrong,” he said quietly. Emily took a deep breath and tried to quell her anger. All the memories of that time came flooding back. And while Jason’s betrayal deeply hurt both she and Sonny, it had solidified them as a couple too.

“OK forget about that for now,” Emily said. “I’m asking you what’s going to happen now; will he replace you with someone? Max maybe?” “Max is no longer working for Sonny,” Jason informed her. Emily was stunned; Max had been so loyal to Sonny during his fight with Jason. “Wh…why not?” “Max helped Carly take the boys away right after the wedding. Sonny was furious.” “Of course he was!” Emily exclaimed. “Max is supposed to be loyal to him, not Carly!” She was furious herself. “You’re right,” Jason said. “But Max thought Sonny was hurting Carly by forcing the marriage, and it turns out he was right.” “How?” “Because Sonny didn’t really want Carly back.”

Emily’s heart almost stopped beating. She was afraid to ask Jason to clarify; afraid he’d take back what he just said. But when he continued, he did just the opposite. “Sonny thought Carly was replacing him with Jax as Michael and Morgan’s father…and there was some truth to that. She did undermine Sonny with the boys.” Emily felt horrible knowing how much that must have hurt Sonny. “So he decided to cause trouble between her and Jax so the marriage wouldn’t happen,” Jason added.

“But that had nothing to do with the Alcazar shooting, did it?” “Well no, Alcazar planted a gun in Sonny’s office and then walked in intending to kill him. Carly barged in about something and distracted Alcazar enough that Sonny could grab his gun and shoot. But that made her the key witness because Ric thought he could nail Sonny on murder.” “So Sonny didn’t do anything wrong Jason,” Emily interrupted; “he had to marry Carly to prevent her from testifying.” “Yeah that’s what we thought. But then the cops found the woman who had planted the gun for Alcazar, and she told them everything. And that meant it was clearly self-defense and Carly’s testimony wasn’t needed.” “But Sonny didn’t tell Carly that?” “No, or me. But when Carly found out and confronted him, he told her the whole truth.” “About why he tried to get her back in the first place?” “Right; it was all about the boys with him.” Emily tried to hide her joy. Knowing Sonny never really wanted Carly back meant there was still a chance for them. That was, if Sonny would just admit that they should be together.


Chapter 5

“There’s a Johnnie Quinn here to see you boss,” Sonny’s guard Marco informed him. Sonny stood in the living room at Greystone. “Great show him in.” Quinn hurried in and put out his hand to Sonny. “I came as quick as I could boss.” Sonny shook his hand. “No problem, thanks for getting here so fast.” “Of course; it’s not everyday ya say you need to see me ya know.” “Have a seat,” Sonny instructed him. Quinn sat down and Sonny perched himself on the edge of his desk facing him. “I’ve made some changes in the organization. Jason Morgan is no longer working for me.” Quinn got nervous for Sonny. He had heard rumblings of trouble between the boss and Morgan several months earlier, but since Sonny didn’t contact him for help he figured they were just rumors. Now he wasn’t sure. Sonny read his expression and explained. “You probably heard there was some trouble…this isn’t related to that. But just so you know what happened back then…it was about a woman.”

Quinn was stunned. Morgan went against the boss over a woman? “Not just any woman,” Sonny continued. “His sister.” “Oh…but I don’t understand why…not that it’s me business boss.” Sonny smiled. “It’s your business because I’m saying it is. I want you know the whole story. Emily and I fell in love with each other and Jason couldn’t handle it. She’s his baby sister…well she’s a grown woman now who has been married twice already, but to him…” “Yeah, I get it,” Quinn said. “But I don’t get him not wanting her with ya. He should have been honored. If I had a sister, I would be honored if ya loved her.” “Well you say that now but who knows. Anyway we had a falling out over it and things haven’t been the same since. And now some other things have happened and Jason has decided it’s best for him to move on, and I agree.” Quinn nodded his head wondering what all this had to do with him. “And that’s why you’re here,” Sonny continued. “I want you to be my new right-hand man.”

Later, Sonny finished giving him the run-down on everyone currently in his life…and out of it. “So basically, other than my kids, the men I mentioned, and a few friends, anyone else who wants to see me needs an appointment; especially my ex-wife Carly. And unless it’s urgent, I’m too busy to see her…whenever she shows up.” Quinn stifled a laugh. Sonny’s ex-wife sounded like some piece of work. “Uh sir, can I ask ya a question?” “Sure.” “What about that woman…Morgan’s sister? I mean, does she live here?” Sonny got really sad; most days it was hard to believe Emily didn’t still live there when he still loved her so much. Quinn waited patiently for him to answer. “No, we’re not together anymore,” Sonny replied. “But if she ever comes to see me, here or at the office or anywhere, I need to be told immediately. And I want you to look out for her if she ever is around the coffee shop, or the house or anyplace associated with me. Got it?” “Yes sir, I got it.”

They were interrupted by a woman entering the room. Quinn immediately stood up, thinking it was the woman they’d just been talking about. “Sorry to bother you Mr. Corinthos,” Leticia said. “Oh hi,” Sonny replied. “You’re no bother. Johnnie, this is Leticia; my boys’ nanny. She’s welcome here anytime too.” Quinn greeted Leticia with a nod of his head, trying to keep his admiration in check. His interest didn’t get past Sonny who thought it’d be a good match…not that he was interested in playing matchmaker. He had more than enough issues with his own love life. “I need to pick something up from Michael’s room,” Leticia informed them after smiling at Johnnie. She went upstairs to do so, and Sonny let Johnnie know he was free to pursue her if he wanted. “She’s cute huh?” “Yeah…but you’re the boss so if ya like her…” Quinn replied. Sonny shook his head. “Leticia’s worked for me for years; she’s like family. Besides, there’s only one woman I want but I can’t be with her.” Quinn didn’t understand why Sonny couldn’t be with Emily but didn’t ask for an explanation. Sonny gave him one anyway. “If you ever meet Emily you’ll understand. She’s a living angel…way too good for this life I lead.”


Chapter 6…a week later

Emily took a deep breath before opening the door to The Corinthos Coffee Café. It had taken her a week to get up the courage to go and see Sonny. She was going to tell him she’d come to thank him for the flowers, but since he’d sent them weeks ago she knew he’d see right through that excuse. So she decided to be honest and tell him she had just wanted to see him to make sure he was all right. It was part of the truth at least. The rest of the truth was that she missed him so much she couldn’t stand it, and wanted to see if he had missed her too.

The shop was quiet except for a couple of Sonny’s men who were sitting near the back sipping coffee. They stood up when Emily approached. Only one of them recognized her, and the other started grilling her as would anyone who came to see Sonny. The men were all especially careful since they’d screwed up and let a woman plant a gun for Alcazar near Sonny’s office. They all considered themselves lucky that Sonny hadn’t done more than scream at them for their incompetence. “The boss is busy,” the man informed Emily. “Oh…um…” The other man chimed in. “I think he’d want to see her; I’ll go check.” He disappeared behind some doors, and Emily wondered what had prompted Sonny to give himself an office in the back of his coffee shop. In fact, she wondered when he had actually opened the coffee shop. It was all so strange to her. The man still standing with her decided to check her for a weapon in case the boss did want to see her. “I need to check your purse miss.” Emily was already nervous and this guy was making her more so, but she handed him her purse.

Inside, Sonny was meeting with Quinn. “So no one’s giving you a hard time…questioning your authority?” “No sir.” “If they do you just let me know and I’ll be glad to go down there and slap them around a bit.” Quinn smiled. “Only if you let me do the slapping for ya boss.” Sonny laughed. “Occasionally I like to do it myself. Normally I’d save those times for the men at the top of my organization, but I’m assuming you’ll never screw up enough for me to have to do it to you.” “No sir!” There was a knock on the door. “Come!” Sonny yelled. His guard came in. “Emily’s here to see you boss.” Sonny narrowed his eyes at the man as his heart started racing. “Who? Who is here to see me?” The tone of his voice told the man he’d better revise his statement. “Uh…uh…Miss Quartermaine is here to see you?” Sonny nodded his head, “that’s better.” He stood up and told Quinn, “I’ll be…we’ll be right back.” He walked out to greet Emily…just in time to see his other guard arguing with her. “Miss I have to frisk you! The last time we let a woman back there without frisking her, the boss almost got killed!” “Look I’m a friend of Sonny’s,” Emily protested; “Jason Morgan is my brother! You don’t have to frisk me!”

Sonny grabbed the man and threw him to the floor. Quinn heard the commotion and ran out to give Sonny back up. Sonny looked down at the man and fought the urge to kick him to death. “Don’t you EVER put a hand on her, you hear me?!” he roared causing Emily to jump back. The man cowered on the ground hoping the boss wouldn’t hurt him. He nodded his head in response the best he could but otherwise didn’t move. Sonny finally looked at Emily; her eyes were wide. “I’ve scared her again,” he sadly thought. “Do you still want to come into my office?” he asked her; “I understand if you don’t.” Emily gave him a small smile. “Of course I do.” Sonny looked back down at the man on the floor. “Get out of her way you idiot!” The man quickly got up and scurried to the other side of the coffee shop. Sonny guided Emily to his office, and Quinn stepped back to let them pass. Sonny closed the door letting him know not to join them, so Quinn went back out to the shop to keep an eye on the man Sonny had just screamed at.


Chapter 7

Out in the coffee shop, one guard was explaining to the other who the woman was. “Are you insane? That’s the boss’ girl…well at least she was…and Morgan’s sister.” The other man looked at him, “I know that NOW!” Quinn joined them; “and don’t ya be forgettin’ it neither, ya hear?” The two guards looked at him with the appropriate respect; they all reported to this guy now, and he was the only one with direct contact with the boss. “Yes sir,” they both replied.

Inside the office, Sonny was profusely apologizing for what had happened. “If he hurt you in any way Emily…” “He didn’t Sonny; it’s ok. It was just a misunderstanding.” Sonny had pulled up a chair to sit next to her. He studied her face and his heart ached having his beautiful angel so close again. “How are you?” he quietly asked. “I’m ok, but that’s actually why I’m here…to see how you are.” “Me? Who cares how I am? You’re the one who lost her father…and…well I know you left Nikolas.” “Yeah,” Emily looked down at her hands. She was ashamed to admit she’d ever gone back to him and wondered what Sonny would think of her. “Hey,” Sonny said, causing her to look back up into his eyes; “we all do things that we think are right at the time. There’s no shame in that. It was only natural for you to try again with Nikolas.” Emily was puzzled; he didn’t seem upset at the thought that she’d been with Nikolas again.

Sonny was doing his best acting job. Inside he was bleeding with the knowledge that Nikolas had touched her; that she had opened herself up to being hurt by him again. “I guess you understand since you were with Carly again,” Emily replied. “Things aren’t always what they seem,” he said. Emily couldn’t help but smile since she already knew the reasons why he’d gone back to Carly. “Yeah, that’s for sure. You could say the same for me and Nikolas I guess.”

Sonny couldn’t stop himself from asking, “did you…did you sleep with him again?” Emily stood up; furious. “How can you even ask me that? It’s none of your business what I did with him…I’m sure you were screwing Carly every chance you got!” Sonny remained sitting and put his head down, which he shook emphatically. “No, I didn’t actually,” he said to the floor. Emily sat back down. “What?” she couldn’t believe her ears. Sonny looked back up and into her eyes. “I never wanted Carly…never wanted to touch her. I kissed her a few times to convince her I wanted her back, because I wanted to break her and Jax up. She was going to give him my children…” Emily wanted to hug him. Instead she reached out and touched his face. “I know Sonny…I know…”

Sonny’s eyes filled with tears. “Then maybe you also know that the thought of making love to anyone but you makes me sick,” he whispered. “I couldn’t do it.” Emily felt guilty for letting Nikolas have sex with her. “I should have been as strong as Sonny was,” she silently chided herself. “But it’s none of my business what you did with Nikolas,” Sonny added, “and I apologize for asking. I’m the one who let you go…told you to go love someone else…” Emily started to cry as well. “But that’s just the problem Sonny…I can’t love someone else because I still love you.”

Chapter 8

Sonny sank to his knees on the floor in front of her. Her admission that she still loved him drove all the breath from his body. “Sonny are you ok?” Emily anxiously asked; worried he was having a problem from being shot. Sonny managed to lift his head to look at her. “Will you stop worrying about me? God, this would be so much easier if you hated me. Instead you come in here, saying you still love me…why Emily? Why would you still love me?” “I can’t explain it Sonny,” she replied; “I just do. It’s the one thing I know for certain, that you have my heart and always will. But since you don’t feel the same anymore, I’ll have to find a way to live without you.”

She started to get up to leave, but Sonny reached up and wrapped his arms around her legs. He hugged her tightly. “You’re wrong…I love you more than ever. And I’ll never stop.” Emily sank down to the floor with him and he reluctantly released his grasp. She took his face in her hands and stared him in the eyes. “Then why are we not together Sonny? Explain it to me in a way I can understand. Because it seems to me we’re both miserable so what’s the point?”

“The point is you’re still alive Emily. And just look at what has happened in my life recently. I’ve got enemies coming at me from all sides; one of them walks right in here and tries to shoot me. What if he had succeeded and you were still with me? Do you want to be the one Jason walked up to with the news?” Emily shook her head, “of course not. But do you think it would affect me any less if I was home with the family and read it in the paper?” “Yeah, I do. Because your whole life wouldn’t be built around us.”

“But my heart is built around us Sonny, so it would have been the same for me. Actually, it would be worse because I would have missed out on all of that time with you. Everyone is going to die someday, and I'd much rather live only one more day on earth in your arms then live to be 80 and never spend another moment with you.” Sonny disengaged his face from her hands and stood up. “Well,” he stated looking for another angle, “this way I don’t have to worry myself sick every day that someone’s going to go after you because of me. And especially now that Jason’s left the business; you’re not a target in any way.”

Emily saw she wasn’t going to convince him he was wrong, but was thrilled to know he still loved her as much as she loved him. It was a good place to start. She stood up as well. “I know you have good reasons for your fears Sonny, so I won’t downplay them. But I also know in my heart that we belong together. So I can tell you this: I’ll never try to move on with someone else, because I know it won’t work.” Sonny ran his hands over his face and then replied; “and you have my word I won’t ever try to move on with someone else either. It was a mistake to try to get Carly back, no matter what my reasons were, because it could never have been real between us again. You’re the only woman for me.” Emily beamed at him. “Well Sonny, then it’s just a matter of time until we’re together again.”


Chapter 9

Quinn waited a respectful amount of time after Emily left before going back into Sonny's office. He found the boss sitting behind his desk, staring at the ceiling. "OK if I come in boss?" Sonny nodded his head but didn't look at him. Quinn entered and shut the door. "I'm sorry about what happened outside; all the boys understand now not to touch Miss Quartermaine." Sonny finally looked at him. "I hope so Quinn. If I had walked out there and he was frisking her, I would have killed him right in the middle of the coffee house in front of a dozen witnesses. And I wouldn't have cared." Quinn nodded his head. "I understand. And sir, now that I've met Miss Quartermaine I understand what ya were saying before."

"You didn't exactly meet her," Sonny corrected him. "I meant to introduce you, but…" "Not a problem. I'm just glad I know who she is so I can look out for her like ya said." "Thanks." "Sir, can I ask ya somethin'?" "Yes." "Did ya work things out with her?" Sonny shook his head. "No, and I don't see how that's possible. No matter how we feel about each other nothing's changed about why I don't want her in my life. It's not the right life for her." Quinn didn't respond; there wasn't much he could say to that. It wasn't really his business anyway. But if there was a way he could help the boss get his woman back, he wanted to do it.

Emily returned to the Q mansion and Jason could tell she'd been crying. "What happened?" Emily smiled at him, "nothing I'm fine." "No you're not. I can see tear stains on your face." "I was crying but now I'm smiling," Emily said; "so don't worry about it." "You saw Sonny," Jason stated as if he knew it for a fact. "I went to thank him for the flowers." Jason gave her a "give me a break" look. "Ok, that wasn't the only reason," Emily admitted. "It was a productive meeting." Jason's eyes got wide. "Do I want to know what that means?"

"It means that Sonny and I both admitted we still love each other. But you'll be thrilled to know that he is still pushing me away because he thinks I'm too good for him and his life. Happy now?" She turned and stormed out of the room not wanting to hear Jason's judgments. Jason went and sat down behind his desk. He thought about Sam and how things ended with her. It wasn't because of his dangerous life. It was because Elizabeth was having his baby. He told Sam about it and it totally crushed her. She left town and he hadn't heard from her since. But here were Emily and Sonny both still in the same town and both alone. Even to Jason that didn't seem right. Maybe there was something he could do about it.

Emily left the house and drove down to the docks. She avoided the area near Sonny's coffee shop so he wouldn't think she was stalking him. But she forgot that most of the property on the docks was run by Sonny's organization. She stood on the pier and thought about all the happy moments she and Sonny shared. Even though there was always chaos swirling around them due to other people's objections to their relationship, when they were alone and could shut out the rest of the world it was perfect. Not to mention how perfect it was when they made love. Emily shuddered as desire ran through her body. She couldn't imagine living the rest of her life and not feeling like that again, and she was determined to make sure that didn't happen. One way or another she was going to get through to Sonny. The sound of someone approaching jarred her out of her thoughts. She turned and was greeted by an unwelcome sight.


Chapter 10

“Why are you out here alone?” Nikolas Cassadine asked as he approached. “Just getting some air; don’t worry about it.” He stopped about a foot away from her. “You don’t need to lie to me Emily. I know you went to see Sonny; I can tell by the look on your face.” “What does that mean?” “That look you get when you’ve been with him, or are thinking about him. I’ve seen it enough times to recognize it.” “Well,” Emily replied trying to change the subject, “I actually just came from the house; not that it’s any of your business.” “I’ve been worried about you,” Nikolas added. “I figured you’d get back with Sonny. How could you put yourself in danger like that again?”

Johnnie Quinn was walking from one of Sonny’s warehouses to another when he saw Emily Quartermaine standing on the pier with a man. He immediately walked over to make sure she was all right. “You’re going to talk to me about danger Nikolas?” Emily retorted. “Wasn’t I in danger from both your nanny and grandmother just a short while ago? Where is Helena anyway? How do I know she won’t pop up at any moment and try to kill me again?” “She’s in prison,” Nikolas said…and then he noticed a strange man walking up to them. “That hasn’t stopped her in the past,” Emily replied; “I don’t see why it will now.” She saw that Nikolas was no longer listening to her, but was looking at the man who had just joined them on the pier. She recognized him as having been in Sonny’s coffee shop earlier that day and assumed he worked for Sonny.

“Is everythin’ all right here Miss Quartermaine?” Quinn asked. “Who the hell are you?” Nikolas snapped; “another one of Sonny’s goons?” Quinn stared at him; “top goon.” Then he addressed Emily. “Do ya need help?” Emily nodded her head. “Actually I’d appreciate you walking me to my car.” Quinn stepped aside to let her pass and then followed her, leaving Nikolas standing there alone. “Do ya need me to deal with ‘em?” Quinn asked Emily as they walked. “No,” she answered. “He’s my ex-husband. He was just talking to me. You work for Sonny, right?” They reached her car. “That’s right,” Quinn said. “Johnnie Quinn, at ya service Miss.” Emily smiled and asked, “How come I don’t know you?” “I just came to town; to take ya brother’s place.” Emily raised her eyebrows, “oh, I see.” “This is totally outta line,” Quinn added, “and the boss’d kill me if he knew I was even talkin’ to ya about this.” “But?” Emily was intrigued. “But…it’s clear to me that he still bloomin' loves ya. He’s just worried about ya safety ya know?” Emily nodded her head. “I know. But it helps to have someone else tell me that, so thanks.” Quinn nodded his head at her and then opened the car door. Emily got in and drove off feeling even more hopeful about the future.

Sonny was still in his office trying to review Casino reports. But all the numbers were running together and he couldn’t concentrate. He couldn’t think of anything but Emily and how much he wanted her. When he heard the office door open, he thought it was Emily coming to see him again. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. It was Jason.


Chapter 11

Sonny sat back in his chair at looked at Jason. “What the hell are you wearing Jason?” Jason looked down at himself and then back up at Sonny. “What do you mean? It’s a sweater.” Sonny fought back laughter; the sweater was in Christmas colors and had a reindeer on it. “I’ve just never seen it before,” Sonny said and then silently added, “and you look like a real loser.” “It was in a closet at the Qs,” Jason explained. “I guess I used to wear it before the accident. I was cold, so I put it on.”

Sonny let the attire conversation lapse and got down to business. “Since you don’t work for me anymore you’re going to need to make appointments to see me Jason. You can’t just walk in here anytime you want.” Jason didn’t much like it but knew it was the reality of the situation that he chose. “I know. I asked them to let me in just this once.” “Well I’ll have to talk to them about that,” Sonny replied. “I’m tightening things up around here.” Jason nodded his head. “Makes sense since the shooting and all.” “Yeah and all,” Sonny said. Jason knew what he meant and asked about it. “How are things going? How’s Quinn working out?” “Fantastic,” Sonny honestly replied. “He’s smart, responsible, all the men respect him, and above all that he does what I tell him. It’s refreshing.” Jason took that barb without replying; he knew he deserved it and more.

Sonny stood up and went to pour himself some more coffee. “But that’s not why you’re here Jason, so what’s up?” Jason looked at his watch before answering. “Sonny it’s Eleven 0’clock. Since when do you drink coffee this late?” Sonny finished pouring and then turned back to face him. “Since 1) I can’t drink booze anymore; 2) I never sleep well anyway; or 3) it’s none of your damn business…take your pick.” “Yeah OK I know it’s not my business,” Jason said. “Nothing about you is my business anymore and that’s my doing. But my sister is my business.” Sonny rolled his eyes. “Here we go…I wondered when you’d come around to lecture me about staying away from her. Well save your breath Jason, I AM staying away from her.” “No Sonny, that’s not why I’m here. I don’t want you to stay away from her; I want you to take her back.”

Quinn finished his business at all the warehouses and returned to the coffee shop to see Sonny one last time before calling it a night. When he got there he was informed that his predecessor was in with the boss. Quinn didn’t like that at all. To him Jason was nothing but a traitor who spit in the face of the man who had given him everything. He questioned why Jason was even bothering Sonny at this point. And then he realized he knew exactly why…Emily. The same reason Quinn wanted to speak with Sonny. He wanted to make sure Sonny knew about Emily’s conversation with her ex-husband. It sounded to him that Emily was in quite a bit of danger over the past few months, and he wondered if Sonny even knew about it. And if he did know, why did he still believe that his life was too dangerous for her now?

“What do you mean you want me to take her back?” Sonny couldn’t believe his ears. “She’s miserable without you,” Jason stated. Sonny shook his head, “you’re unbelievable. For months you not only didn’t care about Emily’s misery, you were the cause of it. And now after all the dust has finally settled, you’re going to step over the wreckage YOU caused and walk in here and tell me you changed your mind? And you think at this point I would care what you want?” Sonny’s voice was getting louder and Quinn could hear him from the coffee shop although he couldn’t make out his exact words.

“I just thought that I might be a reason you were resisting getting back together with her,” Jason replied feeling very uncomfortable. He knew every word Sonny said was the truth. “Well I know everyone makes you think you’re the center of universe Jason,” Sonny retorted, “but in this case what’s going on with Emily and me has nothing to do with you and your opinions. Now if you’ll excuse me I have work to do.” Jason didn’t bother to push the issue and left the office. He almost ran into Quinn. “I don’t think ya have reason to be comin’ here Morgan,” Quinn stated. Jason stared at him, “Sonny’s made that quite clear; I won’t be back.” And then he left.

Quinn watched him go and then went into Sonny’s office. “Everythin’ ok boss?” Sonny was sitting behind his desk. “Yeah, fine. He just wanted to tell me he’d be ok with me and Emily now. Can you believe the nerve?” Quinn shook his head; he couldn’t believe the nerve. “That’s what I came to talk to ya about…Miss Quartermaine.” Sonny stood up like a shot. “What’s wrong? What happened?” Quinn put up his hand to calm him down. “She’s fine sir; don’t worry ya self. It’s just that I saw her on the docks. She was talking to her ex-husband…whatta tosser he is.” Sonny stifled a laugh and let him continue. “They said some things I think ya might want to know about.” Sonny didn’t like the sound of that; was Emily going back to Nikolas again?


Chapter 12

Sonny digested everything Quinn told him and then said, “I knew she and Nikolas had gone looking for his kid when the nanny kidnapped him. I didn’t know Helena was involved.” Quinn stood quietly waiting for Sonny to finish. “I want you to find out everything you can about what happened, especially about Helena’s part in it. And find out where she is now.” “Cassadine said she’s in prison,” Quinn informed him. “Well find out where and get someone on the inside to watch her. That woman has slipped out of more prisons than Liquid Louie back in Bensonhurst.” Quinn didn’t know who “Liquid Louie” was but assumed he’d gotten the name by oozing out of prisons as easy as liquid. “Yes sir.” “Keep me updated,” Sonny added. “Yes sir I will.”

The next day Emily woke up after a night full of dreams. She’d been dreaming about Sonny and felt more aroused than rested. She got up and dressed and headed over to The Corinthos Coffee Café for breakfast. Only it wasn’t a croissant she was interested in. When she walked in the guard immediately put his hands up and backed away as she approached. Emily tried not to laugh. “Is Sonny here?” “No ma’am not yet. But I’m expecting him any minute. Why don’t you wait in his office?” “Are you sure he’d be ok with that?” “Yes ma’am.” The guard didn’t want to get chewed out by Sonny for making Emily wait in the coffee shop. “Well I’m going to get some coffee and then I’ll go in.” “Oh no ma’am,” the guard insisted, “you go in and I’ll bring you your coffee!” This time Emily did laugh; he was trying so hard to kiss up to her. “That sounds great thanks.” He led her into the office and then went back out to get her drink. And then the door opened and Sonny walked in flanked by two other guards.

He headed straight back and the coffee shop guard stepped in front of him. “Uh boss you have a visitor.” Sonny stared at him. “You let someone into my office without staying with them? Are you seriously that dumb?” The guard swallowed hard before replying, “I don’t think so sir…it’s Miss Quartermaine. I’m sorry if I did the wrong thing, I just thought…” Sonny relaxed and told him, “no you did the right thing. Glad you showed the ability to learn from your mistakes.” The guard was glad too. “No interruptions,” Sonny added. “Yes sir.” Sonny went into his office, his heart pounding. Emily was standing in front of the desk with her back to the door. Sonny closed the door behind him. “Now that’s a beautiful sight first thing in the morning.”

Emily smiled and turned around. “I was just checking out your desk.” Sonny was confused. “Why?” “I wanted to see if it’s sturdy…you know, to stand up to a good banging.” Sonny’s jaw dropped open. “I’ve been thinking a lot about this,” Emily continued. “We’ve agreed we still love each other; and we’ve agreed we’re not going to see other people. So that leaves me with a problem.” “Wha…what problem?” Sonny stammered. “I’m horny,” Emily stated. “I mean REALLY horny. I haven’t had an orgasm since July…you know the last time you and I made love. And it’s your responsibility to rectify that. So,” she patted the desk and hopped up to sit on it; “let’s get busy.”


Chapter 13

Sonny was so stunned he was unable to move, even when Emily started taking her clothes off. “Em…Emily…sweetheart…Emily!!” She stopped and looked at him. “What’s wrong? Come on Sonny, you’re not going to try to tell me you don’t want me are you?” Sonny emphatically shook his head. “! Of course I want you. Jesus…you have no idea how much I want you. But here? Like this? You really want me to take you on my desk?” Emily smiled. “Absolutely; lock the door.” Sonny did what she said. He was basically powerless to deny her, since he wanted her more than he’d ever wanted anything in his life.

“Now,” Emily continued, “come over here and sit down.” Sonny took the extra precaution of grabbing a chair and shoving it under the door knob; he didn’t have much faith in his guards to keep people out. Then he walked over and stood before Emily in front of the desk. She had finished taking off her clothes and sat on the desk with her feet still clad in high heeled boots…one of them perched on the arm of the chair. Once Sonny was between her legs, she put the other foot up on the other arm trapping him in between.

Sonny leaned forward to kiss her, his hands finding her breasts. He plunged his tongue into her mouth and practically sucked all the air from her lungs. “Mmmmm,” Emily moaned against his lips. She had been ready for him when she got there, but feeling him kissing her and touching her again pushed her to the edge. When Sonny released her mouth she told him, “I’m so wet for you already Sonny. Just give it to me now!” Sonny stared at her with his patented, “I’m going to fuck you so good you’ll feel it for days” look. “Don’t you want me to lick you first?” he groaned. “That is why you told me to sit down, wasn’t it?” Emily had forgotten that was what she wanted; now she didn’t want to wait for Sonny to be inside of her. She knew once he starting eating her, he probably wouldn’t stop for quite a while. “Later,” she panted; “now I want you to whip it out and bang me. Hurry Sonny!”

Sonny didn’t see any point in arguing. He unzipped his pants, and Emily reached in before he could. She took a firm hold of his throbbing organ and freed it. She licked her lips as she stroked him. “Ooh yeah…I’ve missed you…” “Are you talking to me or my dick?” Sonny joked. “Your dick,” Emily replied; “but I’ve missed you too baby.” Sonny laughed and then together they guided him to her slick opening. “Wait,” Emily said, shifting and moving her legs from the arms of the chair to rest on Sonny’s shoulders and easing herself back onto her elbows. Sonny reached down, cupped her ass, and then pulled her forward as he entered her. Emily almost hit the back of her head on the desk from the sensation. “Ooooohhhhhhhhh!” she wailed. The feeling of him entering her was incomparable to anything else on earth.

Sonny grabbed her by the thighs and thrust in a slow but steady pace. Emily moaned with each movement. “Emily…oh my God I love you…” Sonny groaned. Emily smiled. “I love you too Sonny. Now give it to me…don’t hold back.” She laid down and started massaging her own breasts, and Sonny totally lost it. He slammed into her with complete abandon and was on the verge of exploding within moments. Luckily Emily got there first. “Yeah…ooh…yeah…Sonny…that’s it…yeah…yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Sonny erupted inside of her, and everything went black before his eyes.


Chapter 14

“Sonny are you ok?” Emily asked. He was bent over, his face in her stomach, and was hardly moving. “Oh yeah,” he mumbled against her; “I’m good.” Emily laughed. “Well, while you’re down there…” Sonny picked his head up. “You’re a task-master, you know that?” Emily laughed some more. “Oh yeah it’s a real burden for you I’m sure. Sit down!” Sonny laughed too and then disengaged himself from her and took a seat. Emily put her feet back on the arms of the chair, one on each side of him. Sonny slid the chair closer. He examined her. “I’m trying to decide which is a more beautiful sight,” he said. “Your pussy when it’s all quivering and wet and waiting for me, or right now when it’s swollen and pink…” “And still quivering,” Emily interrupted. Sonny licked his lips. “Yeah still quivering. Actually now it looks like it’s pulsating. Are you still feeling it?” he asked, referring to the mind-blowing orgasm she’d just had. “Oh yeah,” Emily replied. “There are these little shock waves still going through me…through it.” “Say it,” Sonny demanded. “Going through my pussy,” Emily replied. Sonny smiled and then teased, “and what do you want me to do to your pussy now baby?” “I want you to lick it. Lick it slow, and use a lot of pressure. And stick your fingers in me too.” “How about if I do this first?” Sonny took one forefinger and started running it all around her swollen lips, occasionally grazing her clit.

“See this is why I didn’t want you to do it before…you’re going to torture me now aren’t you?” Emily asked. “Yes,” Sonny honestly replied. “I’m going to use my finger like this until I feel your juices starting to flow again. Then I’m going to put that finger, and another one, inside of you and move them in and out until you really get loose. And only then will I use my tongue to lap up everything you’re giving me.” “You’re so mean,” Emily moaned, not meaning it at all. “I know,” Sonny replied. “But sometimes one has to be cruel to be kind; this is one of those times.” Emily held herself up on her elbows again and watched Sonny execute his plan. After only a few moments of him moving his finger all over, she was ready for his cock again. But she knew he wouldn’t give it to her, so she kept silent and went along for the ride.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,” Sonny groaned. “Look at it getting wet for me. I’m sorry you’ve been neglected for so long.” “Are you talking to me or my pussy?” Emily joked. “Your pussy…but I mean it for you too.” “Well that’s a bigger issue that we still have to deal with,” Emily said. Sonny winced and pulled his finger away. “No Sonny! I just meant we have to deal with still not being together as a couple! I didn’t say that to hurt you!” Sonny nodded his head, “I know. But it hurt because it’s the truth.” “No it’s not,” Emily said. “You weren’t neglecting me. You were doing what you thought was best for me. We don’t agree on what’s best, but I never doubted your intentions were to protect me.” “Thanks,” Sonny said. He looked into her eyes. “Do you still want to do this? I understand if you don’t.” “Yes I still want to. In fact, maybe you can fast-forward a bit?” Sonny laughed. “Good try but no dice. Now where was I?”

Later, Emily was finally rewarded for her patience after Sonny had touched and licked her pussy for what seemed like hours. He was back inside of her and she was in the same position as before. “Wait a minute!” she exclaimed. “Wha…what’s wrong?” “I want to get up.” Sonny reluctantly pulled out of her and took a step back. Emily hopped off the desk, pushed the chair out of the way, and then turned around. She put her torso down on the desk and spread her legs offering Sonny a delectable view of her ass with her swollen pussy peering through. “You’re going to kill me woman,” Sonny whispered as he entered her again from behind. Emily sighed and gripped the edge of the desk as best she could, while Sonny grabbed her butt and tried to take her on the ride of her life.


“So what time will I see you tonight?” Emily asked as she dressed and Sonny zipped up. He looked up with a start, “tonight? What do you mean?” “I mean we’re together again so let’s go out or something.” Sonny shook his head. “Nothing’s changed Emily.” Emily’s heart sank. “How can you say that? Didn’t this mean anything to you?” “Of course it did, how can you even ask me that?” Sonny chided. “But this was your idea, remember? I’m trying to stay away from you…for your own good.” Emily got angry. “I am so sick of hearing you say that! Why don’t you let me worry about what’s good for me?!” Sonny was having a hard time sticking to his guns. In his head he still believed it was a big mistake for Emily to be part of his world. But in his heart he was so in love with her he couldn’t imagine them not being together. And after making love to her all morning, he couldn’t imagine not continuing to do so. He was about to relent when there was a loud crash. “Get down!” Sonny yelled pushing her to the floor and falling on top of her.


Chapter 15

Quinn had shown up at the coffee shop and was promptly informed that the boss had “company;” something he could have figured out from all the sounds coming out of the boss’ office. Quinn smiled to himself hoping this was a sign that Sonny and Emily had reunited. He made a mental note to call that pretty nanny who worked for Sonny; no reason the boss should have all the fun. After waiting for over an hour, Quinn decided to go check in at the warehouses and then come back to talk to Sonny. Just as he left the building, several teens ran out of the alley which was alongside the shop. Instinct told him to stop them, and he did so with the help of his gun. “Hold it right there boys!” he yelled pointing the gun at them. They stopped cold and their arms shot up into the air. “What were ya doin’ in that alley?” he asked. They all looked at each other; no one wanting to admit what they had done.

Inside Sonny’s guards heard the breaking glass and tried to open the door to the office. They couldn’t. “Boss, boss!” they yelled. Sonny slowly got up off Emily and then helped her stand. He looked at the window. There was a large hole in it; too large for a bullet. Then he looked at the floor in front of it and saw a brick amongst the glass. “Boss!” the guards were still yelling and trying to get inside. They were sure Sonny and Emily had been shot or something equally as grave. Sonny finally walked over, removed the chair from under the doorknob, and unlocked and opened the door. “Someone threw a brick in the window,” he told them. “Go outside and see what’s going on.” They did and found Quinn reading the riot act to three teenage boys.

“Well that was interesting,” Emily said trying to sound nonchalant. “Yeah, really interesting,” Sonny sullenly replied. “I think you’d better leave now. I’ll have someone walk you to your car.” “Sonny it was probably just some kids; no one was hurt.” “This time,” Sonny said. Any thoughts he had of getting back together with Emily ended with the sound of breaking glass. If it wasn’t someone trying to get at him, it was he himself doing the breaking during a breakdown. Either way his life was too damaged, had too much violence in it, to have Emily in it as well. Emily could see him shutting down emotionally and she knew he was scared. She had to admit at least to herself, that she was scared too; but not enough to keep her from being with Sonny. It was just going to take longer than she thought to convince him to let her back into his life. She agreed to leave, and let one of Sonny’s men escort her to her car.

After dealing with the kids, Quinn went in to see Sonny and told him what happened. “What did you do to them?” Sonny asked. As furious as he was, he wasn’t an advocate of hurting kids. “Gave ‘em a good dressing down,” Quinn replied. “Threw in a few threats…stuff like that. I didn’t hurt ‘em.” Sonny nodded his head, “good.” “I’ll get the window fixed,” Quinn added. “So what else is going on?” Sonny asked. Quinn was dying to ask what had happened with Emily but didn’t think Sonny would find that appropriate, so instead he filled Sonny in on what he’d found out regarding Emily’s adventure with Nikolas.

..."So let me get this straight,” Sonny said, running his hands over his face. “Emily fought with the crazy nanny for her gun, and then almost got arrested for it?” “That’s right.” “And Helena’s in prison in Colorado?” “Yes sir; and I got someone on the payroll in there as a guard to watch her.” “No way is some sheriff in Colorado going to keep hold of Helena Cassadine,” Sonny said. “I want reports three times a day from our guy. If she bolts I want to be the first to know.” “Ya got it sir.”


Chapter 16

That night was a relatively quiet one at the Q mansion. Jason was doing more paperwork for ELQ, clad in another ridiculous sweater. Other members of the family were milling about the house and Emily was in her bedroom. She was thinking about her time with Sonny in his office that morning, and besides the obvious reasons she was feeling really good. She could tell Sonny was on the verge of losing the battle with himself and getting back together with her. “A few more visits like today, and he’s done,” Emily thought.

Sonny was home alone in Greystone and was also reviewing the day’s events. He didn’t know how he was going to keep himself away from Emily. The moment they finished making love…finished round two that is…he instantly wanted more. Emily was addictive to him, in a very good way. He didn’t have to compromise his principles or pride to be with a woman who also drove him mad with desire. Emily was all he ever wanted and ever needed, but he was deathly afraid that what was perfect for him was the worst thing in the world for her. Sonny was an expert at beating himself up emotionally; he did it constantly. And when it came to Emily he was especially brutal. While she made him feel like the king of the world, he also felt like the world’s biggest thief stealing something that wasn’t his…something he didn’t earn. “I’m not supposed to be that happy,” he mused.

His self-flagellation was interrupted by Quinn hurrying into the living room. “What’s wrong?” Sonny asked as he stood up. “Ya were right boss, not that I’m surprised.” “Right about what?” “That the Cassadine woman wouldn’t sit still in that jail.” “She escaped?” Sonny asked; his heart racing. “Yeah. Don’t worry our guy got on her trail right away.” Sonny was pleased to hear that. “Thanks for reminding me every day why it was smart to make you my number one Johnnie.” Quinn beamed at the compliment.

“So what now sir?” he asked. Sonny thought about where Helena would be headed. The smart thing would be to get out of the country, but Sonny knew Helena put revenge above being smart. “Jesus…Emily!” “Sir?” “She might be coming right back here to get back at Nikloas and Emily!” Sonny exclaimed racing to get his gun and his coat. “I’m tired of this female freak,” he muttered. “Spencer should have taken care of her years ago…I’m not waiting anymore!” Quinn didn’t know who Spencer was, but figured Sonny was too upset to explain. “Get the car,” Sonny snapped.

A short while later the Quartermaine household erupted into confusion. Sonny Corinthos had knocked on the door and then pushed his way inside once Alice answered. Jason ran out in the foyer to investigate the noise. “Sonny what’s wrong?” “I’ll tell you what’s wrong,” Sonny growled. “Helena Cassadine is on the loose again and I don’t trust you, or any of you,” he pointed at the gathering clan, “to ensure that Emily’s safe. I’m taking her home with me!” Jason tried not to smile. He knew Sonny was jumping at the first thing that gave him a legitimate reason to get Emily back. He walked over to the stairs and yelled up, “Emily! Sonny’s here for you!” Emily hurried down. “Sonny? What’s going on? I thought you said we weren’t going out tonight?” “We’re not going out,” Sonny replied. “We’re staying in…at my house; where Helena can’t get you. Now get your stuff and let’s go!” He said it with such authority not even Monica or Edward questioned him. And Emily certainly didn’t question him since being back with him in Greystone was exactly what she wanted.


Chapter 17


Emily went upstairs to unpack and freshen up while Sonny attended to some business. He commiserated with Quinn in the living room about Helena. “As soon as our man gets her,” Sonny said, “I want you out there personally to do the job.” “Yes sir,” Quinn replied. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d killed someone for Sonny. It wouldn’t even be the fourth time. He’d never killed a woman before, but from what he learned about Helena Cassadine during his investigation she sounded like someone who deserved to get whacked.

Emily started her descent downstairs just as the two men were finishing up. “And you make sure she’s dead,” Sonny added. “I mean check for a pulse, breath, the whole deal. And bury the bitch so she can’t wake up and get out. She’s got more lives than Charlie the Cat.” Quinn tried not to chuckle at Sonny referencing yet another character from his past. “How many lives did Charlie the Cat have boss?” Quinn asked. “About twenty,” Sonny replied. “The guy used to get shot on a yearly basis. He was also beaten with a pipe, stabbed, strangled…” “Did ya do all that to him?” Quinn nervously asked. Sonny smiled in response. “Do you think I’d be telling you about it if I was the incompetent that couldn’t get the job done right?” Quinn shook his head, “no sir! And I wasn’t sayin’ ya were incompetent….I….” Sonny put his hand on the other man’s shoulder and looked into his eyes. “I didn’t think you were. Now back to the point…make sure she’s really dead.” “Ya got it sir,” Quinn said, and then turned and left.

“I knew this is what you were planning,” Emily stated from the bottom of the stairs. Sonny turned to her with a start. “Huh?” She walked over to him. “Don’t try to deny it Sonny; I know what you are going to do.” Sonny looked away from her and down at the ground. Even though he felt totally justified in killing Helena, he didn’t expect that Emily would praise him for it. “I have no choice Emily,” he quietly replied. “Yes you do; you always have a choice. You just refuse to take it!” Emily cried. Sonny nodded his head. “You’re right. I do have a choice, but when it comes to protecting you I’m going to do what I have to do. Even if it’s wrong, and even if it proves what I’ve been saying.” Emily was confused. “What? What are you talking about Sonny?” He looked up at her. “I’ve been saying all along that you’re too good for me, for my kind of life, and this is just proving my point. You can’t handle what I’m going to do and I don’t blame you.”

“Of course I can’t handle it! You’re going to dump me as soon as you kill Helena!” Now Sonny was confused. “What? Isn’t that what we’re talking about…me killing Helena? Isn’t that what you’re all upset about?” “No! I want you to kill her. I’m tired of looking over my shoulder for that crazy granny!” “But…then why are you upset?” Emily took a deep breath and let it out. “I’m upset because after you kill her, you’re going to tell me to leave again. And you just confirmed it by saying I proved your point.” Sonny’s head was swimming but he couldn’t exactly deny what she was saying. “I honestly hadn’t thought that far ahead Emily. All I could think about was getting you here so I could make sure Helena didn’t hurt you again.” “Well I know how your mind works,” Emily said. “And I know that as soon as Helena has been taken care of, you’re going to tell me nothing’s changed and ask me to leave. So I’m going to save us all the time and trouble and leave right now.”


Chapter 18

Quinn returned to Greystone later that night and found Sonny sitting alone in the living room staring at the wall. He glanced at the stairs and then walked over to the boss. “Sir are ya ok?” Sonny didn’t look at him but replied, “no but whatever. Why are you here?” “I just wanted to check in with ya once more before I left.” “So we got her?” “Yeah; she’s being held for me.” “Well hurry up,” Sonny said as he stood; “we don’t want her pulling another disappearing act before you can whack her.” “The plane is waiting,” Quinn said. “But I’d really like to know that ya are ok before I go.” Sonny finally looked at him. “Emily refused to stay here.” “But why? She seemed more than happy to come home with ya?” “She was, but then she realized I’d probably make her leave once Helena was dead.” Quinn didn’t understand, “ya would?” “Well yeah nothing’s changed. She still doesn’t belong in my world.” Quinn thought carefully before speaking; he hoped he wasn’t about to blow it by putting in his two cents. “Boss if ya don’t mind me sayin’…” “What?” “Ya are so worried about how dangerous ya life is, ya are forgettin’ what she just went through…the reason ya sending me to do this job.” “Get to the point!” Sonny snapped. “Sorry…the point is that she was no more safe without ya, so why be unhappy without her?”

Emily returned to the Q mansion in a really bad mood. Jason was concerned that she left Sonny’s house. “He just wants to protect you Emily. If Helena comes here, you know I’ll do my best, but you would have been safer with him.” “Jason, I’m in no mood to listen to you be a hypocrite. For months all Sonny and I heard from you is how bad he was for me. Well congratulations, he believes it. You’ve convinced him he’s going to be the cause of my ruin, and he can’t see past that to let us be happy together. So spare me the ‘rah, rah Sonny’ cheers; I can’t stand to hear that from you!” “Look,” Jason replied; “I know I’m a hypocrite. And I know I caused Sonny to think this way…along with other things that happened to him in the past. But I also know that he loves you more than he’s loved any other woman. And I think if you’re patient, he’ll come around.” Emily looked at him with tears in her eyes. “I told Sonny I’d never move on with another man, and I meant it. But I can’t do this with him anymore. He needs to decide he wants me more than he wants to be right. So until that happens, if it ever does, I’m through.”

Sonny had sat back down on the sofa in his living room. Emily and Quinn’s words were racing around his head. He knew they were both right; that Emily had been in just as much danger when she was Nikolas as she would be in his world. And he knew that Emily would always be in danger because of her connection to the Cassadines, just as she would always be in danger because of her connection to Jason…whether or not she was connected to Sonny Corinthos. And he also knew that there was no point to both he and Emily being miserable. “Miserable and unsafe,” he mused; “or happy and unsafe?” At least if Emily was with him, he could make sure she was safe from everything outside of his world. And now that Alcazar and his accomplice were dead, the mob threat had gone down significantly. Sonny could feel his self-built walls tumbling down, and he knew exactly what he had to do.


Chapter 19

Sonny went to sleep that night with no doubts. He was finally certain that getting Emily back was the right thing to do; now he only hoped she felt the same way. Had he pushed her away too many times? Things worked out perfectly in his dreams…

“Dinner was delicious,” Emily sighed snuggling against Sonny in the back of his limousine. “Thanks for agreeing to go out with me,” Sonny said. “I didn’t have much choice,” Emily replied. “When the sexiest man alive, whom I happen to love, shows up at my work with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and begs me to forgive him, I’d pretty much say yes to anything he wanted.” Sonny smiled and kissed the top of her head. Emily looked up at him so he could kiss her mouth. He did just that, and caressed her lips with his. “Mmmm Sonny,” she moaned. Sonny was already aroused just being near her, but the sound she made got him fully engorged. But he was going to be a gentleman and let her set the pace. “Kiss me some more,” she whispered. Sonny turned his body towards her and took her face in both hands. “Whatever you want my angel,” he replied. His mouth took hungry possession of hers and Emily felt her toes curling. She arched her back to give him better access, and he took it as an invitation to suckle her neck. “Yeah,” she panted; “you’re heading in the right direction.”

Sonny pulled back and looked at her. “You want to do this here, in the car?” Emily nodded her head. “We do well in the back seat of cars,” she reminded him. “Oh I remember. That night we broke in the Maserati…dayum that was hot stuff.” “I surprised myself that night,” Emily said; “by doing it there in the car; it was so decadent.” Sonny raised his eyebrows. “I seem to recall you enjoying it when I…” Emily interrupted him, “of course I enjoyed it.” “Let’s recreate it,” Sonny said while his hands tried to unzip her dress. Emily shook her head; “I want something else right now.” “You just tell Sonny what you need,” he groaned pushing her dress off her shoulders and revealing the tops of her breasts.

Emily reached down and pulled the bottom of her dress up. Then she pulled her thong down and off. Sonny watched and tried not to drool on her. Emily opened her legs up and started stroking herself. “My pussy is still feeling neglected,” she told him matter-of-factly. “Our time in your office was great, but frankly, I’m going to need a lot more banging.” Sonny’s mouth was dry and he could hardly speak but he managed to ask, “do…do you want me to lick you?” “No,” Emily replied. “See what my hand is doing?” Sonny watched as she imitated what he had done to her the other day. “Yeah, I see.” “I want you to run your fingers all over it, and then sometimes put them in and fuck me with them.” Sonny put two fingers in his mouth to wet them, and then moved down to join her hand. “Let the expert take over,” he whispered. Emily did so gladly, and put her hand on the car seat to steady herself. “So wet and soft,” Sonny groaned as he stroked her. Emily breathlessly asked, “do you promise to never neglect it again?” “I promise baby, I promise.”


Chapter 20

When Emily answered the page to the Nurse’s station the next day, the last thing she expected was the delivery of a massive bouquet of flowers. “Wow!” she exclaimed, her heart racing. She knew right away they were from Sonny. “Do you need me to sign for them?” she asked the delivery man who was concealed by the enormous display. “No,” he said putting the flowers on the desk. “I just need you to forgive me and take me back.” “Sonny! What are you doing?” Emily exclaimed taking his arm and guiding him into the waiting area. She didn’t want him making such a spectacle of himself in public. She knew it went against his nature. “I don’t care who hears me Em,” Sonny told her. “Yes you do,” Emily replied. “Not that you don’t mean what you say, but I know how private you are.” “I don’t care. I’ll stand outside the hospital and shout ‘Emily please take me back’ at the top of my lungs if that’s what it takes.” Emily was stunned. She sat down and Sonny followed her lead.

“How do I know this is for real Sonny?” she hesitantly asked. “You think I’m lying to you?” Sonny asked back; his feeling hurt. “No, not lying. I just think you feel this way now, but tomorrow something will happen again to change your mind.” Sonny shook his head. “No more changing my mind. I’ve thought about this a lot; thought about everything you’ve said to me. I now know that having you with me is worth any risk that might come our way.” Emily was elated but still didn’t fully trust what he was saying. “What about Helena, Sonny? Oh wait, I get it. She’s finally dead right? So now…for now…you feel it’s safe for me to be with you.” Sonny shook his head again. “No. I haven’t heard back from Quinn on that situation. I don’t know where she is, or if she’s…you know.” “Really?” “Yes really. Do you believe me now?” “I’m trying Sonny, I really am.” Sonny let out a deep breath. “OK look, I understand you being hesitant after all the times I’ve gone back and forth on this thing. So tell me what I can do to prove that I’m sincere. I’ll do anything you ask.” Emily thought it over. It certainly wouldn’t take much for her to believe Sonny since she wanted to so much. But maybe she should take a few days and not just rush right back to living with him in Greystone. “How about we start with dinner tonight?” she suggested. Remembering his dream, Sonny couldn’t help but smile.


“Dinner was delicious,” Emily sighed snuggling against Sonny in the back of his limousine. “Thanks for agreeing to go out with me,” Sonny said. “It was kind of tough to say no,” Emily replied. “When the sexiest man alive, whom I happen to love, shows up at my work with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and begs me to forgive him, it was basically a no-brainer.” Sonny smiled and kissed the top of her head. Emily looked up at him so he could kiss her mouth. He did just that, and caressed her lips with his. “Mmmm Sonny,” she moaned. Sonny was already aroused just being near her, but the sound she made got him fully engorged. But he was going to be a gentleman and let her set the pace. He felt Emily pulling back. “Wait Sonny…” Sonny put his hands up; “I won’t do anything you don’t want Emily.” “I know. It’s just that I think we need to take this slowly.” Sonny nodded his head, “OK if that’s what you want.” “I mean, we should date for a while don’t you think?” Sonny shrugged, “if you say so.” “Well what do you want Sonny?” Emily asked. “You know what I want,” he replied. “I want you back in our home with me and the boys when they’re there. I want you in our bed so I can make love to you day and night.” Emily cut him off with a smile, “or bang me.” Sonny smiled back, “yeah, or bang you when you come home drunk and demanding ‘sex or nothing!’” Emily giggled. “I still can’t believe I did that.” “It was cute,” Sonny told her. “I don’t understand why that still embarrasses you after what you did in my office the other day. You weren’t even drunk then.” Emily’s face turned red. “It’s all your fault,” she pouted. “You make me so horny I can’t think straight.” “Aw I’m sorry baby,” Sonny said reaching for her. “Let me make it up to you.”

Then he stopped himself. “Sorry. You said you wanted to take it slowly.” Emily shook her head. “I didn’t mean sexually. Like you said, I showed up at your office demanding to get banged…I can’t exactly act the virgin now.” “You can change your mind,” Sonny replied. “Look, I’m just happy you’re giving me another chance here. However you want to proceed, that’s up to you.” Emily thought for a moment and then answered. “I want to proceed by having sex in the back of your limousine…so tell the driver to take a detour.”


Chapter 21

Emily didn’t know how she was controlling herself, but she was only moving her pelvis ever-so-slightly. Every time her clit brushed against Sonny, she shuddered. Sonny’s head was back against the car seat; his dark eyes watching her face. She’d been anxious to mount him, but once his cock was buried deep within her, she was torturing them both with her reserved actions. Sonny held his tongue; he was too happy to complain. “Ooh there it is again,” Emily panted feeling another little shock. Sonny didn’t reply but moved one hand off her waist and reached for a breast. He took her nipple between his fingers and rolled it around. “Mmmm…yeah….” Emily moaned. “OK enough of this,” she then stated, lifting herself up and slamming down onto Sonny’s huge shaft. “Unhhhhhhhhh!” Sonny groaned. “Help me out here baby,” Emily commanded. That was all Sonny needed to hear. He started thrusting up from underneath, knowing exactly where her G-spot was and how to work it. Emily’s mouth fell open as she felt herself losing all control of her body. “Sonny!!!” she wailed.

The sound of Sonny’s cell phone pierced the air. “No…no…” Emily cried afraid he’d stop to answer it. Sonny quelled her fears. “Nothing’s more important than you,” he grunted, grabbing her ass for extra leverage. “Good…please…I’m almost there…” Emily kept moaning out orders. “Just like that Sonny…oh my god yeah…yeah…I’m cumming!” She erupted with a scream but kept riding him. And Sonny kept working up from below knowing his own release was imminent. “Unh Emily…yeah…so fucking good…here it comes!” He exploded inside of her and after a couple of final thrusts, collapsed back against the car seat. Emily leaned forward to kiss him. He snuck in a suckle on one of her nipples first, and then met up with her mouth. “Mmmm,” she moaned again.

“Thanks for not answering the phone.” “Oh yeah the phone,” Sonny said; he had almost forgotten that someone called. “Just let me check who it was.” Emily didn’t mind him checking, and kept kissing him while he did so. Sonny looked at the phone and then put it back down. “Who was it?” Emily asked. “Quinn,” Sonny replied. “About Helena?” “Probably.” “Well check the message,” Emily told him. Sonny picked the phone up again and dialed voice mail. “I’m having a great vacation,” Quinn’s voice said. “Accomplishing a lot. See ya soon.”

Sonny knew exactly what that meant; Helena Cassadine was finally dead. He put the phone down and looked at Emily. “We should probably get dressed; we’re almost home.” “Is Helena dead?” Emily asked. Sonny didn’t reply, but his silence told her everything she needed to know. She let out a deep breath. “OK well that’s something I won’t have to think about anymore.” She got off Sonny and searched for her clothes. “So what shall we do tomorrow night?” she asked while dressing. “Oh uh tomorrow night? Actually I have business I gotta do,” Sonny replied. Emily stopped and looked at him. “Business?” “I can’t discuss it with you Emily you know that.”

Emily felt sick inside. “Oh my god you’re doing it again, aren’t you?” “What?” “You’re dumping me! Helena is dead, so your work is done and now you can go right back to the way it was before!” Sonny shook his head, “no, that’s not what’s going on here!” “I’m such a fool!” Emily cried. “Emily, I swear to God I’m not dumping you! I really do have important business to handle tomorrow night! I can see you after that, but it’ll be really late.” Emily was crying; “yeah, sure whatever Sonny. Just take me home…to the Quartermaines.” Sonny felt horrible; she didn’t believe him. He had to find a way to convince her that he was sincere. And he would probably need some help to do that.


Chapter 22

Sonny anxiously paced his living room. Quinn had phoned early that morning and said he was on his way back. Sonny needed him back, urgently. When Quinn finally arrived late afternoon Sonny practically attacked him. “Thank God you’re back!” Quinn was alarmed. “What’s wrong? What happened?” “You need to cover this meeting tonight.” “I thought ya said ya had to handle it boss?” “I did; I did say I had to handle it. But now I’m saying you have to handle it! So handle it!” Quinn put his hands up in surrender. “Yes sir, what ever ya say!” Sonny took a deep breath and tried to relax. Then he apologized to Quinn. “Sorry. You don’t deserve me jumping down your throat. You really deserve a vacation after the job you just did, and I promise you’ll get one.” “I don’t need a vacation,” Quinn told him. “But I do need ya to tell me what’s going on. I’m worried about ya.”

“Emily and I were this close to being back together,” Sonny began, holding up his index finger and thumb about an inch apart. “Were?” “Yeah, then she asked me to go out tonight and I said I couldn’t because of that damn meeting. And then she thought I was dumping her again.” “Why?” “Because I got your message about Helena, so she figured I was going to say that nothing had changed between us and it was over.” Quinn put his hand to his forehead, “but it’s not?” Sonny shook his head. “No. No way. I realized that you were right; there’s no promise that any of us will be safe no matter what kind of lives we lead.” Quinn was proud he’d gotten through to Sonny. “So, if I handle the meeting ya can see her and it’ll all be ok?” he asked. “Unfortunately it’s not that simple. But I’ve got something planned that I think will do the trick.”

The Q Mansion…

“Get changed,” Jason told Emily. She looked up from her medical books. “Huh? Changed for what?” “For dinner; I’m taking you out.” “No thanks Jason, I’ll just sit here in my sweats and study. I might as well get used to it; this will be my life from now on.” “Well your life can wait until tomorrow then,” Jason said. “I need to talk to you about some family stuff, so we’re going out to dinner. You have a half hour.” He turned and left Emily’s room. Emily let out a sigh. “I guess I’ve got to eat.”


Emily was confused. She’d been looking out the window of the car as Jason drove and they seemed to be going away from downtown. “Where are we going Jason?” “A new place I wanted to try.” Emily felt that something was off, but didn’t say anything further. But when they started ascending Vista Hill, she definitely knew something was off. “OK Jason, this is the road to Vista Point. What is going on?” “You’ll find out when we get there,” he said and refused to say anything more. Emily slumped down in her seat. This had Sonny written all over it. “We’re here!” Jason announced as he stopped the car. But he left the engine running. “So turn the car off and get out with me Jason,” Emily demanded. Jason shook his head. “You don’t need me for this. Everything you need…everyone you need…is right over there.” Emily followed his finger and there, appearing out of the dusk, was a large white tent with sides. Emily’s heart started to pound and she got out of the car. As she walked towards the tent she felt a sense of destiny washing over her. She didn’t even notice that Jason had driven off.


Chapter 23

Emily could hear the sound of strings playing as she opened the “door” to the tent. Her breath caught as she took in the sight inside. There was an orchestra on a platform with a dance floor below. Off to one side was a table decked with candles and pink roses. More pink roses were displayed in bouquets throughout the tent. Several waiters stood at attention near the dining table. Emily looked around for the person she knew was responsible for all of it, but didn’t see him anywhere. “Looking for me?” His deep voice reverberated behind her, and Emily whipped around. “What’s all this Sonny?” Emily asked with a quivering voice. Sonny stepped closer. “This is the first night of the rest of our lives…I hope.”

Emily’s head was swimming and that condition worsened as Sonny gathered her in his arms and kissed her deeply. Emily couldn’t help but moan. “Shhhh baby,” Sonny then whispered in her ear. “We’re not alone here.” Emily smiled against his face. “Well you should have thought of that before you kissed me Sonny. I can’t be responsible for the reaction you caused.” Sonny laughed and then took her hand and led her to the dance floor.

A half-hour quickly passed as Sonny expertly glided and twirled Emily around. “You are just so smooth,” Emily teased. “What, dancing?” “Yeah and everything else. I can’t believe you set this all up for me.” “Why wouldn’t I? You deserve this and more Emily. And if you let me I’m going to give it to you.” Emily gave him a sly smile, “you always do baby.” Sonny grinned, “that’s not what I meant…but you know I’ll do that to!” Emily’s smile got wider. “I love seeing you smile baby,” Sonny told her. “And I know I haven’t given you much reason to smile but I’m hoping I can change that.” He led her over to the table and pulled out her chair. Then he looked at the hovering wait staff. “You guys can take a break…and them too,” he said pointing at the orchestra. The staff all hurried from the tent.

Emily’s heart was pounding again. She wasn’t sure what was about to happen but she was pretty sure she’d like it. Sonny was still holding her hand and didn’t let go even when he got down on one knee on the floor. He reached into his suit pocket with his other hand, and when he pulled out a small box Emily immediately started crying. Sonny released her hand so he could wipe her tears. “Hey none of that now.” Emily bit her lower lip and tried to stop, but to no avail. Sonny opened the box and showed her the ring. “Emily you know better than anyone how many mistakes I’ve made in my life. A lot of what I’ve done was because of this thing in my head…” “It’s an illness Sonny,” Emily interrupted. “It’s not your fault.”

Sonny nodded, “yeah I get that now thanks to you. But anyway I’ve made a lot of mistakes but letting you go last summer was one of the worst. I really believed it was the best thing for you; that I was the worst thing for you. But the instant I said goodbye I regretted it. You were…are…the best thing that has ever come into my life.” Emily stroked his face with her hands as he spoke. His voice shook as he continued. “And basically my life means nothing unless you’re in it. I know you can’t trust that because of all the times I’ve pushed you away. But maybe this will convince you that I’m sincere. Will you marry me?”


Chapter 24

Sonny stared into Emily’s eyes waiting for her response. She was taking a long time and that made him nervous. Finally she spoke. “You don’t have to marry me to prove anything Sonny.” “I’m not. I’m marrying you…wanting to marry you…because I love you and don’t want to spend another moment without you. I want you by my side always, to help guide me through my life and so I can guide you through yours. I want you by my side always so I can make love to you to show you how beautiful you are to me…inside and out. I want you by my side always so I can give you a good banging whenever you demand one.” Emily laughed. “I want you by my side always because I love you so much Emily. I don’t know what else I can say or do to prove it to you.”

The tears were still flowing down Emily’s face. “You just proved it Sonny and yes, I will marry you. I love you so much.” Sonny beamed and leaned in for a kiss which produced the usual reaction from Emily. Then she suddenly pulled away. “Wait we’re not alone remember? So don’t kiss me and make me moan Sonny.” Sonny licked his lower lip but didn’t reply. He then took the ring from its box and slid it onto her finger.

“I didn’t think you’d like it if I had a priest here tonight to marry us,” Sonny said. “You mean you don’t?” Emily joked. “No. I figured getting you to agree to marry me was enough for one night. But we’ll get married as soon as you want, and the wedding and all that is totally up to you. With one exception…” “What’s that?” “That we get married by a priest, preferably in a church. I want us to take our vows before God Emily.” “I want that too Sonny.” She paused and then added, “for a minute I thought you were going to say the condition was that Jason couldn’t be at the wedding.” “Emily, he brought you here tonight remember?”

Emily playfully smacked herself on the forehead. “That’s right he did! Now how did you manage that?” “Jason came to me a while back and told me he wanted us to get back together.” “I’m sure you were just thrilled to hear that.” “You know me too well,” Sonny replied. “It wasn’t that I didn’t like hearing it, but hearing it from him after everything he did just set me off.” Emily nodded her head. “Yeah, I’ve yelled at him about it a few times too.” “He deserved to be yelled at by us,” Sonny stated. “But I called him last night and told him he had to help me by getting you up here, and he agreed right away.” “Remind me to thank him,” Emily said reaching for another kiss. “Em…we should probably have dinner, and then we can go home and…” Emily shook her head. “Nope.” Sonny raised his eyebrows. “Ah…I sense another ‘bang me now’ demand coming on.” Emily just smiled and then stood up and started stripping off her clothes.

Sonny jumped up and stopped her. “Hold on!” He hurried from the tent, and then returned a few moments later. Rushing back to Emily he asked, “where were we?” “What did you just do Sonny?” “I paid the wait staff and the orchestra to disappear for a few hours. We’ll get the food ourselves…when we’re ready for it.” “I like how your mind works,” Emily said resuming undressing. Sonny helped her, and then she helped him, and then she found herself on the table on her back. Sonny pulled up a chair. “Time for the appetizer,” he announced with glee. Emily laughed and propped herself up on her elbows to watch him. Sonny moved her legs up on his shoulders and then spread her pussy apart with his hands. “Mmmm quivering and wet and waiting for me, as usual.” “And you’re being a big tease, as usual,” Emily retorted. Sonny surprised her by lowering his head and licking her right away. “Ahhhh, that’s better,” she sighed.


Chapter 25

“Yeah bang it baby,” Emily panted. “I am,” Sonny replied. “You want more? I mean, I can give you more but we’ve already sent most of the china crashing to the floor.” The table was barely holding up under the activity, and the plates and glasses were jumping around and falling off the edge with regularity. “No, that’s perfect,” Emily told him. “Perfect…just like that. You’re hitting my spot…ahhhhhhhh!” “I always hit your spot,” Sonny growled as he kept stroking in and out of her at a steady pace. “Yeah you do…that’s why I crave having your big…ahhh…beautiful…ooh…cock inside of me.” Sonny’s need to release was spurred on by her words and he picked up the pace of his thrusts. “And I love having it in your hot…unhh…tight…yeah…wet pussy. I’m cumming Emily!” “Sonny!” Emily yelled as the orgasm overtook her. After a few more strokes, Sonny followed her over the edge.

Sonny collapsed forward onto Emily’s chest. “Mmmm it’s always so good with you Sonny,” Emily moaned. Sonny picked up his head and looked at her. “As opposed to who?” “What?” “You said it’s always so good with me, like you were comparing it to someone else.” There was no mistaking the jealousy in his voice. “Sonny, I’ve only been with three men in my life…Zander, Nikolas and you.” Sonny nodded his head, “yeah I know.” “And not that I think it’s an appropriate question, but I’ll answer it. I wasn’t comparing you to anyone, because there’s no comparison. The only time I’ve ever had an orgasm is with you.” “Really?” “Yeah really. So, I think we should eat this dinner you ordered for us, and then go home so you can give me some more of them.” “Are you moving back in with me?” Sonny asked hopefully. “I haven’t figured that out yet Sonny. But I’m definitely going home with you tonight.” Sonny smiled and kissed her; “well that will do…for now.”


“Mmmm I’m so sleepy now,” Emily yawned while stretching out her limbs. One leg ended up draped over Sonny’s body. “Well if you want to go to sleep, you’d better move your leg,” Sonny warned. Emily smiled and rubbed herself against him. “I could go to sleep, or…” Sonny smiled as well. “You are insatiable. Are you going to be this way after we’re married?” Emily thought it over and then asked, “are you still going to rock me body and soul?” “You know it,” Sonny replied his eyes darkening with desire. “I think you should show me how Sonny,” Emily teased. Sonny lifted her leg and rolled her onto her back. Holding her leg aside, he guided his cock into her with his other hand. “Yeah…show me…” Emily whispered. Sonny stared into her eyes and sank down, kissing her once he was fully inside. Then he lifted his body back up and did it again. Emily moaned with each slow thrust. Sonny reached his hand in between them and found her clit, which he rolled under his fingers. Emily’s body shook with each touch.

Sonny pushed both Emily’s legs back towards her chest and spread them apart with his hands. He held her down with firm pressure on the inside of her thighs, and increased the speed and force of his movements. “Yeah…” Emily panted as yet another orgasm started its approach… “I’m definitely gonna be this way after we’re married. Sonny…it’s just…so…good!”


Chapter 26

The night before their wedding Sonny and Emily exhausted each other in bed…as usual. Neither paid any heed to the age-old superstition that it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. Sonny saw every inch of her, and didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. But in his dreams, things went terribly wrong…

“I won’t let you marry her!” Jason yelled holding a gun on Sonny. “Neither will I!” Carly shrieked. “I’ll kill you both before I let her marry you,” Nikolas Cassadine chimed in. “Yeah, me too!” Edward Quartermaine raged. Emily looked at Sonny with tears in her eyes. “Don’t listen to them Sonny…you’re good for me…I love you!” Sonny shook his head; “I can’t marry you…they’re right…goodbye Emily.”

Sonny woke up with a start. He quickly looked down at Emily who was still fast asleep. "What am I doing?" he asked out loud; rubbing his hands over his face.

The next evening…

Emily looked up at Jason as he entered the room downstairs in the church. “I’m all set Jason; we can start anytime,” she cheerfully informed him. Jason didn’t respond at first. And then after a moment he said, “Sonny’s not here.” “Is he OK? Jason, did something happen to him?” Emily was panicked. Jason shook his head. “I don’t know; I’m trying to find out. I just know he’s not here. Em, I hate to say this…” “Then don’t!” she snapped. “Don’t say anything. He’s coming, I know he is.” The strange thing was she truly believed it. She didn’t have any doubt that Sonny would show up at any moment to marry her…if he was able. Jason did as she asked and kept quiet, but he was really worried. Neither Sonny nor Quinn were answering their phones. Either something had happened, or Sonny had decided not to go through with the wedding. Jason felt guilty knowing if it was the latter, he played a big part in it by the way he acted the previous year. “I’m going to join the priest at the alter,” Emily informed him. “And I’m getting married…tonight.”



“How the hell did you let the car breakdown like that?” Sonny yelled at Quinn. “I’m sorry sir! I don’t know what happened!” “I’m ruining my damn tux running like this!” Sonny added. Both men were running as fast as they could. The limo had broken down six blocks from the church. Quinn offered to call a cab to go back to Greystone to get another car, or to take them to the church, but Sonny refused to wait. “She’s going to think I changed my mind…again. I have to get there now!” So they got out and started to run…leaving their coats, cell phones, weapons, and everything else behind. As they ran Quinn asked, “why would she think ya changed ya mind again boss?” “Well standing someone up at the alter might suggest that; believe me I know. Besides, I had this dream last night…” “What about?”

Sonny was breathing heavily now. “I dreamt that Jason wanted to…kill me again…because of Emily.” “Bloody traitor,” Quinn muttered. “And it wasn’t…just him…” Sonny continued. “There were others.” “And then…what happened?” “And then I woke up and…asked myself…what I was doing.” “Doin’? Ya mean why ya were marryin’ her?” “No I mean why I was having stupid dreams like that. I was spooking myself for no reason. But maybe she heard me say that.” “Maybe ya still…not sure?” Quinn asked. Sonny looked at him; “oh no…I’m sure.”

Emily stood in front of the priest with Jason at her side. He was still waiting for someone to call him back about Sonny’s whereabouts. No one seemed to know what had happened to him. Emily waited patiently; still sure Sonny would be there if he could. She was more worried that he’d been hurt, or worse. When the doors burst open her heart leapt with joy; only to crash down at the sight of Quinn standing there. Jason hurried over to him. “What the hell happened? Where’s Sonny?” Quinn glared at him. “Mr. Corinthos is my responsibility now…not yours. It was my job to deliver him to his wedding, and I have.” Jason let out a breath filled with relief. “OK, I’ll go tell the bride.” He walked back to Emily with a smile on his face…and that put a smile back on hers.

After cleaning himself up, Sonny opened the doors and hurried down the aisle. Emily cried with happiness upon seeing him. When he reached the alter he apologized to the priest and then to Emily. “This is going to sound really lame, but the car broke down and we ran here. You must have thought the worst.” Emily nodded her head. “I did. I thought you were dead…I mean, I didn’t let myself think it.” Sonny gave her a puzzled look. “You didn’t think I stood you up? Changed my mind?” “No; I never thought that Sonny.” Sonny stroked her face with his hand. “You’re amazing. The trust you have in me…the love you’ve given me.” “Sonny, let’s get married,” Emily teased. Sonny beamed and started to recite his vows. “I Michael, take you Emily…” “Uh Mr. Corinthos,” the priest interrupted; “we’re not at that part yet.” Sonny smiled as Emily broke out laughing. “I love you Sonny Corinthos.” “And I love you Emily Corinthos. And that’s the truth and nothin’ but the truth.”