Tangled Ties
a S&E story


Chapter 1

“It’s a pleasure to finally do business with you, Mr. Corinthos.” Hector Alonso put out his hand. Sonny hesitated before shaking it. “I want to make sure this is perfectly clear,” he replied to the man in Spanish. “This is a one time deal to erase an old debt. You helped me and my former boss Frank Smith out many years ago…and now I’m returning the favor. You will be allowed to land one shipment in Port Charles; the bearer bonds only. No drugs; no arms. And that will be the last time you and I do business.” Alonso had “acquired” ten million dollars in bearer bonds and needed a way to get them into the US. He remembered that Sonny Corinthos owed him a favor, and decided to cash it in. Hector looked Sonny in the eyes, his hand still outstretched. “We understand each other perfectly,” he said. Sonny shook the man’s hand.

“Now,” Hector continued, “let’s go enjoy ourselves.” His men opened the door to the study and they all walked out into the foyer of Hector’s mansion. Sonny had been duly impressed with the house when he arrived; a large estate hidden in the hills of Argentina. His own home in Port Charles, NY was stately, but not as grand. They walked up the central staircase to a large ballroom crowded with people. Sonny noticed there were more women than men. “Since you are our guest of honor,” Hector told him, “you get first selection. Any woman you want is here to please you.” Sonny had to admit that sounded pretty good. He was very tense from doing business in hostile territory with a man he didn’t much like. He looked around the room surveying the women. Most of them were attractive but with heavy makeup; too fake looking for Sonny’s taste. He liked his women naturally beautiful, with nothing in the way of his mouth tasting their lips or skin. He spotted a slender and shapely brunette standing in a corner of the large room. She was holding a glass of champagne and staring down into it. He could tell she was trying to blend into the woodwork...to not be noticed...but that was impossible for this beauty. Sonny crossed the room and walked right up to her. Hector watched him go and smiled that his latest acquisition would be put to good use.

“Buenos Noches,” Sonny greeted the young woman in Spanish. She looked up at him with a start. “Huh? Oh…um…” she fumbled for the correct Spanish words with which to reply. Sonny knew instantly she wasn’t a local. “You’re American?” “Yes,” she softly answered. “Are you here of your own free will?” Sonny asked praying she’d say yes. If she’d been kidnapped things were going to get really complicated for him. “Sort of.” Sonny gave her a puzzled look. “Sort of? Either you are or you aren’t.” “Let’s just say I had a choice but this was the better alternative.” Sonny didn’t like that response; it added up to the same thing to him. “That means you’re not here of your own free will,” he stated. Then he took her hand. “Come with me.” As he led her from the room Hector motioned for one of his men to stop them; he didn’t like the look of anger Sonny’s face. Sonny stared the man down and told him in Spanish, “I want to spend time with the pretty girl. Isn’t that what Mr. Alonso brought me here for?” The man was intimidated but still told Sonny to wait while he checked with his boss. Sonny could feel the woman shaking as he held her hand. “Steady now,” he told her in a low voice. “Just let me handle this.” The man returned and told him that Mr. Alonso was pleased there was someone who Mr. Corinthos wanted to service him. “I’ll show you to a room,” he added. They followed him out.

The man led them into a large, sumptuous bedroom and then left them alone. Sonny locked the door and then looked around. He spotted a stereo system and walked over to turn it on. He turned the music up louder than the woman expected, and then returned to her. He took her into an embrace and nuzzled her ear. She tensed up. “Don’t be alarmed,” he told her. “I won’t hurt you, but they’re probably watching us.” She pretended to be swooning in his embrace; it wasn’t much of a pretense either. He smelled divine and was the most handsome man she’d ever seen. She whispered back into his ear. “That’s sick, why would they watch?” “Sometimes they use situations like this to set people up; for blackmail.” “But you’re one of them aren’t you?”

Sonny smiled against the side of her face. “Not exactly. I’m actually a competitor; cooperating momentarily with them for our mutual benefit. They wouldn’t be able to blackmail me with this, nor would they try. But they could be looking to make sure you are doing what they brought you here to do.” She tried not to cry. “I…I don’t want them all looking at me.” Sonny hugged her tighter. “Don’t worry. I’ll protect your honor as best I can. We’ll get on the bed with our clothes on; I’ll keep you covered.” “And then?” she asked, trembling. It wasn’t that the idea of having sex with this gorgeous man was unappealing, but the whole situation scared the hell out of her. “And then we’ll pretend I’m fucking you,” Sonny replied matter-of-factly. “Just act like you love it…to defend my honor,” he added. She couldn’t help but smile at his joke. “Hell you’re so sexy I’ll probably cum all over you without any penetration,” Sonny added.

The woman pulled back slightly and looked him in the eyes. “You’re a very good man.” Sonny stared at her. “Hardly. I’m actually a very bad man. But I can’t stand to see a woman hurt. I don’t know the situation but I’m sure you don’t deserve to be treated like a piece of meat by these animals.” She leaned forward and kissed him. “Thank you,” she said. “Now…we probably should get in the bed.”


Chapter 2

Sonny picked her up and carried her over to the bed, kissing her as he went. He plopped her down on the mattress and climbed on top of her. “Shit, I don’t even know your name,” he said already breathing heavy with desire for her. “Emily…Emily Bowen,” she told him; breathless as well. “I’m Sonny Corinthos,” he replied; “nice to meet you Emily. Now I’m going to reach up your dress and take off your panties. I want to make sure they see me throwing them on the floor.” “You…you can touch me while you’re there…if you want,” Emily hesitantly told him. Sonny stared at her. “Are you saying you want me to do this for real?” Emily shrugged, “it might be easier than pretending right?” “Have you done this before?” Sonny asked wondering if she’d been at Hector’s for a long time. “If you mean like tonight, no; I just got here yesterday. But if you mean have I ever been with a man before, yes I have.”

“Are you sure you want to?” Sonny asked hoping she’d say yes. His cock was throbbing with desire for her. Emily studied his face; “yes Sonny I’m sure. You’re a very sexy man. I bet I’ll enjoy it.” Sonny laughed, “damn straight you will woman!” He continued his quest for her underwear, and after locating her thong he pulled it down only slightly. Then his fingers found her pussy. “Mmmm you’re already wet for me baby,” he moaned kissing her deeply. He stroked her pussy gently and Emily arched her back. “Ooh that’s nice,” she panted against his mouth. Sonny smiled and moved his kisses all over her face and neck. He was still covering her with his body, holding himself up on one elbow and one knee.

“Let’s get naked,” he told her. “OK…but…” Emily was still wary of cameras hidden in the room and didn’t want to openly disrobe. Sonny got off her, being sure to pull her dress down and cover her up. He stood up next to the bed and quickly took all his clothes off; he didn’t care if they got a shot of his naked ass or anything else. Then he got back on the bed and maneuvered Emily so that she was under the bed sheet with him. “I’ll unzip your dress,” he told her and fumbled around for the zipper. Emily helped him as best she could. In a security room on the estate, two guards swore in Spanish realizing they were never going to get a glimpse of the beautiful American girl without her clothes on.

Sonny got all Emily’s clothes off and tossed them from the bed. She was now naked beneath him. “I’m dying to eat your sweet pussy,” he told her; “but I can’t have that on film.” “Why not?” Emily asked him; dying to have him eat her sweet pussy. “It’s hard to explain, but it’s looked at as a sign of weakness in my world.” “Really? But it’s ok for a woman to suck your dick, right?” Sonny smiled at her language. “Right exactly. But don’t worry, when I get you away from this place and these people, I’ll lick you so good you won’t ever want me to stop.” Emily almost orgasmed right then and there.


Chapter 3

Sonny resumed stroking her folds with his fingers and he swore he could feel her lips open up and suck them inside. He plunged two into her. “Ooh,” Emily moaned. Sonny’s thumb moved back and forth, grazing her clit. And every time it did Emily shook as if hit with a spark. “Do…do you have a condom?” she gasped, aching for him to enter her. She could feel his huge organ pulsing against her thigh and could only imagine how good it would feel if he thrust it in and out of her. It had been a long time since she’d been with a man; life had gotten really complicated and she had no time for dating. Sonny had moved down to suck on her nipple, and Emily wasn’t sure if he had heard her so she repeated the question.

“I heard you,” he replied her nipple popping free from his lips. “I have some in my wallet…I’ll get one when I’m ready.” Then he started on her other nipple. “Always prepared huh?” Emily said. “I bet you have a different woman every day.” Sonny stopped and moved back up her body…his fingers still stimulating her pussy from both inside and out. “Not exactly…more like every other day,” Sonny replied seriously. He saw no reason to deny that he liked having sex. And there were several women back in his home of Port Charles more than happy to oblige the mob boss whenever he called on them. But now Sonny had no desire to touch any of them again. He wanted to bring Emily home with him and make love to her and only her…every morning and every night.

“I’m ready now,” he announced and reached down off the side of the bed for his pants. He made sure the sheet was still covering Emily’s body and she smiled at his thoughtfulness, although she was disappointed that his hand had to move out from between her legs. Sonny retrieved the condom and moved back into position--poised above Emily’s trembling body. He ripped the package open with his teeth, and expertly retrieved the Trojan. It was rolled on his huge organ in seconds. Emily couldn’t help but reach down and take it in her hand. “Boy you are big,” she stated the obvious. Sonny smiled. “Yeah I am, aren’t I?” He often thought it was strange to be proud of something he had no responsibility for, but since he knew how much pleasure his cock gave women he figured it didn’t hurt anyone for him to feel good about it.

“Are you ready for it?” he asked Emily, his black eyes boring into her brown ones. Emily opened her legs up in response and gently pulled him closer to her. “Ok easy,” Sonny said; “don’t be yanking nothing down there.” Emily laughed and moved her hand away to let Sonny control what happened next. He put the tip at her entrance. “I’ll take it slow at first, so you can get used to me.” Emily wanted to question the qualifier “at first” but he pushed his way inside and she forgot all about it. As his inches filled her up Emily’s head got lighter and lighter. All the blood was rushing down to her center.

Once he was all the way in Sonny sank down on top of her and groaned. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah; that feels fucking good. Feel good for you baby?” Emily could only moan in reply. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes,’” Sonny joked. Supporting himself on his forearms, he lifted his hips and then rapidly sank them back down. “Ahhhh!” Emily cried. Sonny did it again, and got the same reaction. Emily’s eyes were closed; her mouth open. Sonny wished he had another cock so she could suck it. But since he clearly didn’t, he instead decided to kiss her while he increased the speed of his thrusts. Emily moved her legs to wrap around his waist; her hands grabbed his strong shoulders. She could feel his muscles flexing both there, and in his ass. She dug her fingers into the former and hung on for dear life as he sent her flying over the edge.


Chapter 4

Emily had fallen asleep--or more accurately had passed out from the intensity of the orgasm. But since Sonny could tell she was breathing normally he wasn’t concerned. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close, being sure to keep her beautiful body covered. He knew he had a big problem on his hands. He needed to get Hector Alonso to agree to let Emily leave South America with him. And since he was in the dark as to her circumstances he couldn’t formulate a plan. He looked down at Emily and smiled at the fulfilled look on her pretty face. He hated to wake her but they had to talk.

“Emily?” he whispered, nudging her gently with his leg. She didn’t seem to hear him. Sonny realized the music was still blaring from the stereo. He got out of bed to turn it down, but left it on to continue to disrupt the possible surveillance. Emily woke up when she felt the loss of contact with him. “Sonny?” He hurried back and rejoined her in the bed. “You were walking around naked?” she whispered. “So?” Sonny replied. “Who cares; let them read it and weep.” Emily broke out laughing. “You don’t lack for confidence,” she retorted. “Then again why should you? I can admit it, you’re a stud.” Now it was Sonny’s turn to laugh. “That’s a good thing right?” “Oh yeah--as long as you’re my stud.” Emily’s smile vanished as soon as she finished her statement. What if he already belonged to someone else? She was half in love with him already. “Um, can I ask you something?” “Sure. I’ll answer it if I can,” Sonny said in all seriousness. “Are you married?” “No. I was, but my wife died. That was a long time ago.” “Oh Sonny I’m sorry,” Emily felt badly even bringing the subject up. “That’s OK, I live with it every day,” Sonny sadly replied.

“So are you involved with anyone now?” Emily pressed forward. “No one in particular,” Sonny said. “Let’s just say I ‘date’ a lot.” “You mean have sex?” Sonny smiled and kissed her; “yeah that.” “OK,” Emily was satisfied there was no one significant in Sonny’s life. She wanted to be that person now. Sonny didn’t call her on being so obvious; he was just happy she wanted to be with him as much as he wanted to be with her. But he still had to get them out of there and home in one piece. “Listen,” he said changing the subject; “I need you to tell me how you got here and what kind of hold Alonso has over you.” Emily looked away. “Is…is that really necessary?” Sonny reached over and turned her head back to him. “Do you want me to leave here without you?” “No of course not!” Emily cried. “Then yeah it’s necessary. You need to tell me everything.”


Chapter 5

“I live in Pheonix, Arizona,” Emily began; “with my mother.” “What’s her name?” Sonny asked. “Paige…Paige Bowen. And before you ask, my father doesn’t live with us. In fact I don’t even know who he is. And that’s kind of how this whole mess happened.” “OK,” Sonny said settling down in the bed, prepared for a long story. Emily took a deep breath and continued. “My mother is a gambler…a gambling addict.” Sonny winced; that was something very familiar. His own father, with whom he had only been recently reunited, was also a gambling addict. “I’ve been asking her for a long time to tell me about my father, and she refused. When I graduated from college--the University of Pheonix--I asked her again. Actually I demanded she tell me about him. She said she would, but only after I helped her resolve a ‘problem’ she was having.”

Sonny’s blood started to boil as he asked, “what problem?” “She’d been going off to Las Vegas and losing a lot of money. I had no idea because between school and working at night as a waitress I was hardly ever home. Anyway she apparently got into debt with a loan shark…” “She borrowed the money to gamble thinking she’d make a big score and pay him back,” Sonny interjected. Emily turned her head to look at him. “Sounds like you know all about it. I’m almost afraid to ask how.” Sonny smiled at her. “I don’t want you to be afraid of me, so I’ll tell you. I know about it from both sides actually. On one side, I’m the guy who lends people the money so they can go gamble and try for that big score…on the other side, I know what it’s like to have a parent who cares more about the big score than anything else.”

Emily didn’t comment on Sonny’s admission that he was a loan shark. She’d know from the first moment they met that he was a mobster like Hector Alonso. And his declaration that he was a dangerous man confirmed it for her. But she was touched that he would tell her about his family background. “Your father?” she asked. “Yeah,” Sonny replied; “but that’s another long story. Please go on.” “She told me she was in debt to this guy--I forget his name--and that he in turn worked for Hector Alonso, this big South American gangster.” She paused. “Is…is it ok if I use that word?” Sonny smiled at her again. “Gangster, Mobster, Mafioso, Godfather…I’ve been called them all.” Emily shuddered slightly and went on. “She was supposed to meet with Hector’s loan shark but she only had part of the money. She thought if I came with her he might take pity on her and give her more time.” Sonny rolled his eyes. “Yeah, sure she did.”

Emily looked into his eyes. “I know what you’re thinking, that she deliberately put me out there as a way to get herself off the hook.” “Emily I’m sorry but that’s exactly what she did.” Emily’s eyes filled up with tears. “I know. And it broke my heart that she would do that to me. But I also know she’s sick…” “I don’t care,” Sonny growled. “She should have known they’d take one look at you and bring you to Hector!” “I didn’t look that good Sonny. I don’t wear evening gowns and high heels on a daily basis.” Sonny kissed her mouth. “It doesn’t matter what you wear sweetheart. You’re drop-dead gorgeous no matter what. And I gotta tell you, if I was in that man’s place I would have done the exact same thing…except I would have taken you for myself.”

Emily felt herself getting wet. She couldn’t believe this gorgeous, dangerous, powerful man wanted her so much. And she certainly wanted him. “I don’t want to talk anymore Sonny,” she whispered. “Make love to me again.” Sonny had no problem with that suggestion and he moved on top of her, covering her body with his. Trying to keep the sheet over her severely limited how creative he could get. “When I get you out of here,” he growled, “I’m going to fuck you a million different ways.” Emily bit her lip. Putting that statement together with his earlier promise to lick her so good she wouldn’t ever want him to stop, Emily was certainly looking forward to the future.

Chapter 6

After spending the night in the room Hector had arranged for them, Sonny told Emily he had business to attend to. “You’re going to talk to Hector, aren’t you?” she asked. “Yes.” “I want to go with you Sonny.” “Nope…no way. I have no idea what’s going to happen. I want you to go back to your own room, and lock the door.” Emily was frightened but did as he asked. She was panicked that Hector would refuse to let her leave with Sonny, and that Sonny could be in danger because of it. She was unaware that in the global scheme of things Sonny was more powerful than Hector. But he was in Hector’s territory with only a couple of bodyguards. Sonny went back to his own room to shower and change, and then headed downstairs to find Hector Alonso.

“Good morning!” Hector cheerfully greeted Sonny as he entered the dining room. “Come…sit…have some breakfast. You must be hungry after your busy night!” Sonny tried to keep his temper, but didn’t much like Hector talking about his night with Emily. He took a seat next to the man. A servant approached him. “Just coffee,” Sonny ordered. “Did the young lady take care of you?” Hector asked. Sonny stared at him. “Let’s not talk about last night Alonso…let’s talk about the future.” Hector put his own coffee cup down. “OK let’s.” He was curious what Sonny wanted to discuss. “I know all about why Emily is here,” Sonny said. “I want to pay off her mother’s debt.” Hector raised his eyebrows. “Can I ask why?” “Because I want Emily to leave with me.” “Really? I guess she did take care of you,” Hector said with a smile. Sonny fought the urge to backhand him across the face. He gave Hector a deadly smile, his eyes clearly conveying his displeasure.

Hector instantly surmised that Emily was more than just a good fuck to Sonny and strategized how to work the situation to his advantage. “I think she’s worth more to you than $30,000, which is what her mother owes me.” “I’ll give you fifty,” Sonny said. “Tsk tsk Mr. Corinthos. You shouldn’t be so obvious. No…I think that it’s going to take something other than money for me to agree to this.” Sonny knew what was coming next, but asked the question anyway. “What do you want?” “I want you to be my new business partner.”

Emily waited nervously in her room. She’d showered and dressed and packed her few belongings, and was sitting on the bed trying to remain calm. When a knock came on her door, she didn’t hesitate to run and unlock it. “Sonny!” He quickly entered closing the door behind him. “Why didn’t you ask who it was?” he scolded. “I’m sorry, I was just so anxious. Please tell me what happened!” Her heart soared with his reply. “All you need to know is we’re out of here baby.”


Chapter 7

“Can you tell me what happened?” Emily asked Sonny again as they rode in his private plane back to the US. “Your mother’s debt has been erased,” Sonny said. That was all he was prepared to tell her. Some of the rest she would probably figure out because he needed to make an important phone call in her presence. He looked at one of his guards. “Max, get Jason on the phone.” Max jumped up and located the phone on the plane. Emily was impressed with Sonny’s authority and how he handled himself. “Who is Jason?” she asked. “My right hand man,” Sonny replied as Max handed him the phone. “He’s on the line boss.”

“Jason listen carefully. Alonso’s shipment with the bonds will be landing tomorrow. You need to confiscate it and hold it somewhere very secure. I’ll explain everything when I get back…Not for a few days I’m going to Phoenix first…Bye.” Emily waited for Sonny to hand the phone back to Max before asking, “we…we’re going to Phoenix?” “I have a few things to say to your mother,” Sonny said. “And we’re going to get all the information she has on your father so we can start a search for him.” Emily couldn’t hold back the tears. “You’re amazing,” she whispered. Sonny smiled and leaned over to kiss her. Then Emily tried to press her luck. “So I don’t suppose you’ll tell me what’s going on with Hector.” “I don’t suppose I will,” Sonny curtly replied. “If you’re going to be with me Emily you need to understand there are some things I’m not going to discuss with you. Can you handle that or not?” Emily knew the alternative was to lose him and she definitely didn’t want that so she replied, “yes Sonny I can handle that.”

When Emily and Sonny arrived at her mother’s house, Paige was asleep on the couch, an empty bottle of scotch on the floor next to her. Emily was mortified. “I’m sorry you had to see this,” she whispered bending down to pick up the bottle. “Hey,” Sonny embraced her as she stood up. “I told you, I know how this feels. You have nothing to be ashamed of with me.” Emily let him hold her but felt like running away. Sonny couldn’t help himself and he started nuzzling her ear. “You feel so damn good,” he groaned. Emily dropped the bottle back on the carpet and wrapped her arms around him. Her knees were already weak. “Let’s go in my room,” she told him; “Paige will be out for a while.” Sonny thought that sounded like a great idea. He was still keyed up from the deal he had to make with Hector…and with the knowledge that he was never going to keep his end of the bargain. But as Emily led him into her room he looked at her and knew whatever he had to face would be worth it. He never wanted to be without this beautiful young woman who had already captured his heart.


Chapter 8

Emily closed the door to her room and locked it. Then she turned on the radio. Sonny sat down on the edge of the bed. “Dance for me baby,” he growled. Emily started swaying to the music. She didn’t consider herself much of a dancer but knew Sonny was more interested in her stripping than dancing. She removed her clothes slowly, occasionally turning around to give him a view from behind. When she got down to her thong Sonny told her to stop. “Stay like that…don’t turn around,” he said loving the view of her ass. “You like this?” Emily teased running her hands over her cheeks. Sonny felt his heart pounding in his chest. He stood up and walked up behind her. “Move over to the door,” he said. Emily was confused but did what he wanted. “Bend over and hold on to the door knob,” he added. She did that too. Sonny slipped his thumbs under her thong and pulled it down, ending up on his knees. Emily stepped out of it and then widened her stance, realizing he was about to make good on a promise he’d made.

Sonny smiled at her opening up for him. He took her ass in his hands and moved closer so he could lick her pussy. His tongue found her lips and he tasted her. “Ooh Sonny,” Emily breathlessly moaned. Sonny caressed her with his mouth, his soft touch causing more of her juices to flow. Emily steadied herself and tightly held the doorknob. But after a few moments, she couldn’t stop her legs from shaking. Building up to a firmer pressure, Sonny licked her with an expert technique that brought her close to the edge. As much as Sonny loved tasting her, his erection was straining painfully against his pants. He stood up and quickly freed himself. “I can’t fucking take it,” he said. “I have to have you right now.” Emily braced herself against the door itself as he sheathed himself in a condom and then entered her. “Oh…shit!” she cried. “Hold the doorknob,” he again told her. She did, and every time he thrust into her the door shook in its frame.

“Unh…baby…you’re so damn tight,” Sonny grunted. “No…you’re so…big!” Emily gasped in reply. He was so big it was almost too much to take in that position, but even still Emily knew she was about to explode. She started to whimper and Sonny knew she was very close. “That’s it…cum for me now,” he ordered. “Sonny!” she cried, seeing stars before her eyes. Sonny was about to follow her into Nirvana and thrust just a bit harder for the last moment. “Unh…yeah…fuck…unhhhhhhhhh!” He collapsed forward, wrapping his arms around her body. Emily was still hanging onto the doorknob. “Shit,” she whispered; “that was something else.” “Mmmm,” Sonny replied, kissing her back. Then another voice chimed in from the other side of the door. “Emily? Is that you baby?”


Chapter 9

Paige Bowen was startled to see a dark, handsome man emerge from her daughter’s bedroom. She was glad she’d taken a moment to fix herself up after coming out of her drunken stupor. “Who…who are you?” she haltingly asked. “Oh wait I know, you’re one of them…you work for that Hector guy right?” Sonny stood in front of her in the living room, “wrong. I don’t work for anyone but myself.” Paige could tell he was dangerous like Hector. “Where’s Emily? Is she OK?” “She’s fine,” Sonny replied, thinking about how he left Emily taking a nap in her room. She needed the rest after the way he just took her, plus Sonny told her he wanted a few minutes alone with Paige. “Not that you care,” he added. “Of course I care!” Paige cried, defiant. Sonny looked up at the ceiling and then back at her. “Right, that’s why you let a loan shark take her to South America to become a hooker.”

Paige stared at him with her eyes wide open and practically fell down onto the sofa. “A hooker? He said he just wanted her to meet Hector.” “And you believed him? I know you spend a lot of time in Vegas, surely you know how these people operate,” Sonny chided. Paige put her head in her hands. “Oh my god my poor baby!” “Well luckily for you I was her first--and last--customer. And she was with me willingly, as a woman not a hooker.” Paige looked up with tears in her eyes. “Really? And you brought her home to me?” Sonny shook his head. “No. I brought her here to get her things and to say goodbye to you. Emily’s home is with me now, in Port Charles, New York.” Paige took a deep breath and let it out. She was very grateful this man had helped her daughter. Then she thought about her own situation and couldn’t help but ask about it. “So…what about me? Are they going to come after me again for the money?” “I’ve paid off your debt,” Sonny said. “But this is a one-time deal lady. From now on you’re on your own. And I don’t want you to so much as tell Emily about any gambling problems you’re having.” Paige could tell he meant it and nodded her head. “And,” Sonny added, “there’s something I need from you.”

Later after Emily and her mother shared a tearful goodbye, Sonny and Emily got back on his plane. “Thanks for giving us time together,” Emily said. “Sure, thanks for giving me time with her too,” Sonny replied. “Dare I ask what you said to her?” Emily asked. Sonny smiled, “I just expressed my dislike of the situation she put you in. And…I got all the information she had about your father.” Sonny handed her the piece of paper on which Paige had written the information. He hadn’t yet looked at it himself. Emily took it with a shaking hand. “You did? Oh my god I forgot all about that! Thank you Sonny, if you hadn’t asked her I would have gotten to New York and been kicking myself!” “Well, it’s my fault you forgot,” Sonny teased. “It is? How?” “Because I scrambled your brains in your room.” Emily burst out laughing. “Is that why they call it ‘fucking someone’s brains out’?” Sonny laughed as well; “I guess. But seriously, that was really enjoyable.” Emily kissed him, “it sure was. I’m really looking forward to us being able to do things like that all the time.” Sonny embraced her. “Oh baby we sure will.”


Chapter 10

“Wow Sonny, your house is huge!” Emily exclaimed looking around his manor in Port Charles, NY. “It’s a good size,” Sonny responded; “but easy to defend.” Emily gave him a puzzled look. “Defend against what?” Sonny smiled at her. “Nothing for you to worry about sweetheart.” Emily didn’t press the issue realizing this was one of those things Sonny wasn’t going to share with her. She had already accepted that she had fallen for a major mob boss, and was prepared to deal with whatever being with him entailed. “Welcome back,” a voice boomed out into the room. Sonny turned to face Jason Morgan, his right hand man. “Jason; good to be back.” Jason walked over and shook Sonny’s hand. Then he looked at Emily. Sonny introduced them. “Jason this is Emily Bowen; she’ll be living here now.” Emily smiled at Jason and put out her own hand. Jason just stared at her. He wasn’t too happy about Sonny bringing someone home to live with him…someone he hadn’t been able to check out first.

“Jason,” Sonny warned, “have some damn respect.” Jason reached out and took Emily’s hand in his. “Nice to meet you,” he said dryly. Emily felt uncomfortable. “Um Sonny, maybe I’ll go freshen up?” “Good idea,” Sonny said. He wanted some time to discipline Jason, who was often less than skilled in common niceties because of a brain injury which changed his entire personality. “Our room’s upstairs at the end of the hall. Max already put your things in there.” Emily nodded her head and went up. Sonny stared at Jason who was already hanging his head down. “That was embarrassing,” Sonny said. Jason took a deep breath but didn’t say anything. He knew better than to interrupt the boss. “Emily is my woman Jason. I expect you to treat her with as much respect as you do me. Do you understand me?” Jason looked up at him. “Yes Sonny I understand. Can…can I explain?” Sonny ran his hand through his hair. “Go ahead.” “I was just concerned because I didn’t have any time to do a background check on her, that’s all.” “You don’t need to Jason,” Sonny said. “I know all about her background.”

“OK…sorry,” Jason apologized. “I didn’t mean to be disrespectful or insubordinate. It’s my job to look out for you.” “Fine,” Sonny said. “Let’s not let this happen again. So what about the shipment?” Jason was happy the subject was changed to something he handled the right way. “The bonds are safely hidden. I moved them out of Port Charles to be extra careful.” “Great.” “So can I ask why we double-crossed Alonso?” Sonny raised his eyebrows. “We?” “Um sorry, I meant you.” “Because I was forced to make another deal with him to move his product at a later date.” “Drugs?” Jason was confused. Sonny had always told him he never dealt in drugs. “Yeah. And since I have no intention of doing that I need leverage. Now I’ve got the bonds and I’ll use that to back Hector off on the drug thing.” “Why were you forced to do all that?” Jason asked. “Because he didn’t want to let Emily leave with me and I wasn’t leaving there without her,” Sonny told him honestly. Jason realized the young woman meant an awful lot to Sonny. “Speaking of Emily,” Sonny went on, “I want you to get someone to find her father.” He took out the paper Paige had given him; Emily had handed it back to Sonny after reading it on the plane. Sonny looked the information over for the first time…and his blood ran cold.


Chapter 11

Sonny joined Emily upstairs feeling totally out of sorts. He couldn’t get the words on that piece of paper to stop shouting at him.

I met Emily's father in July of 1980, while gambling at the Sands Casino in Atlantic City. That would make him about 55-60 years old now, I think. He's white, kind of tall, I think, I don't remember too well. And I remember him saying something about Port Charles, NY, where you're from. I think he might have lived there, or had family there. I don't know his name. Sorry, that’s all I remember. Paige Bowen.

There were two pieces of information that were driving Sonny crazy: First that the man was a gambler who went to Atlantic City; and second, that he had a connection to Port Charles. There was a man he knew that fit both those criteria, plus he was the right age. “It can’t be,” Sonny told himself. There was no way that Emily’s father could be Mike Corbin…Sonny’s father. “I refuse to even think it.” The ramifications of it being true were horrifying.

Before going upstairs, Sonny had told Jason his number one priority was proving that Mike Corbin was not Emily’s father. Jason was totally confused but set off to do what Sonny ordered. When he left, Sonny walked over to the fireplace. He tossed in the paper and struck a match. As he watched it burn he wondered if his happiness was going up in flames as well.

Upstairs he found Emily wrapped in nothing but a towel. The blood started pounding in his ears. “Everything OK?” she asked. “I took a nice bath; that’s some tub you’ve got! You know,” she rattled on nervously, “I don’t think your friend likes me too much.” Sonny walked over to her. “He likes you fine,” he said in a gravelly voice. “He’s just protective of me.” Emily felt a bit better. “Oh OK. I guess that’s a good thing. So did you convince him I’m not a danger to you?” Sonny stared at her. If only he was sure that was the case.

“Sonny?” He hadn’t replied to her. Instead he reached out a hand and touched her face. “You are so beautiful,” he whispered. “I shouldn’t…” “Shouldn’t what Sonny?” Emily asked. “You can do whatever you want; I know I’ll like it.” Sonny’s desire pushed all his fears from his mind. “I’m already going to burn for all that I’ve done,” he told himself as he put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her closer. Emily moaned as he kissed her. She already knew he was an aggressive lover, but there seemed to be an extra forcefulness in his kiss. It made her a bit nervous but turned her on none-the-less. Sonny pulled back and looked at her, his hand still holding her head. “Tell me you want me,” he ordered. “I want you Sonny,” Emily replied. “I want you to take me in your bed…on those satin sheets.” “They’re silk,” Sonny replied leading her over there. “Ooh how decadent.” “Yeah, that’s me,” Sonny said, his eyes black as the night; “decadent as Hell.”


Chapter 12

“Sonny…Sonny…please…don’t stop!” Emily wailed as Sonny drove into her like a man possessed. He was holding her down on the bed, her legs up on his shoulders. “I’m not going to fucking stop!” Sonny yelled back. “I won’t…I won’t stop!” Emily screamed as she orgasmed, digging her nails into his arms. “You’re fucking mine,” Sonny grunted as he approached his own release. “I can’t…I can’t give you up…unhhhhhhh!” He collapsed down on top of her as he released into the condom.

Emily managed to move her legs off his shoulders and lowered them onto the bed. Sonny was lying practically motionless on top of her, and she rubbed his back with her hands. She could tell something was wrong and thought she had heard him saying some odd things while they were having sex. “Sonny? What’s going on, are you OK?” Sonny couldn’t look at her; he kept his face buried against her breasts, fighting the urge to suck on her nipples. “I’ve got a lot on my mind,” he said. “Are you upset with me?” Emily asked. Sonny shook his head as best he could. “No Emily I’m not upset with you. You’ve done nothing wrong.” Emily was happy to hear that but still wondered what had gotten him so worked up. “It must have been something that guy Jason told him,” she mused. She tried to put it out of her mind and started moving underneath him. “Mmmm I want you again,” she whispered. Sonny felt himself get hard inside of her, despite also wanting to throw up from disgust at himself. But desire won out and he started thrusting again, keeping his head buried against her. Emily reached down and grabbed his ass. “Yeah, that’s it baby,” she said. “That feels so good.”

It was a couple of days later when Jason showed up with a report for Sonny. Both he and Sonny had been distracted by Hector Alonso sending a representative to express his boss’ displeasure with the theft of his bearer bonds. Sonny sent a message back that the bonds would be forwarded to their intended recipient if Hector understood that Sonny would never allow drugs to be moved through his territory. The man said he would take the message back to Argentina, and Sonny waited anxiously for Hector’s response--which would either be verbal or physical.

Focusing on business helped distract him from the situation with Emily. But the news Jason had for him about Emily was not good. “I can’t tell you that Mike’s not her father,” Jason said. “He was in Atlantic City at the right time.” “Damn it!” Sonny bellowed. Emily approached the closed doors to the living room from the foyer. She was going to walk away when she saw them closed; figuring Sonny was in a meeting. But hearing him yell caused her to step closer. “The only way to definitively prove that Emily’s not your sister is to do a DNA test,” Jason said; “will she agree to that?” Sonny shook his head, “leave her out of this. She doesn’t know anything about this and I want to keep it that way! I’ll get some of her hair and we’ll do the damn test.” “Sonny what are you going to do if she’s your sister?” Emily didn’t hang around outside the door to hear his response. She ran upstairs, into the bathroom, and threw up.

Sonny sat down on the sofa putting his face in his hands. “I don’t know…I don’t know,” he muttered. Jason sat down next to him. “I’m not sure, but I guess it’s not a good thing to have sex with your sister right?” Sonny looked at him. “No Jason it’s not a good thing. I’m going to Hell for it. But then again, there are a lot of other bad things I’ve already done...” “Will you end it?” Jason asked. Sonny let out a deep sigh. “I’ll have to. It’s not fair to Emily and I know I wouldn’t be able to keep this up for long. I already feel guilty.” “You really love her don’t you?” “Yeah I love her,” Sonny said. “So if it turns out to be true I’ll have to love her as a brother…if she’ll let me.”


Chapter 13

After discussing business with Jason for a while, Sonny went upstairs to find Emily's hairbrush. He wasn't sure how he'd get the hair sample without Emily knowing, but he was going to do his best. He was surprised that she wasn't in their room. He located her brush, took some hair from it, and put it in a zip lock bag. Then he went back downstairs, handed it to Jason and sent him on his way. He walked out into the foyer with Jason as he left. Max had just come in from his other post outside the front door. "Max…where's Emily?" "Isn't she upstairs?" Max asked knowing she didn't go out via the front door. Sonny stared at him. "If she were upstairs, where I just came from, why would I be asking you where she is?" Max wanted to point out that Sonny had just come from the living room, not the upstairs, but valued his life too much. Instead he replied, "sorry boss. I haven't seen her." Sonny went back up to the bedroom and looked around. None of Emily's things were gone, except her purse. Then he noticed the bed looked messy, which was strange since he always made it himself every morning. That was a remnant of his abusive stepfather forcing him to make the bed perfectly when he was a child.

Sonny pulled the bedspread back to find the top sheet was missing. He immediately ran to the window. The sheet was caught in between the top and bottom windows, and hung down the side of the building. There was a flattened area on the ground below. Emily had used the sheet to scale down the side of the house, and then jumped the last ten or so feet to the ground. “Damn it!” Sonny bellowed. There was only one thing that would have made Emily go to such lengths to get away from him…she had heard his conversation with Jason and knew that Sonny could be her brother.

Sonny ran down the stairs. “Max, Max!!” Max hurried over to meet him. “Boss…we have a problem…” “No shit we have a problem! Emily jumped out the damn window!” Sonny screamed, his hair an unruly mess, his eyes wide. “No boss…a bigger problem than that! Alonso’s men are all over Port Charles! It seems his messenger didn’t come here alone.” “Where’s Jason?” Sonny asked alarmed. “He’s down on the docks, getting the troops together. It’s going to be a war boss.” Sonny knew he was right. And as much as he wanted to go after Emily that was going to have to wait until the war had been won.


Chapter 14

Emily knew she wouldn’t get far with just the money in her purse. And she didn’t want to use her credit card to buy a plane ticket, knowing Sonny could easily find her if she did. Instead she walked for a while and then flagged down a cab. “Take me to the bus station please,” she told the driver. He did, and she paid him and jumped out. Hurrying inside and up to the ticket window, she was dismayed to see the signs delineating all the identification that was now needed to buy a bus ticket. The last thing she wanted to do was buy a ticket in her own name. “I thought this would be easier than at the airport,” she mused. She backed away from the window and looked around. She needed to find someone to help her. She spotted a young woman walking towards the exit, and followed her outside. “Excuse me, miss!” The woman stopped and turned around. “Yes?” “I was wondering if you could help me?”

…“Here’s the ticket,” the woman told her, handing it to her outside the depot. “Thank you so much,” Emily gushed. “You’ve really saved my life with this.” “Glad to help,” the woman replied. “There’s nothing worse than an obsessive boyfriend who won’t let you go. I just hope you get settled somewhere else and have a happy life.” Emily smiled at her but inside her heart was breaking. She hated even pretending that Sonny had mistreated her. She knew this situation was tearing him up as much as it was her. But to save both of them the anguish, she knew the only solution was to leave Port Charles and get as far away from Sonny Corinthos as she possibly could. That was going to be difficult seeing she’d spent most of her money on the bus ticket, which was only going to take her over the border into Canada. “I’ll have to get a job there,” she thought as she boarded the bus. “And then I’ll be able to get further away.”

When Emily got off the bus in Canada she asked one of the depot employees if they knew of a rooming house nearby. They directed her to Mike’s Diner, and told her the owner also rented rooms. Emily headed over on foot; the diner was a few blocks from the bus station. It was fairly quiet when she entered. There were a few customers and a middle-aged man behind the counter. She surmised that was the owner and approached him. “Excuse me are you Mike?” The man looked up. “Sure am. And aren’t you a sight for sore eyes miss.” Emily smiled. “Enough of a sight for you to give me a job…and a room?” Mike smiled back. “The room I can definitely do. But a job…I’m sorry miss, things are tight around here these days.” Emily sank down onto a stool at the counter looking dejected. “Tell you what,” Mike said feeling badly for her. “Let’s get you a good meal and then we’ll figure the rest out.” Emily got an idea. “How about I work for room and food? Would you be willing to do that?” Mike thought it over. He had plenty of empty rooms, so that wasn’t an issue. And surely this slender young woman wouldn’t eat much. “Sounds like a plan,” he told her. Emily felt better but knew she’d be stuck in this border town for a while. And that meant it would be a lot easier for Sonny to find her.

Two days later and Sonny was still holed up in his house while his men combed the waterfront searching for the rest of Alonso’s people. Several of them had been found and killed, but some were still at large. Sonny was restless and wanted to get in on the action…mostly because he wanted to expedite things so he could be free to search for Emily. He had already called a private investigator and put him on Emily’s trail. He hoped for news about her soon. And he was still waiting for the results of the DNA test Jason was having done. Meanwhile, he paced back and forth in his living room while Max anxiously watched him. Sonny finally stopped pacing and headed to his bar. There was a hidden safe in it, and that was where Sonny kept his guns. He took one out and loaded it. “Uh boss?” Sonny turned to look at Max. “Are you going out?” “What if I am Max?” Sonny growled in reply. “I…I can guard you better here,” Max haltingly answered. “But I want to go down to where the action is,” Sonny said. “You’re not going to stand there and tell me not to go are you?” Max knew that would be a big mistake and instead shook his head. “No sir. I wouldn’t dream of telling you what to do.” “Good Max,” Sonny said walking over to him, the gun pointing right at his guard. “Glad to hear it.” He patted Max on the side of the face. “Now…let’s go end this thing.”


Chapter 15

Emily collapsed into a chair; tired from serving the breakfast crowd. It was the busiest time of the day. Business had also picked up when word spread about the pretty new waitress. Mike smiled at Emily from behind the counter. "Take a break; you deserve it. You've been so good for my business." Emily smiled back; the man was being very sweet to her. And he hadn't yet noticed that Emily would practically jump every time someone opened the door to the diner. She was very surprised that Sonny hadn't walked in yet. Was he letting her go because it would be easier on them both to not be around each other? Somehow Emily didn't think Sonny would let her walk away that easily…sister or no sister.

Back at Greystone Max watched anxiously as the doctor bandaged up Sonny's arm. "The bullet went through clean," the doctor informed Sonny. "Just keep the bandages fresh, take the antibiotics, and keep your arm in the sling until it heals." Sonny said that he would and then ordered Max to pay the doctor. Max walked the doctor out handing him an envelope full of cash. Then he returned to the living room. "Where the hell is that PI?" Sonny growled. "Boss you were just shot, you need to relax," Max said. "There you go telling me what to do again," Sonny complained. The PI had a left a message on Sonny's cell phone that he had located Emily Bowen and he was coming over to give a full report. Sonny was angry he wasn't able to answer his phone. He was engaged in a shoot out with the two remaining members of Hector Alonso's crew. He and Max found the men hiding in a remote warehouse, and Sonny ran in before Max could stop him. Max was grateful Sonny wasn't hurt worse than a bullet through his arm. But now Alonso's men had all been dealt with and Sonny wanted to move on to more personally important things.

Finally the PI arrived. "Where is she?" Sonny asked before the man could say a word. "Canada; just over the border. She's working in a diner and living in a room above it." "What's the name of the diner?" "Mike's." Sonny had to stop himself from laughing. Could it be any more ironic? His father Mike Corbin also worked in a diner, but in Port Charles, and clearly shared the same first name as the man Emily was working for. Sonny had a sick feeling in his gut that was a sign that Emily really was his sister. "How'd you find her?" Max asked. The PI told them how he assumed she'd gotten on a bus, but no one by the name of Emily Bowen had bought a ticket. But he did find out that a woman had gotten off a bus in Port Charles, and then turned right around and bought another ticket for a bus to Canada. That seemed pretty strange to him so he followed it up and it led him to Emily.

"Good work," Sonny said. "Max pay the man…and give him a little something extra." The PI thanked Sonny and walked out with Max. And then Jason walked in. "Are you all right?" he anxiously asked Sonny. Sonny stood up. "Yeah, it's just my arm. I have to keep it in a sling for a while. You're OK?" Jason nodded his head. "Yeah…and since you cleaned up the last of Alonso's men, I made sure word got back to him. Plus…" "Plus what?" "Plus I have the results of the DNA test Sonny."


Chapter 16

The next day the morning rush had just died down and Emily was taking a moment to eat her own breakfast behind the counter. Mike was there as well, jawing with the last customer. Neither expected another diner until lunchtime so they looked up with a start when the door opened. Emily dropped her fork at the sight, and it rattled as it hit the floor. Mike eyed the two men who had come in; it was strange for anyone to wear a suit in his diner. And one of the men had his arm in a sling. “Can I help you folks?” he asked as the men approached the counter. Emily was paralyzed; he had finally come for her. It was then Mike noticed that Emily looked terrified and that one of the men hadn’t taken his eyes off her. “Emily what’s going on?” he asked. Sonny blinked and then looked away from Emily for the first time. “Nothing’s going on that you need to concern yourself with,” he forcefully told Mike. Max reached inside his suit coat and retrieved his gun…just in case. The customer who had been speaking with Mike at the counter excused himself. “I…I gotta go Mike. See ya later.” He scrambled for the exit and left.

Mike was intimidated but was more worried about Emily than himself. “Emily?” She finally looked away from Sonny and at her new friend. “It’s OK Mike. He’s not here to hurt me. This…this is my brother.” Mike relaxed a bit but wondered why Emily was hiding from her brother and why he’d shown up with another man and a gun. “We need to talk,” Sonny told her. Emily nodded her head. “OK. Let’s go up to my room.” Mike backed off and let her pass, but as she did he said, “you just yell if you need me.” Emily nodded at him and then led Sonny up the stairs to her room. Max took a seat at a table closer to the door. He wanted a good view of the whole diner. He kept his gun out but on his lap. Mike eyed him warily.

“What happened to your arm Sonny?” Emily asked him as soon as they got into her room. “Just a little business problem I had to deal with,” Sonny replied. “But that’s not why I’m here.” He handed Emily a piece of paper. “What’s this?” she asked. “Just look at it.” She did and realized she was looking at a lab report. “I don’t know how to read this thing Sonny. What does it say?” “That I’m not your brother.” Emily’s heart started to race. “What?” “Look at it Emily!” Sonny yelled. “It says our DNA doesn’t match; that we’re not related!” Emily started to cry. “Oh my god really?” Sonny had been angry with her for leaving him, but her tears softened him and he took her into a one-armed embrace. “Really baby. I’m not your brother. You’re not my sister. My father isn’t your father.” Emily sobbed against his chest. “I know…I know,” Sonny soothed her as they hugged. “It was killing me too. I thought that I would have to give you up forever. I couldn’t…”

Emily pulled away from him. “What did you say?” “I said I couldn’t give you up.” “That’s…that’s what you said to me before...” “Before when?” “Before I heard you talking to Jason. Back when you knew I could be your sister but you had sex with me anyway!” Sonny raised his voice again and asked, “what are you saying Emily?” “How do I know this is real?” Emily cried waving the DNA test at him. “What? You think I fixed the test so I could keep on fucking you?” Emily backed away from him shaking all over. “I don’t know! I think you would do anything to get what you want. And maybe you decided to pretend I wasn’t your sister so you could get me back with you!”

Sonny shook his head in disgust. “You think I have no honor,” he stated. “Yeah I fucked you knowing there was a chance you could be my sister, and I was ashamed of myself for it. But I was in denial Emily; I refused to believe it could be true. Haven’t you ever been in denial about something? Like how much of a degenerate gambler your mother is? But when you have the truth staring you in the face, you can’t deny it anymore. And if that DNA test said you were my sister, I would never have come for you. I would have sent you money and made sure you were OK, but I would have left you alone.” He paused and then added, “but now I know how little you think of me so there’s really nothing else left to say.” Emily tried to protest, “Sonny…” He put his free hand up. “I don’t want to hear it. Have a nice life here in your new home with your new friends.” And then he walked out the door. Emily started crying again and yelled after him, “Sonny!!!”


Chapter 17

Sonny returned to Port Charles in a very bad mood. Max was concerned about him and wondered why they had left Canada without Emily. Jason was waiting when they got back to Sonny’s house. “Where’s Emily?” he anxiously asked. Sonny stared at him. “I left her in Canada; why the hell do you care?” Jason was clearly nervous and Sonny was suspicious. “Uh, I just thought she’d come back with you.” “Jason don’t even try to lie to me,” Sonny warned. “I’m not! I don’t lie you know that,” Jason responded. Sonny didn’t think he usually lied, but he was acting very strangely now. “You need to tell me what’s going on Jason,” Sonny insisted. “I’m in a damn lousy mood and I’m liable to take it out on you if you keep fucking with me.”

Jason knew he had no choice but to tell Sonny everything. “I didn’t exactly tell you everything I had found out,” he confessed. Sonny was confused. “Found out about what?” “About Emily.” Sonny collapsed down into a chair. “Are you going to tell me the DNA test was wrong?” Jason shook his head, “no…no! She’s definitely not related to you.” Sonny was relieved. “OK so what’s the problem?” Jason took a deep breath and let it out. “The problem is she might be related to me.”

Earlier, Mike had gone upstairs to check on Emily after her “brother” and his gun-toting friend had left the diner. He found her sobbing on the floor of her room. “Emily! What happened?” He helped her up. “I’ve totally lost him!” Emily cried. Mike was obviously confused. “Lost him; your brother? I don’t understand…” Emily looked at him, her face tear-stained. “He’s not my brother Mike. Sonny was my lover…and then we thought he was my half-brother but a DNA test proved that wasn’t true. That’s why Sonny came here.” Mike’s head was swimming. “That’s messed up,” he commented. Emily couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah it sure is.”

“OK so he’s not your brother so what’s the problem?” “The problem is I said some things to him I shouldn’t have and he’s furious with me. I questioned his honor and for a man like Sonny that’s the worst thing you can do.” Mike was silent and Emily could tell he was trying to remember something. Then he finally did. “Wait a minute…you said his name was Sonny? Is he Sonny Corinthos?” “Yes, how do you know him?” “Well I don’t, not personally, but I know of him. He’s the most powerful gangster on the Eastern Seaboard. His trucks bring stuff through here all the time.” Emily didn’t want to say anything to confirm what Mike had said so she stayed silent. “Oh you know all about him don’t you?” Mike said. “Well now it makes sense why you ran away and hid out here…and why he came after you. The question now is will you go back to him?” Emily sighed. “I don’t think he wants me anymore.”


Chapter 18

Sonny stared at Jason. “You’d better tell me the whole story.” Jason nodded his head and cleared his throat. “OK. So you told me to prove that Mike wasn’t Emily’s father and I told you I couldn’t because he was in Atlantic City at the Sands Casino at the same time Emily’s mother was.” “Right.” “Well I knew that because I got a list of everyone who was there that month.” “Makes sense.” “And there was one other name on that list that caught my eye.” “And that is?” “Dr. Alan Quartermaine.” Sonny’s eyes got wide. “Your father,” he stated. “Yeah. And at first I dismissed it as a coincidence because you seemed so sure that Emily was your sister.” “You might have mentioned it Jason,” Sonny chided. “I would have had some hope.” “I know but I guess I didn’t want to give you false hope. But then when the DNA test proved Mike wasn’t her father I decided to revisit the Alan thing.” “And?” “And I’m waiting for the results of another DNA test, one that will tell us if Emily’s my sister or not.”

Sonny rubbed his free hand over his face. “OK. And if she is what will you do then?” “Well I’d like to go see her and tell her but I won’t if you order me not to,” Jason replied. Sonny thought it over. He firmly believed he would never be with Emily again, and her staying in Canada would make that a certainty. He asked Jason, “what if she wants to come back with you to meet Alan and your family?” Jason shrugged. “Then she will I guess; unless like I said you order me not to bring her back.” “I wouldn’t stop Emily from knowing her family,” Sonny replied. “But it’s clear we can’t be together, so keep her away from this house.” Jason agreed but then asked, “what happened between you two in Canada?” “Let’s just say she decided I’m not the man she thought I was,” Sonny sadly answered and then got up and left the room.

Jason looked at Max who had been lingering in the background. “What the hell happened up there?” Jason asked him. “I really don’t know. They went to her room to talk it over, and the next thing I know he’s storming out of there and she’s crying and yelling his name.” “So she didn’t want him to leave?” Max shook his head, “no, it was definitely his decision. But I don’t know why.” Jason digested the whole situation. Nothing was more important to him than respecting Sonny, the man who had given him a sense of self-worth when everyone else treated him like damaged goods. But he also wanted to get to know Emily, if she indeed was his sister, and he knew that Alan would want to know her as well. “Maybe the DNA test will say she’s not my sister,” he thought, “and then I won’t have to decide what to do.”


Chapter 19

"Oh no not again," Mike declared looking up and seeing yet another menacing-looking stranger enter his diner. Only this one was clad in a leather jacket not a suit. "Can I help you?" Mike reluctantly asked as the man approached the lunch counter. "I'm here to see Emily Bowen," Jason Morgan told him. "What a surprise," Mike retorted. "Can I tell her who's here to see her?" Jason thought for a moment and then replied, "her brother." Mike felt a bit dizzy but thought it was better not to ask the man to explain. Instead he went into the back room where Emily was stocking the canned goods. "Uh Emily...there's someone here for you." Emily's head whipped around. "Sonny? Did he come back?" Her heart started soaring. "Not exactly. The guy says he's your…oh hell, you need to just come out."

Emily was disappointed it wasn't Sonny but she followed Mike out. She was stunned to see Sonny's right-hand man there and automatically assumed the worst. "Oh my god Jason…is he dead?!" Jason stared at her for a moment and then realized she was genuinely panicked. "What…Sonny? No, he's fine!" Emily almost collapsed from relief and Mike held her up. "Maybe you should sit down for this," he suggested helping her over to a table. Jason walked over and sat down with them. "So why are you here?" Emily asked. "Well…it's kind of weird…" Jason began. "He's your brother," Mike interjected. Emily's eyes got wide. "What? Is this Sonny's idea of a joke or something?" Jason got angry on Sonny's behalf. "Sonny would never joke about someone's family. What did you say to him when he came up here anyway? He was totally messed up by it." Mike decided to excuse himself before the conversation got too personal. Emily felt horrible about her comment and didn't even notice Mike walk away. She apologized to Jason. "I'm sorry. I don't know why I just said that about him. I guess I'm upset he hasn't come back for me. He must really hate me for questioning him like I did." "How did you question him?" "I accused him of fixing the DNA test so we wouldn't be related."

Jason shook his head. "Sonny would never do something like that. He would have told you the truth even if it meant cutting out his own heart. And besides…I'm the one who got the test done. And I got this one done too." He handed her a folded up paper and Emily knew instantly what it signified. She opened it with shaking hands and looked it over. "So this says you and I are related?" "That's right. We share the same father. His name is Dr. Alan Quartermaine and he lives in Port Charles with his wife Monica and my brother AJ…our brother I should say." Emily nodded her head. "Are you close with them?" Jason answered quickly, "no. AJ and I hate each other, and my father can't get past the fact that I chose to work for Sonny." "What about your mother?" "Monica's not my real mother, but I'm closest to her since my grandmother died. Oh, and then there's the old man Edward. He hates me because of Sonny too." "Well that's not good," Emily said. "If I go and get to know my family will it cause problems for Sonny?" "If you and Sonny were together, yeah it would. But from what he tells me you're through." Emily tried not to cry. "I thought he'd calm down and forgive me for doubting him…I guess I was wrong." "So what do you want to do Emily?" Jason asked. "Do you want to meet your father and the rest of the family; even if it means never being with Sonny again?"


Chapter 20

"Where the hell have you been Jason?" Sonny bellowed as soon as Jason walked into the room. "I went to Canada," Jason replied. "Oh and you didn't see fit to tell me beforehand?" "I'm sorry Sonny. I just didn't want to tell you in case things didn't work out." "What things? I assume you got the DNA test back and found out Emily is your sister and then you went to tell her. So why couldn't you tell me that?" "Because I wasn't sure if she was coming back with me or not." "Jason, I told you I don't want to see her!"

"Well that's just too bad!" Emily cried as she entered. Sonny stared at her and then looked at Jason. "You need to get your damn hearing checked." Jason was intimidated but stood his ground. "OK I know you're mad. But she insisted on coming to see you and said if I didn't bring her she'd hitchhike. I couldn't let her do that." Sonny took a deep breath and tried to calm down. He was happy Emily wanted to see him again, but was angry because he hadn't been prepared for it. "Can I have some time with Sonny?" Emily asked Jason. "Sure," he replied and walked out.

Emily stepped closer to Sonny. "I knew this was the only way you'd listen to me…let me explain." "Explain what? That you think I'm a scumbag who would lie to you about being my sister so I could keep fucking you? That's kind of hard to explain." Emily nodded her head. "I know. It sounds awful when you say it like that. And it was awful of me to even think that for a moment. All I can say is that I was terrified you really were my brother and that we could never be together as lovers again. That was why I ran away in the first place." "I was afraid of the same thing," Sonny said. "But I faced it, found out the truth, and brought it to you only to be slapped in the face." "I didn't slap you Sonny." "It felt like you did." Emily put a hand out to touch his face. "I know. And I'm sorry. Can you forgive me?"

Sonny shrugged and looked at the floor. "Can you forgive me for sleeping with you even when I knew there was a chance we were related?" he asked; "cause that I did do." He looked back up for her response. Emily smiled at him. "Yes. And the truth is I might have done the same thing. Like you said I know what it's like to live in denial. I've done it for years with my mother. I told myself there was no way she would put me out there as bait and let me be taken to South America to be made into a hooker…but she did." Her eyes filled with tears as she spoke. Sonny put his free arm around her and pulled her close. "I'm sorry she did that baby," he whispered into Emily's hair. "And I forgive you for what you said to me.

Emily sobbed with relief. "Shhhhhh," Sonny said as he held Emily for a while and let her cry it out. When she had calmed down he broached a difficult subject. "So what about your family? Are you going to see Alan?" Emily pulled back and looked at him with red-rimmed eyes. "I don't think so." Sonny was confused, "why not?" "Because Jason tells me that my father hates you and there's no telling what he'd do if he knew I was involved with you. I'm not going to put you in that position." Sonny was floored. "You…you're choosing me over your family?" Emily smiled at him. "You are my family Sonny. You're the man I love and want to be with forever. If…if you want the same." Sonny beamed at her and then replied, "I'm not very good with words…the emotional stuff…I'd much rather show you how I feel about you."


Chapter 21

Emily lay on top of Sonny on their bed…in deference to his injured arm. “Is this one of the million ways you wanted to fuck me?” she asked him with a grin. Sonny ran his free hand between them, over her breasts, rubbing the nipples in between his fingers. “Usually I prefer to be in control,” he replied; “and I like positions where I can really give it to you good.” “We can do it gentle too you know,” Emily said. “Is that what you want?” Sonny asked; “slow and gentle…taking like an hour to make you cum? Cause I can do that, but I promise you’ll be begging me to do it harder and faster after a few minutes.” Emily rolled her eyes and then laughed. She had no doubt that was true. “Well until your arm is better you’re going to have to let me control things,” she told him. Sonny groaned. He was worried she was going to torture him.

Emily lowered herself down onto his cock which was already sheathed. “Maybe we can do it without a rubber sometime,” she said. “I want to feel your cum filling me up.” Sonny almost exploded with her words. He calmed himself and replied, “not until we get married. I’m a Catholic…I don’t want to knock you up.” Emily stared at him with her mouth hanging open. “Mar…married? You want to marry me?” “Well not right this minute,” Sonny answered. “But someday yeah…if you behave yourself.” Emily knew he was joking and played along. “Behave myself how?” Sonny slapped her ass and said, “ride me baby.” Emily bit her lip and started moving up and down on his huge shaft. Her head was still spinning from Sonny mentioning marriage. She knew he was telling her that he loved her too.

Sonny started talking dirty to her. “Yeah that’s it; fuck my cock with your tight little pussy.” Emily moaned and her head lolled back. He filled her so completely she knew she would cum quickly. She put her hands on his shoulders, avoiding the sling, and started moving faster. Sonny ran his tongue across his lower lip. “I told you…you want it hard and fast just like I do.” Emily brought her head back to vertical and looked at him; her eyes glazing over with lust. “Yeah…you were right…I want all of you right now.” She slammed herself down on him and felt the orgasm build to a head. “I’m cumming Sonny!” “Well don’t stop!” Sonny exclaimed. “Nooooooooo!” Emily wailed as she crashed over the edge. She kept riding him even though she barely knew where she was at the moment. Sonny held onto her ass with his one free hand as she brought him to climax. “That’s it…almost there…yeah…I love you Emily…unhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Later, Sonny was spooned behind Emily with his injured arm resting on top of her. “Did I imagine what you said?” she whispered; almost afraid to ask the question. “No,” was his only reply. Emily smiled and pushed her ass back against his cock. “If you take me from behind like this, you’d probably have to go slow.” Sonny chuckled. “I’ll start slow, but that won’t last long.” Emily reached back and found his cock. She tried to maneuver its tip to her pussy. “Get another condom from there,” he told her, nudging her towards the nightstand with his leg. Emily sighed but did what he asked…finding a large box in the drawer. “Wow that’s some big box,” she commented. “I told you I like to have sex,” he replied. Emily turned over to face him. “But just with me now, right?” Sonny smiled and then kissed her. “Right…a lot.” “I’m not sure I can keep up with you,” Emily said. “But I’ll give it my best shot!” Sonny laughed and Emily turned back around after rolling the condom on. With her help Sonny pushed his large organ into her. “Oooooooooooh,” Emily whimpered. Every time he entered her it felt so good. “Forget what I said,” she panted. “I want it hard…fast…and now!”


Chapter 22

Emily stood in front of the French doors looking out at the grounds. She felt very peaceful and could imagine herself living in this house with Sonny for the rest of her life. She was so happy he wanted the same thing. “Excuse me Ms. Bowen.” Emily whipped around. “Jason’s mother is here looking for him,” Max informed her. “She wants to wait, but I told her Jason and the boss won’t be back for a while.” “I can talk to her,” Emily said, curious to see what her father’s wife was like. Max showed Monica in. “Sorry to bother you,” Monica told the young woman. “No problem,” Emily replied. “I’m Emily.” “Are you a…friend of Sonny’s?” “Yes. I’m his girlfriend,” Emily confidently replied. Monica paused; she knew Sonny hadn’t been seriously involved with anyone since the death of his fiancée Brenda Barrett. “Nice to meet you,” Monica said. “Do you happen to know when Jason will be back? Max said he was out with Sonny.” “I’m sorry, I don’t. Is there something I can help you with?”

Monica thought it over and then decided to leave a message for Jason. “Can you tell Jason that his father is very sick? We’ve just checked him into GH…that’s our local hospital...and it would be good if Jason could come see him before…” Emily’s heart pounded and she asked, “before what?” “Before it’s too late,” Monica said; “he might not survive.” Emily was stunned silent. Was her father going to die before she even got a chance to meet him? Monica wondered why she seemed upset. “Are you OK?” “Oh yeah; sorry. I was just thinking how upset Jason will be.” Monica didn’t agree. “You must not know Jason very well or you wouldn’t say that. But I do think he’d want to see Alan so please give him the message, OK?” Emily promised to do so, and Monica left. Emily hurried up the stairs to the bedroom to change her clothes. She knew what she needed to do.

Sonny and Jason had already returned when Emily started back down. She paused on the stairs when she heard them discussing Monica. “I wonder why she was here?” Jason said. “Max said she talked to Emily so she’ll tell you,” Sonny replied. “Something must be wrong or Monica would not have come over here,” Jason added. Sonny nodded his head. “Yeah the Qs avoid the devil’s house if they can.” “Sonny you’re not the devil,” Jason replied. “They think I am,” Sonny said back. “You know they do. I’ve gotta admit I’m happy Emily’s not rushing over there to get to know them. They’d try to keep her away from me.” Jason agreed. “Yeah especially Alan and the old man; there’s no telling what they’d do.”

“What about you Jason? Are you OK with me being with your sister?” Sonny asked. Jason stared at him. “Why would you ask me that? You’re the boss; you do what you want.” “I know I’m the boss,” Sonny replied. “But I’m asking you as her brother if you’re OK with it. I don’t want you and me to have any problems because I’m going to be with Emily for the rest of my life.” Emily smiled at Sonny’s words and kept smiling at Jason’s reply. “I’m happy my sister is with you,” Jason told him. “You’re the best person I know. You’re honorable and strong and I know you’ll take good care of her.” “Thanks man,” Sonny said putting his hand out. The men shook hands and then embraced. Emily sat down on the stairs and re-thought her plan. She was going to tell Sonny she’d changed her mind about seeing her father now that he was sick. But she didn’t want to upset Sonny, and she definitely didn’t want to get the Quartermaines riled up against him. “I guess I’ll do Plan B,” she told herself.


Chapter 23

“Hey you’re back,” Emily cheerfully greeted Sonny and Jason as she finally descended the stairs. Sonny walked over to kiss her hello and laid a long and deep one on her. “Careful,” Emily whispered; “I might ravage you right here in front of my brother.” Sonny chuckled while Jason tried to avoid watching them. “Uh Emily…what did Monica want?” Jason asked while looking in the other direction. “Oh sorry,” Emily walked over to him. “She wanted me to tell you that Alan is really sick. He’s in the hospital.” Jason reacted with no discernable emotion. “Is he at GH?” “GH…yeah, that’s what she said.” “Thanks,” Jason said and started to walk out. Sonny stopped him. “Wait a minute Jason. Emily, do you want to go with him?” Emily shook her head, so Jason left.

Sonny looked into her eyes. “Are you sure?” “I don’t want to cause any trouble Sonny. You and Jason have made it really clear that my father hates you. The last thing I want is for anything to get in the way of you and I being together.” Sonny hugged her with one arm. “One more day and I’m throwing this damn sling out,” he muttered into her hair. Emily smiled against him. “Don’t rush it Sonny; we want to make sure you heal properly.” Sonny pulled his head back to look at her. “And I want to make sure I’m satisfying my woman properly…and I need two arms to do it.” Emily felt herself swooning. “Trust me you satisfy me plenty no matter how many arms you use.” Sonny moved in to kiss her again but Emily stopped him. “I…I need to run some errands. Can we continue this later?” Sonny looked at her quizzically. “Why can’t you do your errands later?” “Because it’s getting late and some places close at five o’clock. I promise I’ll be quick and I’ll make it worth the wait.” Sonny kissed her one more time and then let her leave with a warning, “I’m gonna hold you to that woman.”

Emily hurried outside and got into the cab she had called. She felt horrible lying to Sonny, but she didn’t want him or anyone else to know that she was going to GH to try to see her father. She wanted to see him without him seeing her, and that wasn’t going to be easy. Meanwhile at GH, Jason stood in the back of Alan’s room while the rest of the family fussed over him. He had a viral infection that had attacked his heart, and if the latest round of medication didn’t help he probably wouldn’t last the night. Jason thought about Emily and wondered if she made the right choice in not coming to meet her father while she still could.


Chapter 24

It was 7 o’clock when Jason returned to Sonny’s house. When Sonny heard someone come into the living room, he thought it was Emily. “Oh…it’s you.” “Who’d you want it to be?” Jason asked. “Emily. She went out to do some errands and hasn’t come back yet.” “I kept expecting her to show up at GH,” Jason confessed, “but she didn’t.” Sonny felt something was off and bellowed, “Max!” Max ran into the room. “Yeah boss?” “Did Emily take one of the cars?” “No sir, she called a cab.” “Get on the phone,” Sonny ordered; “and find out where that cab took her.”

Max went to the phone while Jason walked closer to Sonny to talk to him. “Why do you think something’s wrong?” “I don’t know. She promised to get back quickly for us to…well lets just say we had plans.” Jason let that comment go and Sonny continued. “It just doesn’t feel right.” Max walked over with his report. “The cab took her to GH.” Sonny looked at Jason. “You didn’t see her there?” Jason shook his head. “She wasn’t there Sonny. I would have seen her. I pay attention to things for a living.” “Don’t get defensive,” Sonny snapped. “I’m not saying you’re lying or that you screwed up. Obviously she never made it to Alan’s room. Get over there and see what you can find out.” Jason left immediately. Sonny then looked at Max. “Find out if anyone’s making noise about me.” Max nodded his head and went back to the phone.

Emily woke up; her head filled with fog. It took a few moments to figure out her surroundings, and she got some help on that front. “We’re on my private jet.” She tried to focus her eyes on the man speaking to her with a heavy accent; his voice was very familiar. Then she realized who it was. “Hector?” “That’s right. And you’re coming back home with me. You never did fulfill your end of our bargain, and I’ve had it with people cheating me.” She knew he meant Sonny. “What did Sonny do to you?” she hesitantly asked. “He ruined my life,” Hector admitted. “My organization is destroyed and so is my reputation. And it’s all because he fell in love with you. And now, you’re both going to pay for that.”

Back in Port Charles, Max filled Sonny in on the word on the street. “Hector Alonso was seen in town. Word is he’s gone nuts because we…I mean you…wiped out his people…his organization is gone.” Sonny took a deep breath and tried not to panic. He simply stated, “and now so is Emily.”

Later, Sonny, Max, and Jason all sat in silence as Sonny’s private jet made its way to Argentina. They weren’t worried about being out numbered; by all accounts Hector was on his own now. But they were concerned about what he was doing to Emily. Sonny tried not to think about it, because he felt like he’d lose his mind if he did. Jason could think of nothing else, and was already planning out how he’d kill Hector. Sonny looked at him; he knew his enforcer very well. “He’s mine Jason…you hear?” Jason stared at him and after briefly considering being contrary, relented and nodded his head. “You and Max get Emily out of harm’s way,” Sonny continued. “I’m going to finish that bastard with my bare hands.” “Uh boss?” Max nervously interjected; “you only have one good arm.” Sonny glared at him and then reached up with that good arm and tore the sling off the other. His arm still hurt but he didn’t care. “Now I have two. Any more useless comments?” he growled. Max shook his head. “No sir; absolutely not.”


Chapter 25

"You look ravishing," Hector said studying Emily in her evening gown. "I'm glad I saved that dress for you." Emily tried to remain calm. She knew where this was all heading but hoped she could delay the inevitable as long as possible. Playing dress up for Hector was part of that plan. Of course she didn't have much choice since he was holding a gun on her. Emily wanted to kick herself for being so foolish. She left Sonny's house without telling him or anyone else where she was going. They would have no way of knowing where to start looking for her. "If Sonny even thinks something's wrong," she thought. "Maybe he just thinks I left him again." Her heart ached at the thought of him thinking that for even a moment.

"OK now you can take the dress off," Hector snapped her out of her thoughts. "Huh?" "Take it off…I'm going to fuck you now." Emily's heart pounded; she had to think fast. "How about a drink first? I want to toast to us being together again." Hector stared at her. "What do you mean?" Emily smiled at him. "I mean, it's always been you that I wanted Hector. The only reason I left with Sonny was because he forced me to. He threatened my mother and me." Hector wanted to believe her. He had lost everything because of Sonny Corinthos; ending up with the woman Sonny wanted would make up for a lot.

"I hope you mean that," he said with a heavy dose of warning in his voice. "I do!" Emily replied. "Please, let's have a drink. Do you have any champagne?" Hector smiled and stood up. He walked over to her. "Kiss me first, and then I'll get the champagne." Emily closed her eyes and tried to picture Sonny's face. She did her best acting job and kissed Hector like she really meant it. He was satisfied she was sincere and started feeling a whole lot better about things. "I'll be right back," he told her with a wink.

As soon as he left the room Emily ran to a window. Luckily it was unlocked and even more fortunately they were on the first floor of the mansion. She opened the window, kicked off her high heels, and climbed out. Then she started running as fast as she could down the road and into the night.

It was just daybreak when Sonny, Jason and Max approached the Alonso compound. A helicopter had taken them from the closest airport to Hector’s land. They walked right up to the front door; there wasn’t a guard in sight. “He’s all alone here,” Sonny stated. “This should be easy.” Jason kicked open the front door and the three men rushed in with their guns drawn. They canvassed each room they passed, and finally made their way to the main salon. There they found Hector Alonso sitting alone in a chair with an empty bottle of champagne in his hand.


Chapter 26

Sonny walked right up to Hector and put a gun to his head. "Where is she?" "Gone." Sonny almost threw up. "What do you mean gone?" he yelled. He grabbed Hector by the collar and pulled him out of the chair. "You killed her?" "Yeah I killed her…after I fucked her all night," Hector replied staring Sonny in the eyes. "Argh!!" Sonny screamed and hit Hector in the mouth with the butt of his gun. Blood started spurting out. Sonny then promised, "I'm gonna kill you slow." "Sonny…" Jason tried to get his attention. "Sonny!" "What Jason!" Sonny yelled never taking his eyes from Hector's. "I don't think he killed her!"

Sonny threw Hector to the ground, motioned for Max to hold him there, and then walked over to Jason. "Why do you say that?" "Look at the window. It's open and there are women's shoes on the floor in front of it." Sonny walked closer to look. "Those are Emily's shoes," he said, remembering she wore them the night they first met. "She obviously took them off before climbing out the window," Jason added. Sonny realized he was right. "Yeah if he had killed her he wouldn't have bothered with her shoes or the window." "Right." Sonny felt like he could breathe again; there was at least a chance Emily was alive.

"Take Max and go look for her Jason." "But…" "But nothing. I can handle this freak. Go!" Jason and Max did as they were told. Sonny walked back over to Hector who was still lying on the floor. Sonny picked up the empty champagne bottle and smashed it on a table. Then he bent down and pulled Hector back up to a standing position. He put the bottle to Hector's throat. "Now…let's have some fun."

Jason sent Max off to search the grounds on foot, while he found the keys to one of Hector's many cars at the empty guard station. He headed off down the road, driving slowly. About two miles away he spotted some fabric on the side of the road. He stopped to inspect it and concluded it had been torn from a woman's dress. He stood up and started calling his sister's name. "Emily!"

"Go ahead slit my throat!" Hector said. "I don't care anymore…you've ruined my life!" Sonny glared at him. "You ruined your own life! You tried to ruin a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her…you have no honor!" Hector spat in his face. Sonny threw the bottle down. "I don't need this," he growled. He started punching Hector in the face as hard as he could while holding him up with his recently injured arm. The more pain he felt, the harder he punched. "This is for Emily you bastard!"

Emily ran into the room totally breathless. She had been two miles away when she heard a helicopter approaching and saw it set down in a field behind some trees on Hector's estate. She knew instantly that Sonny was there, and ripped off the bottom of her evening gown to make it easier to run. She then doubled-back through some woods to get to the house faster, and there she found Sonny beating an already-dead Hector to a bloody pulp. "Sonny!!"

It took Sonny a moment to realize he was hearing Emily's voice. He let go of Hector and the lifeless body crashed to the floor. He turned around, "Emily?" She was standing there gasping for air; her dress torn off around the bottom. And she was still the most beautiful sight he could ever hope to see. "Sonny!" she cried again and ran to him.


Chapter 27

Sonny held Emily close as his jet took them back to Port Charles. Jason and Max sat across from them, and Jason was scowling. “Jason, we got her back,” Sonny said. “You’re supposed to be happy.” “I am,” Jason replied. “I’m also mad because she did a really dumb thing.” Sonny agreed but wasn’t about to lecture Emily. He was too happy to be holding her again. Emily replied to her brother. “I know it was dumb Jason. And I’m sorry I put you all through this.” Sonny kissed the top of her head. “Shhh. No one’s been put through more than you. We’ll talk about this later.” Emily pulled away so she could look at him. “He didn’t hurt me,” she told him. “What?” “He didn’t rape me Sonny. He was going to, but I made him think I really wanted to be there with him and I bought some time. Then I got him to go for the champagne…” “And that’s when you went out the window,” Jason finished her sentence. “Right.” Sonny pulled her back into an embrace. “Thank God,” he whispered before kissing her mouth. Jason hit Max on the arm and motioned for him to leave the cabin. They walked out together leaving Sonny and Emily alone.

“I’m so sorry,” Emily said. “Shhh. We can talk about that later. I want you so much right now.” “Sonny I’m all dirty and smelly!” Sonny smiled, “dirty yeah. Smelly? I don’t think so. Do I care about either? Nope.” “Well I care,” Emily said pushing him away. “I’ll feel too self conscious. When we get home I’ll take a shower and then…” “And then you’re going to get some rest,” Sonny said; “I can wait.” Emily thought it over. “You don’t have to wait baby.” She sank down to the floor in front of him. “Open up there mister,” she ordered pushing his legs apart. “Emily…you don’t have to do this,” Sonny said half-heartedly. Emily smiled up at him. “I know. But I want to. I missed you so much.” She quickly unzipped his pants and reached inside. Sonny groaned at the feeling of her hand on his throbbing manhood. She pulled it out and licked her lips at the sight. As she took him in her mouth, Sonny’s head fell back onto the plane seat. He was totally at her mercy. “I love you so much Emily,” he moaned as she started him on the way to Nirvana.

When the party arrived in Port Charles, Jason immediately headed to GH to get an update on Alan’s condition. He didn’t much care; he’d already made his peace with his father possibly dying. But Emily wanted to know if she still had time to meet Alan. “You could have just told me you wanted to meet him,” Sonny scolded. “I wouldn’t have stood in your way.” “I know. But I just wanted to see him, not meet him. I’m still afraid of what the Quartermaines will do if they find out I’m Alan’s daughter…and that I’m in love with you.” “Look, that’s their problem if they can’t handle it. I don’t live my life in fear of what other people will think or do,” Sonny replied. “And neither should you. If Alan’s still alive you should go see him and tell him who you are.” Emily knew he was right. If she didn’t go to see her father, she was going to regret it for the rest of her life.


Chapter 28

Alan Quartermaine was happy his son Jason wanted to speak with him alone. Now back in his family home, he figured almost dying was worthwhile if it brought him closer to Jason. “It’s great to see you son,” Alan said as Jason walked into the bedroom. “Glad you’re doing better,” Jason replied. “Are you really?” Alan asked his eyes filling with tears. “Yeah. And I have someone who wants to meet you.” Alan assumed it was a woman Jason was involved with and was pleased to see she looked like a nice young lady. “This is Emily Bowen,” Jason began. “Very nice to meet you,” Alan said from his bed. “I’m happy my son has found someone…” “She’s not my girlfriend,” Jason interrupted him. “She’s Sonny’s girlfriend.” Alan was confused and a bit upset. “No offense Miss, but Jason why would you bring Sonny’s girlfriend to see me?” “Because she’s also your daughter.”

Alan figured he must have heard wrong because he’d been so sick. “I’m sorry, can you say that again? I think my hearing was affected by my illness.” Emily walked closer to the bed. “You heard him correctly. I’m your daughter. My mother is Paige Bowen…does that name ring a bell?” Alan thought it over. “No, not really.” “How about Atlantic City; 1980?” “Oh my god Paige? I never knew her last name.” Jason figured it’d be good to cut to the chase. He walked over and handed Alan the DNA test. “Here’s the proof.” Alan looked it over and was satisfied they were telling him the truth. “Well,” he said looking back up at Emily; “this is all very strange. But I’m happy you came to meet me.” “Are you going to be all right?” Emily asked. “Yes I’m getting better. And now I have an extra incentive…I need to get to know my daughter.” “That’s great,” Emily replied. “But it still remains to be seen if we are going to get to know each other at all.” “What do you mean?” “I mean I know how you feel about Sonny and you need to know right now that he means the world to me. I’m never giving him up. In fact, I’m going to marry him someday. So if you can’t accept that we’ll say goodbye right now. I wish you well, but I can’t have you in my life unless you can accept the man I love.”

Back at his house Sonny was pacing the floor while Max anxiously watched him. Neither man was sure that things weren’t about to blow up and ruin Sonny and Emily’s happy reunion. “Maybe it’ll be ok boss,” Max tried to reassure Sonny, and himself. “Yeah, maybe,” Sonny muttered not at all confident. “I’m back!” Emily announced from the doorway. Max discretely excused himself. Sonny stared at her. “How’d it go? How’s Alan?” “He’s much better; he’s going to be fine.” “Well that’s good,” Sonny said, putting his own feelings about Alan aside. “And he won’t cause any trouble about us,” Emily added. Sonny narrowed his eyes. “He said that?” “Yeah. Well after I threatened to never see him again if he didn’t accept you.” “You did that?” Sonny whispered, overwhelmed. “Of course I did. I told him you were the most important thing in the world to me, and that I was never giving you up. Oh…and I told him we were getting married someday. I hope you still want to.” “Why wouldn’t I?” “Because I was such an idiot and let myself get kidnapped.”

Sonny hugged her. “Well we do have to talk about that, but I still want to marry you.” “Let’s talk about it now Sonny. I don’t want you walking around mad at me…or disappointed.” Sonny led her to the sofa and they sat down. “I’m not mad or disappointed. But I am worried. We can have no future together if I can’t trust you implicitly. You can’t sneak around ever again. You need to tell me where you’re going. If I have a problem with it we’ll discuss it.” “That’s totally fair,” Emily said. “And I promise you I’ll never do it again.” Sonny smiled. “That’s all I needed to hear. Now, didn’t you say something about when we got home…” “And you said I need to rest, didn’t you?” “You can rest later after I render you senseless,” Sonny stated. “Let’s go.” Emily laughed and jumped up. “First one up gets to be on top!” Sonny let her get a head start and then ran up the stairs. He passed her in the hall at the last moment, and tackled her onto the bed in their room. “You know I like to be on top,” he murmured against her mouth. “I know,” she replied; “and that’s just how I like it too.”



“Sonny…Sonny…Sonny!” “What?” Sonny stopped what he was doing. “Doesn’t your arm hurt doing that?” Sonny had to think about it. He was so intent on his activities he hadn’t even thought about how his arm felt. He realized it was hurting a bit. “Yeah a little, but who cares,” he replied. “I care!” Emily cried. Sonny stared into her eyes and noticed them twinkling. “You little devil,” he scolded. “You don’t care about my arm; you just want me to stop!” Emily broke out laughing; she’d been bagged. Sonny grinned at her. “What…I thought you liked this?” Emily was lying on her back on the bed. Sonny was in between her legs, which he had pushed back towards her chest and was holding down with his left arm on the back of her thighs. Two fingers from his right hand were buried inside her, and he’d been ravenously licking at her sopping wet pussy until she interrupted him.

“Maybe you should do something else,” Emily suggested; “…because of your arm.” Sonny moved up her body, but instead of letting go of her legs he now used both hands to push them further back towards her chest and further apart from each other so he could fit in between. “Your concern for my arm is touching,” he said in a throaty voice. “But I don’t buy it for a minute. You just wanted me to stop torturing you…come on, admit it.” Emily started to admit it, but Sonny cut her off with a deep kiss.

“Mmmm…” Sonny released her mouth and then she replied. “Yeah, OK I admit it. You were driving me crazy down there and I want you inside of me now.” “Always so demanding,” Sonny teased. “What about ‘we can do it slow and gentle Sonny’?” “I don’t know what I was thinking when I said that,” Emily retorted. Sonny laughed and then plunged his rock-hard cock into her without any guidance from either of them. “Oooooh!!” Emily wailed. “Better?” Sonny asked as he started thrusting. “Much…oh my god…better!” Emily cried. “Tell Sonny what you need baby, you know I’ll give it you.” “Uh…ooh…I need…that! Oh that! Just like that!” Sonny was kneeling in front of her, holding her legs out of the way and apparently hitting the right spot with every thrust. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,” he groaned. “Sonny…please! Don’t stop…don’t stop!” “Never baby!” Emily felt the orgasm rapidly overtaking her; her head was spinning. “I can’t hold on,” Sonny warned; he too was having a hard time keeping his head clear. Emily’s replied by opening her mouth and releasing a long moan. Sonny knew she’d gone over the edge so he was free to follow her. “Unhhhhhhhh!”

He collapsed forward onto her, releasing her legs which she then wrapped around his waist. “I’m all ready for more,” she teased, holding him close to her body. “Damn woman; give me a few minutes to recover.” Emily smiled and then sighed with contentment. “I don’t know if you noticed,” Sonny said, his face against her breasts; “but I didn’t put a rubber on.” Emily was stunned; she actually hadn’t noticed although she thought it felt a bit different this time. “Wha…why?” Sonny lifted himself up off her body and looked into her eyes. “Because we’re getting married this week, so no reason to use protection any more.” He stated it as a fact even though Emily knew he’d never actually asked her to marry him.

“Is that your idea of a proposal?” she joked. Sonny smiled, “I’m going to do the ring, the champagne, the knee…all that. But I just thought I’d point out the obvious now.” “And it’s obvious that I’m just going to marry you this week huh?” Sonny cocked his head and gave her a look that said, “don’t even try to play hard to get with me woman.” Emily broke out laughing and reached up to kiss him. “Of course we’re getting married this week Sonny! You know I’d marry you anytime and anyplace!” Sonny nodded his head. “Yeah, I know. You know what else?” “What’s that Sonny?” Emily asked her eyes filled with love and joy. Sonny gave her a wide smile and replied, “I’m ready for round two baby!”