Setting it Right
a S&E story


Chapter 1

"I'm not at your beck and call anymore," DA Ric Lansing snapped as he approached his brother on the docks. Sonny Corinthos looked up at him; he had been deep in thought, and not about Ric. He'd been thinking about Emily Quartermaine and how much he missed her. "You never were," Sonny retorted. "You always had your own agenda Ric." Ric didn't respond to that and instead asked, "why am I here Sonny?" Sonny had called Ric and insisted it was in his best interests to meet on the docks. "You're here because I'm giving you one final warning." Ric rolled his eyes; "here we go again with the threats." "No, not threats," Sonny replied; "promises. Either you leave Alexis and all her daughters alone or I'll back you off permanently." "All her daughters? Oh, you mean Sam too? In case you haven't noticed, Sam's a big girl Sonny; she doesn't need you threatening me for her. Actually I know you've noticed because you used to fuck her." "Which is why you fucked her," Sonny snapped back.

Emily Quartermaine stepped off the boat and onto the pier just as the afternoon sun was starting to go down. She'd been out to Spoon Island to check on Nikolas Cassadine. Between an injured leg and a psychotic Nanny and Grandmother, Nikolas had his hands full. Emily was helping out because she would always be concerned about his welfare, but also because she was doing anything she could think of to try to forget about loving Sonny Corinthos. So far it was a battle she was losing badly. When she was with Nikolas, she felt nothing but friendship for him. Her love for Sonny was fully entrenched in her heart; probably because she knew that Sonny also still loved her. Even though he had ended their relationship and sent her away, Emily knew he did it out of love for her. He truly believed she was better off without him.

Emily started walking towards the parking lot behind the pier. Then she heard voices. "That sounds like Sonny," she thought. She walked towards the sound. "You've always wanted what was mine," Sonny continued. "So when Alexis had Sam move into your home, you figured it was the perfect opportunity to bag her. You thought that would make you more equal with me, right?" "I don't want to be equal with you," Ric retorted. "I want to be better, which means I have to take you down." He paused and then added, "hey maybe I should go find Emily. She was definitely the classiest piece of ass you've ever had. If I 'bag' her that would be a big victory over you." Everything went red in front of Sonny's eyes. His hand clenched into a fist. Emily was hiding nearby and heard every word Ric had just said. Her heart was pounding loudly; she knew Sonny was about to react very badly to Ric speaking about her in that way.

Sonny blindly stepped closer to Ric and said in a deadly voice, "what did you just say?" He wanted Ric to repeat it, knowing it would send him over the edge and he could hurt his brother without hesitation. Ric played right into his hands. "I said, maybe I should go find Emily and fuck her too." Sonny punched Ric in the face; the force so great that Ric went flying backwards and slammed into some heavy equipment. He hit the dock with a loud crash and was motionless. Sonny looked down at his hand still tightly balled; shaking with rage. Emily couldn't help herself; she cried out his name and ran towards the man she still loved.

Chapter 2

"Sonny!" Emily cried racing to him. Sonny whipped around. "Emily? What are you doing here?" "I was just coming back from Spoon Island," she replied. "I heard your voice. Sonny what have you done?" Sonny could think of nothing but where she'd been. Ric lying on the docks, probably dead, meant nothing to him in comparison. "You were with Nikolas?" he asked in a quiet voice. Emily didn't reply. Instead she hurried over to Ric to check his pulse. She started to shake as she looked up at Sonny. "He's…he's dead!" Sonny finally realized what had happened. He walked slowly over to Emily who was now standing over Ric's body. He looked down at his motionless brother. "I killed my own brother," he stated in a solemn voice. "I'll…I'll call Jason," Emily said not knowing what else to do. But before she could reach for her cell phone they were joined by someone else.

"Put your hands up Corinthos!" Emily turned to see Detective Rodriguez, PCPD holding a gun on Sonny. "This is not what you think," she started to explain. Sonny put his hands up and slowly turned around. As he did he whispered to Emily to be quiet. "Don't say anything Emily." "Step away from the body," Rodriguez said, not even aware who Sonny and Emily were standing over. They both stepped away and Rodriguez motioned to the uniformed policeman accompanying him to cuff Sonny. Then he looked at the corpse. "It's DA Lansing," he stated. He looked at Sonny. "He told me to come down here because you were meeting with someone…he didn't say you were meeting with him! Or did he catch you doing something himself?" Sonny didn't respond so Rodriguez added, "you're under arrest for the murder of DA Lansing." He turned to Emily, "and you…you are coming with me to the PCPD as a material witness."

Emily promised to go right to the PCPD, so Rodriquez let her drive in her own car. He had to deal with taking Sonny into custody anyway. On the drive over Emily frantically called Jason. "Sonny's been arrested," she told him; "it's bad Jason…really bad." She didn't say anything further, not wanting to incriminate Sonny in case someone was listening in. But she knew that was exactly the position she was in…the position of being the one person who could incriminate Sonny. She was an eyewitness to Sonny killing the DA; his brother. And even though she knew it was done in the heat of the moment, she also knew that the authorities would stop at nothing to make Sonny pay for it.

When Jason arrived at the PCPD he found Emily staring at the door to the interrogation room. "What happened?" he asked anxiously. "They arrested Sonny…for killing Ric." Jason's eyes got huge; he knew better than to ask if Sonny had actually done it. He didn't want Emily to answer the question where people could hear. "Why are you here?" he asked her. "They think I saw something," Emily carefully responded. Jason's heart dropped into his stomach. The picture was very clear; Sonny had killed Ric and Emily was an eyewitness. "Em this is very important. Did you give a statement yet?" Emily shook her head. "No. I told them I wanted my attorney present, and then called someone." Jason smiled at her. "Very smart. Now when they get here you need to tell them you don't want to give a statement. The cops will have to subpoena you and that will take until tomorrow." "OK why?" Emily asked. "Because that will give me enough time to get you out of town," Jason answered in a low voice; "we can't have you give a statement." "Do you think I'd send Sonny to prison?" Emily asked, incredulous. "Of course not," Jason replied. "I think you'd perjure yourself in a sworn statement and ruin your life. And believe me Sonny would not want you to do that."


Chapter 3

Sonny was trying hard to concentrate on Detective Rodriguez and his questions, but kept looking at the closed door of the interrogation room. He was panicked that Emily was on the other side lying to save him. The thought that she might give a false statement made him want to throw up. His worst nightmare about ruining her life was coming true…even after he'd made the immensely difficult decision to end their relationship. "Corinthos! Pay attention man!" Sonny looked at him. "Why were you on the docks with DA Lansing?" "I already told you," Sonny replied; "I'm not answering any questions without my attorney! And you'd better not be questioning Ms. Quartermaine without hers either!"

Rodriguez realized he'd better check on Emily. He left Sonny in the room cuffed to a chair and went out to the squad room. "Morgan, what a surprise," he said upon seeing Emily with her brother. "Did you even call your lawyer?" he asked Emily; "or did you just call your brother?" "I called my attorney," Emily replied; "he's not here yet." Rodriguez just shook his head and then walked off. "I'm going into see Sonny," Jason said. "You wait here."

"How's Emily?" Sonny immediately asked Jason. Jason knew he couldn't say much; the room was no doubt wired. "She's fine. She's waiting for her attorney." Sonny was relieved. Jason picked up a pen and pad of paper lying on the table. He wrote "I'll take care of her," and showed it to Sonny. Sonny nodded his head. Jason then wrote, "what about you?" Sonny motioned for the pen. "I'm sunk if they get her testimony. I don't want her to lie for me." Jason nodded, and then Sonny continued writing. "I'll confess before I let her lie for me." Jason was touched by how much Sonny still loved Emily. He took back the pen. "They'll have to subpoena her and I'll have her gone before that." Sonny took the pen one last time, "I'll confess before she has to give up her life here to save me." Jason nodded in agreement; neither man wanted Emily to be on the run. Jason knew he had to buy some time and figure things out, so he'd have to take Emily away temporarily. He took all the paper they'd written on and stuffed it in his pocket. Then he left Sonny and went back out to the squad room where Emily's attorney had just arrived.

"Ms. Quartermaine will not be giving a statement today," the man was telling Rodriguez. "You'll have to subpoena her if you want it." Jason & Emily looked at each other, knowing they'd just been given about twelve hours to figure out how to save Sonny without Emily getting herself in more trouble with the law.

Back inside the interrogation room, Sonny tried to remain calm. He wasn't anxious because of claustrophobia this time. In fact it seemed that the medication he was on for his Bipolar Disorder was taking care of that affliction as well. But he was very anxious about Emily and prayed that Jason would figure out a way to get her out of this mess unscathed. Then Sonny realized his medication was back at Greystone. Without it, he'd have a hard time getting through the night in lock up. "Shit!" he muttered. The last thing he wanted to do was ask the cops to call his shrink. Emily had the same thought at the same time as Sonny. As Jason drove her away from the PCPD she exclaimed, "I have to call Lainey!" "Wha…why, what's wrong?" Jason asked. "Sonny needs his medication," Emily explained; "we don't know how long he'll be locked up." Jason studied his sister's face before looking back to the road ahead. There was no doubt that Emily still loved Sonny as much as Sonny loved her.

Chapter 4

Sonny had just been put in lock-up when his next visitor arrived. He was surprised to see Lainey Winters standing outside the cell. "Let me in please," Lainey said as she flashed her medical credentials at the guard. Sonny waited until they were alone to ask Lainey why she was there. "Emily called me. She figured you didn't have your meds and might be locked up for a while." Sonny wasn't surprised that Emily thought of such a thing, but was humbled by what she'd done. "Wow," he said softly. "She's very worried about you," Lainey continued. "So am I." Sonny wondered how much Lainey knew. "What did she tell you?" "She said she couldn't tell me what happened; only that you might be in emotional distress over it." Sonny was too distressed to tell Lainey the truth, so instead he just said, "my brother is dead."

"What is this place?" Emily asked Jason, looking around at the small house they'd just entered. "It's a safe house," he replied. "The cops won't find you here, so they can't make you give a statement yet." Emily nodded her head and then asked "what are we going to do Jason? We have to help Sonny." "The first priority is getting you out of this mess," Jason replied. "And Sonny agrees with me, so don't try to argue." "How can we keep me out of it and get him out of it?" Emily exclaimed. "I saw him kill Ric!" "Tell me what happened," Jason said. Emily told him what Ric had said and that Sonny punched him only once. "He hit him so hard Jason…Ric could have been killed by the punch alone!" "But was he?" Emily shook her head. "I don't think so. I think he hit his head as he fell back." "Well that's something; the autopsy will confirm that." "So they can't charge Sonny with murder?" Emily asked hopefully. "Ric was the DA," Jason sullenly replied. "They'll try to say Sonny lured him there with the intent to kill him. They could go for the death penalty."

Emily tried to remain calm and rational. "OK. So we need to figure out what I need to say in my statement." Jason shook his head. "No. You're not lying Emily. That's perjury…you'll be ruining your career as a doctor." Tears welled up in Emily's eyes as she asked, "then how do we help Sonny?" Jason let out a deep sigh. "I'm really not sure Em…I'm not sure."

Sonny and Lainey talked about Ric's death and how Sonny felt about it for over an hour. Sonny was upset, mostly because his mother's other son was dead, but Lainey was relieved that he seemed to be handling it fairly well. He was more upset about Emily, and while he couldn't talk about how she was involved in the situation, Lainey did ask how he felt about Emily still being so concerned about him. "I don't deserve her concern," Sonny stated. "Why do you say that?" Lainey asked. "Because I'm a bad man Lainey. Come on, look at me," he said gesturing around the cell. "How many times have I been arrested? Emily shouldn't have to think about people like me." "Well her brother is 'like you' right? So why shouldn't she think about you as well?" "She shouldn't have to worry about Jason either," Sonny retorted; "but thanks to me he's stuck in a life that's dangerous…where you can end up in jail like this at any moment." "And Emily loves Jason," Lainey pointed out; "and clearly she still loves you. The question is…do you still love her?"

Chapter 5

Emily was exhausted. She and Jason had been talking for hours, trying to figure out what their next step would be. They were getting nowhere. "Let's go over this again," Emily said. Jason groaned, "maybe we should get some rest?" "With Sonny in jail, I'm not going to be able to sleep!" Emily scolded him. "OK we've ruled out me giving a false statement, or me giving an accurate statement." Jason nodded, "right." "And I'm not leaving the country," Emily stated; no way was she leaving Sonny behind for good. "Right." "And Sonny can't leave the country because of the children," Emily added. Jason didn't reply. He was coming to the conclusion that Sonny would have to go on the run. Then Emily realized the solution. "How connected are you?" she asked her brother. Jason was confused. "Huh? Connected? I work for Sonny Corinthos…it doesn't get any more connected than that." "No I mean in the 'legit' world." Jason was still confused, and became even more so when Emily added, "do you know people at City Hall?"

Back at the PCPD, Sonny was fast asleep. Thanks to Emily and Lainey he was able to take his nightly dose of Lithium, and it was keeping the claustrophobia and paranoia at bay. For the first time in his life, Sonny was able to sleep in lock up. And while he slept he dreamt…of Emily.

"Mmmm Sonny. I love how you do that," Emily moaned. Sonny smiled as he continue suckling on her nipple. He took great care to be gentle, but knew Emily also liked a good amount of pressure. "Don't forget the other one," she whispered and Sonny obligingly moved to the other breast. "You could put your fingers in me while you do that," Emily panted. Sonny briefly stopped and looked at her. "You're awfully bossy tonight." Emily smiled at him. "You're the boss the rest of the time…and most of the time in bed. Tonight, I want to call the shots." Sonny winked at her. "OK by me…ma'am." He returned to her nipple. "Don't forget the fingers," Emily sighed. Sonny moved his hand down and easily slipped two inside her. He smiled again, loving how wet she was for him. "You make me that way," Emily said, reading his mind. Sonny moved up to kiss her, his fingers slowly moving in and out of her slick folds. "Mmmm, yeah," Emily moaned against his mouth. "I love you Sonny." "I love you baby," Sonny groaned in reply. "What do you want me to do now?" "Ooh, lick me!" Emily gleefully answered. Sonny kissed her again, and then moved down her body to do just that. As he tasted her, Emily rocked against his face and spoke to him. "Don't ever stop making love to me Sonny…I want to do this the rest of our lives…"

Sonny woke up sweating; his cock throbbing painfully. He groaned realizing it was just a dream and that he was in jail. Even though he still fully believed Emily was better off without him, the reality that he'd never be with her again hit him like a ton of bricks. He whispered her name into the cold, dark cell. "Emily."

Emily had finally fallen to sleep after arguing with Jason for another hour. He hated her plan. "I won't do it!" he yelled. "You owe me Jason! You treated me and Sonny horribly and you were a big reason he had the breakdown. Instead of supporting me you made things really hard. Now you can make up for it!" Jason felt guilty and ashamed of what he had done. He knew he owed it to Emily to do what she wanted, even though he also knew Sonny would probably hate him forever for doing it.

Chapter 6

It was two more days before Sonny's attorney got him arraigned and released on bail. The DA's office knew their case was tenuous, and without Emily's eyewitness testimony all they had was that Sonny was found standing over the body. Forensics showed that Ric had been punched in the face, but also that he had died because of a blow to the back of his head which occurred when he fell backwards. They couldn't prove Sonny was the one who hit Ric without Emily's statement. And they hadn't yet been able to find her to get that statement.

When Sonny got to Greystone Max was in the foyer to welcome him home. "Great to see you boss." "Good to be home Max," Sonny replied. "Any problems in lock up?" Max asked, his body blocking the door to the living room. "Not really," Sonny said. "Uh Max…can you open the door for me?" Max hesitated and Sonny knew he was hiding something. Sonny let out a deep sigh. "Max I'm not in any mood for games. What's going on?" "You have a visitor…uh, well not quite a visitor…" Max told him. Sonny looked at him through narrowed eyes. "Well which is it Max, visitor or not a visitor?" Max tried to find the words to explain the situation, but could find none. Instead he stepped aside and opened the door for Sonny. Sonny walked into the living and was shocked to see who was waiting there.

"Em?" She turned to look at Sonny. "Welcome home," she said with a smile. Sonny stared at her. "Not that I'm not thrilled to see you," he said, "but why are you here? The way Max was acting I was expecting it to be Carly." Emily bristled at Carly's name and wondered what had been going on with Sonny and his ex-wife since she and Sonny had broken up. "She's in Australia, isn't she?" Emily replied. "Yeah she is, on her honeymoon. But I thought maybe she came back because of my arrest…anyway, why are you here? Jason was supposed to get you out of town." Emily nodded her head. "He did, so they couldn't subpoena me right away." "That's good," Sonny said. "So why did you come back? They'll find you soon Em. We've got to hide you. Where the hell is Jason?" Sonny was alarmed. He expected the police to bust in looking for Emily at any moment.

"It's OK Sonny," Emily calmly replied. "If they show up, I'm ready for them." Sonny took that to mean that Emily had decided to lie for him. He stepped closer to her. "I can't let you perjure yourself for me…do you understand? I'll confess to killing Ric before I let that happen!" Emily felt weak and looked around for something to support herself on. She was already lightheaded being so close to Sonny, but his obvious feelings for her made her even more so. It was clear the passion was still there between them. "I'm not going to lie," Emily told him. Sonny jumped to another wrong conclusion. "Oh, OK so you're going to tell them the truth? That's fine Em; I'll handle the consequences of what I did. After all I did murder my own brother. I deserve to rot for it."

Emily wanted to reach out and touch him. She wanted to explain that he wasn't to blame for killing Ric; she knew it wasn't something he had planned. She also knew it happened because Sonny was defending her honor. And she wanted to tell him she'd never testify against him; she loved him too much. But of course, the police burst in the room before she got the chance to tell him anything.


Chapter 7

"Finally, the elusive Emily Quartermaine!" Detective Rodriguez declared. "Very clever Miss; going out of town so we couldn't serve you. Well your time is up!" Sonny put his body in between the Detective and Emily. "Leave her alone Rodriguez!" he yelled. "Or what Corinthos? You'll punch me in the face and kill me like the DA?" Rodriguez yelled back. Jason arrived and walked into the room behind Rodriguez and the other policemen. Sonny looked at him, panicked. Jason stared back. Sonny was usually adept at reading Jason's blank looks, and thought this time Jason was trying to reassure him that everything was OK. But Sonny didn't see how that could be the case.

"I assume you have the subpoena," Emily calmly stated. "That's right," Rodriguez replied, looking at her past Sonny. "Fine," Emily said putting out her hand. He handed her the paper. She then asked, "Jason do you have something for the Detective?" Everyone turned to look at Jason. "Sure do. Here." He handed Rodriguez a document of his own. As the detective looked it over, Emily stepped closer to Sonny and put her arm around his waist. Sonny looked at her, and then back at Rodriguez who was shaking his head furiously. "I don't fucking believe this!" he cried.

"It's totally legal and legit," Jason told him. "It's dated two weeks ago," Rodriguez declared; "you expect me to believe this is for real?" "Yes. And you can't prove otherwise. You also can't force Emily to give a statement now. We'll get that subpoena to her lawyer and he'll put all the paperwork through." Rodriguez felt totally defeated. He folded the paper up, put it in his suit jacket pocket, and then turned back to Sonny. "Everyone thinks you're a common street thug Corinthos, but I gotta tell you…you're one smart man." "Aw thanks Detective," Sonny replied, faking cockiness. "I'm sure you have many fine qualities too." Rodriguez could do nothing but shake his head again, and then head for the door with the other officers trailing behind. Once they'd gone and Max gave the all clear signal, Sonny looked back and forth between Jason and Emily. "Will one of you now tell me what the hell is going on?!"

Jason presented another folded document. "This is a copy of what I gave Rodriguez. Before you look at it, I want you to try to understand it was the only way to save you and protect Emily." "Just give it to me Jason!" Sonny yelled. He had no idea what had transpired and he hated feeling so out of control. Emily still had her hand on his back; she was in no hurry to remove it even though she knew Sonny could react very badly to what they'd done. "It was my idea Sonny," she told him; "I guilted Jason into doing it." Sonny took the paper from Jason and unfolded it. Emily watched his face as he read. Sonny's eyes almost bulged out of his head. He dropped the paper from his hands and it floated to the floor. Then he looked at Jason and in a very quiet voice said, "I'm going to kill you."


Chapter 8

"OK, I know you're mad," Jason began. "Mad? Mad? You've never seen mad like I am right now Jason!" Sonny bellowed. Jason knew that wasn't true, since Sonny was now on medication that reduced his rages. But he also knew Sonny was very angry. "You forged my signature!" Sonny yelled. Emily tried to diffuse the situation. "We knew you'd never agree with the plan Sonny," she explained. "So I told Jason to do anything necessary to make it real." Sonny turned to face her. "What have you done Emily? You've ruined your life!" Emily shook her head, "no I haven't. Look we all agree that giving a false statement could ruin my life, right?" Sonny nodded his head. "So this was the only way." Sonny now shook his head. "No, it's not! You could have told the truth and I would have either been convicted or left the country." "And what about your children Sonny? They need you here!" Sonny knew she was right. Tears welled up in his eyes. "But for you to sacrifice everything like this…"

Emily shrugged. "There was a time when I assumed you and I would be married one day. It's not much of a sacrifice in my opinion." Sonny bent down to retrieve the marriage license. He looked it over again. His heart pounded with the realization that…at least in the eyes of the state…Emily was now his wife. Jason finally chimed back in, "I called in some favors at City Hall. When the cops look into it, they'll find the record of you and Emily getting married two weeks ago; before Ric's death." "How could you let her do this Jason?" Sonny asked; despondent. "After everything you did to try to protect her from throwing her life away on me…you do this?" Jason looked him in the eyes. "I was wrong back then Sonny; dead wrong. Maybe this is a way to make up for all that." Sonny shook his head, "oh man, you've just sentenced your sister to the very life you tried so hard to protect her from."

Emily looked at Jason. "I can handle this Jason; you can go." Jason asked her for the court document so he could get it to her attorney. She gave it to him and then he left without looking at Sonny again. He knew there was a chance Sonny would never forgive him for the deception and for putting Emily right back in the middle of their world. When Jason was gone, Sonny stared into Emily's soft eyes. "You shouldn't have done this. I'm not worth you throwing your life away." "Yes you are," Emily replied. "And it's my life, and for once I'm making the decisions…not you. So you and I are going to live here as man and wife, whether you like it or not!"

Chapter 9

Emily left Sonny to digest everything while she went to GH to catch up on all the work she'd missed...and tell everyone she was now Mrs. Sonny Corinthos. She had told her parents that Jason needed her help with something and that she had to leave town for a couple of days. They knew it had something to do with Sonny's arrest and weren't happy that Emily was involved. Emily knew they were going to react badly to her marrying Sonny, and wanted to handle the situation herself, keeping Sonny out of it if she could. Back at Greystone, Sonny was still reeling from what had happened. He was furious at Jason for going along with Emily's plan, and he took his anger out on Max. "How long have you known about this?" "Just a few minutes before you came home boss, I swear!" "Emily told you?" "Yeah. She showed up with her bags and told me she was now the lady of the house. I, of course, called Jason right away, and he told me what happened. I told him you were going to flip out!" "You got that right!" Sonny yelled in reply. "Boss…please don't take it out on me. I didn't do anything!" "I know! I just need to yell Max!"

Max nodded his head; just being yelled at was something he could handle. He added, "and I'm sure Jason was…" Sonny gave him a deadly look, and Max immediately stopped trying to defend Jason. Instead he asked, "wha…what should I do with Emily's…I mean Mrs. Corinthos' things?" Sonny hadn't thought that far ahead. He wondered exactly how far Emily wanted to take this. Did she forgive him for ending things with her? Did she think they'd go right back to how they were together? Sonny knew that was impossible. He hated himself for hurting her months ago, and he hated himself even more for what was happening now. No way would he let himself benefit from this situation. "Put her things in the guest house Max." Max swallowed hard before speaking. "Uh, boss. Please don't kill me…it's just…what if the cops come back? Shouldn't they see that you and your wife share a room?"

Sonny glared at him. He knew Max was right; if the cops thought the marriage was a sham, they could force Emily to testify. He was going to have to sleep in the same bed as Emily, but he swore that he would do whatever it took to stop himself from touching her.

Emily stood on the roof of General Hospital, sobbing. She had a very nasty "discussion" with her parents about marrying Sonny. They assumed it was to protect him from jail time and also assumed it was Sonny's idea. Nothing Emily said could convince them that Sonny hated the idea as much as they did. They reluctantly promised not to go to the cops with their suspicions about the validity of the marriage; only because they knew Emily could then be in big trouble with law. Emily didn't hear the door open or realize Jason had joined her on the roof. "I'm sorry Em. I should have talked you out of this. Please, just don't let Sonny see how upset you are. I don't think he can take it." Emily shook her head, "I'm not crying about being married to Sonny. I just told Alan & Monica." "Oh," Jason said, understanding why she was so upset. "I'll talk to them," he offered. "Don't waste your breath. They're determined to hate Sonny no matter what I tell them. They figured out the marriage was connected to his arrest. And no, I didn't tell them what really happened, just that I wanted to be married to him regardless of the situation."

"Is that true?" he asked. "Sonny's the one who ended things Jason, not me. I always thought we'd get married one day." "So you do still love him," Jason stated. "Well, it's very clear to me that he still loves you too. So much that he'd rather spend the rest of his life in prison then cause you a moment of pain. How could I have had so little faith in him?" "I don't know Jase. All I know is that Sonny's feelings of unworthiness go really deep…because of his childhood…and I don't know if he'll ever believe that he deserves my love." She turned to face her brother. "But I've gotta tell you, now that I'm his wife I'm never going to let him push me away again."

Chapter 10

Max called Milo as he drove Emily home from GH; the boss needed to be taken to a meeting so that's where Max was taking him. Milo told Emily where Sonny had gone when they walked in the house. "I'm going to change," Emily informed him; "and then I need to go catch the launch boat to Wyndemere. Where are my things?" "Uh…in Sonny's…I mean your…I mean Mr. Corinthos' room," Milo nervously replied. He wasn't nervous about which closet Emily's clothes were in. He was nervous about her plan to go see Nikolas Cassadine on Spoon Island. Max had told him about the incidences regarding Nikolas that happened during the boss' breakdown. How Sonny almost went after Nikolas in the living room, and how he did go after Nikolas on the Haunted Star and then ordered Max to whack the guy. What would Sonny do if he knew his new wife was going to visit her ex-husband?

Emily was preoccupied with the fact that Sonny had her clothes put in his room…their old room. She was surprised he wasn't insisting they have separate rooms, since he was so opposed to the marriage in the first place. She went upstairs to change. When she entered the room she couldn't help but remember all the loving and intense moments she and Sonny had shared there.

"Em…baby…are you asleep?" Sonny quietly whispered. Emily sat up in bed. "No, I couldn't sleep. I was worried about you. Did your meeting go OK?" Sonny walked over and sat next to her on the edge of the bed. "Yeah, fine. I'm sorry that you worried." Emily hugged him. "It's OK Sonny; I'm just glad you're home. I missed you." Sonny smiled and kissed her. "Missed me? I've only been gone a couple of hours." "Yeah, but I've been in this big bed all by myself," Emily teasingly replied. "It's lonely in here." Sonny stood up and undressed as quickly as he could. Then he climbed on top of her. "My poor baby was lonely," he said, kissing her in between the words. "I have to make up for that." Emily wrapped her arms around his body. "Yes, please do." Sonny propped himself up on one arm so he could move the sheet down. Emily lay naked beneath him. Sonny groaned and moved a hand down to stroke her. He narrowed his eyes and looked into hers. "Did you start without me? You're really wet." Emily looked guilty; "um…well…sort of…" Sonny ran his tongue over his lower lip. The thought of Emily lying in bed and touching herself while thinking about him made him crazy with lust. "I'm gonna give it to you right now," he growled. Emily moaned her agreement and opened her legs up for him. Sonny sank his full ten inches into her and Emily cried out with pleasure…

Milo was pacing nervously and waiting for her to come back down. When she did, she asked him if he would drive her to the pier. "Of course Mrs. Corinthos," Milo replied. "It's my job to take you wherever you want to go." Inside, Milo felt like throwing up. He was imagining all the ways Sonny was going to hurt him for helping Emily spend time with Nikolas Cassadine. During the ride, Emily pondered the kindest way to break the news of her marriage to Nikolas. She knew he wanted her back, and although she didn't share his feelings this time around, she still felt badly for hurting him.

Soon after they'd left the house, Sonny and Max returned. After realizing Emily wasn't home, Sonny told Max to call Milo. "Find out if she's still at GH." Max placed the call and swallowed hard at the information he was given. He hung up the phone and looked anxiously at Sonny. "What's wrong?" Sonny immediately asked. "Uh Emily…I mean Mrs. Corinthos is on her way out to Spoon Island. Milo's with her." Sonny didn't like that bit of news. He didn't like it at all.


Chapter 11

Max eyed Sonny warily as they stood on the pier. Sonny stared out over the water towards Spoon Island. His mind was racing with thoughts of what was going on between Emily and Nikolas, and what had been going on between them the past few months. When he ended their relationship, Sonny knew Emily would eventually find another man to love. He had no illusions about that. But he never thought she'd go back to Nikolas...the man who had hurt her so badly. The man who had betrayed her after she'd been raped.

"She must have been devastated," Sonny mused, thinking Emily turned to Nikolas because she was so upset he let her go. He wasn't angry at her, but he wanted to kill Nikolas before he could hurt Emily again. Sonny reached inside his coat and fingered his gun. Max's heart was racing. He remembered very clearly how Sonny had once ordered him to whack Nikolas. If Sonny wanted to go to Spoon Island and take the guy out now, Max would have no choice but to comply. "Here comes the boat boss," he reluctantly informed Sonny. When the boat reached the dock, Sonny saw that it was void of passengers which meant Emily was still with Nikolas. The launch pilot recognized Sonny Corinthos at once. "Mr. Corinthos? Are you going out to Wyndemere?"

Meanwhile at Wyndemere, Nikolas was trying to maintain a brave front. "I'm sorry if I led you to believe there was a chance for us," Emily said after she finished telling him she was now Sonny's wife. "I never got over Sonny, and when he wanted to reconcile I knew in my heart it was what I wanted too." Nikolas took a deep breath and then told her, "I'm happy for you Em. I just hope he deserves you." Emily smiled at him and replied, "oh he does." And then she silently added to herself, "he just doesn't know it yet."

Later, Milo and Emily stepped off the launch and onto the pier. The night was cold and still. Emily thought she felt Sonny's presence but shook it off since she didn't see him anywhere. When they got back to Greystone Sonny was waiting in the living room. "Hey," Emily said as she entered. "Have a nice visit with Nikolas?" Sonny asked, trying to remain calm with her. After keeping the launch pilot waiting for five minutes, Sonny had decided against going out to Spoon Island. Max was very happy with his decision and quickly sent the boat back out into the night.

Emily walked over to the sofa and sat down; Sonny went over and joined her. "I went to tell Nikolas we were married," she informed him. Sonny nodded his head. "And how did he take it?" Emily shrugged. "I don't think he was happy about it, but he was polite and wished us well." "Oh yeah that Prince thing right?" Sonny quipped. "Yeah, right." "So… exactly how close have you and the Prince gotten?" Sonny asked his jealousy glaringly obvious. "How close did you and Carly get?" Emily sniped back. Sonny looked at her quizzically. "Carly? What does she have to do with anything?" "Well I know she was helping you with the situation with Kristina and Molly," Emily explained. "Oh, I bet Prince Nikky told you that," Sonny growled. "Answer my question Sonny!" Emily yelled. "Carly is irrelevant!" Sonny yelled back. "You're the woman I love!"


Chapter 12

Emily swooned at Sonny's admission even though she never thought he had stopped loving her. "And you're the man that I love," she honestly replied; "not Nikolas." Sonny relaxed. "Thank you," he said. "Thank you," Emily said back. "So…I saw that you put my clothes in your room." "Our room," Sonny corrected her. "But don't worry. I have no intention of taking advantage of the situation. It's just that if the cops come back, we need to make this look real." Emily nodded her head; that was what she expected him to say. "This is real Sonny, at least to me it is. But honestly I'm not ready for us to just go back to where we were. It's going to take a while for me to trust you with my heart again." Sonny felt like crying; he hated himself for having hurt her. "I understand," he said sullenly. "And I know I don't deserve the privilege of making love to you again, so don't worry I won't even try."

Emily felt badly. Emotionally, she wasn't ready to forget everything that had happened. But she hated that Sonny felt unworthy of them being intimate. "It's not that you don't deserve it Sonny. You do. It's just that I need some time." Sonny gave her a sad smile and again said that he understood. But inside he was convinced that it would be a fitting punishment to never touch her again.

That night Sonny went to bed long after Emily did. But she was still awake when he emerged from the bathroom and was surprised to see him wearing a full set of silk pajamas. When they were together they both always slept naked, loving the feeling of their skin touching all night. Of course Emily wore a nightgown now. She knew it would be cruel to get into bed with him, undressed. Sonny settled in on the other side of the bed facing her back. At first he was filled with immense peace just seeing her lying there. The world seemed righted again after being off its axis for many months. But then he was overwhelmed with desire for her, and with sadness. Unable to stop himself, he reached out and touched a few strands of her hair.

Emily fell asleep; comforted by Sonny's presence in the bed. But she woke an hour later, sensing he was no longer there. She turned in the bed and her suspicions were confirmed. Then she heard noises coming from the bathroom. She strained to hear what Sonny was doing but could only make out a grunting sound. She blushed, assuming he was in the bathroom finding some sexual relief. "I won't make you wait long Sonny," she sighed. When he emerged, she pretended to be fast asleep. Sonny got back in the bed and soon fell asleep himself.

Chapter 13

The next morning Sonny woke early. He spent some time watching Emily sleep and said a silent prayer thanking God she was back in his life. Then he showered and dressed and went downstairs to make her breakfast. When Emily woke up she moved at a leisurely pace. She went into the bathroom to shower. While shaving her legs she nicked herself. After drying off, she found a band aid in one of the drawers. When throwing the wrapping away she noticed some bloody gauze in the trash basket. "Sonny must have cut himself shaving too," she mused.

When she got downstairs she was too distracted by the elaborate breakfast Sonny had prepared to remember to look for nicks on his face. They ate and smiled and laughed and both were very happy for the time being. "Did you sleep OK?" Sonny asked her. "Yeah but I woke up and you weren't in the bed; did you sleep OK?" Sonny was mortified that she'd noticed he'd left. "Uh…yeah…" Emily smiled at him. "It's OK Sonny. I understand if you felt frustrated being in bed with me and not making love." Sonny didn't respond. "It's really OK," Emily said again. "Thanks," Sonny replied, not wanting to talk about it anymore. He then asked her, "so what are you doing today?" "The usual…rounds at GH; how about you?" "Jason and I have a meeting," Sonny said, his voice indicating he was still upset with Jason. "Go easy on him Sonny," Emily pleaded. "For the first time in a long time he did what I wanted him to do. If you have to be angry be angry at me." Sonny smiled at her. "I could never be angry with you…you're my angel."

Later…Jason walked tentatively into the living room. Sonny was standing at the doors to the patio staring out at the garden. "I'm here," Jason stated. Sonny turned around. "Give me your report and then get out," he said forcefully. Jason took a deep breath. He figured Sonny would still be furious with him. He didn't waste time trying to appease him. Instead he gave Sonny the run down on everything going on at the street-level of the organization. "And…the lawyer is clearing up Emily's subpoena. There shouldn't be any problem there." "Good," Sonny replied. "Thanks to you Emily's got enough to deal with. I don't want the law bothering her again." "How…how's that going?" Jason asked, bracing himself for Sonny to jump down his throat. Sonny was surprisingly calm and replied, "fine. It's fine." Jason noticed Sonny was rubbing his left arm with his right hand. "You OK?" Jason asked. "I'm fine," Sonny repeated the same word again. "We're done here; you can go."

When Emily came home that evening, she and Sonny ate the delicious dinner he had prepared. Afterwards Emily wanted to sit with him on the couch. She was already feeling like she wanted to be physically closer with him. Sonny stiffened as Emily put her hand on his. "What are you doing?" he asked. "Just touching you, is that OK?" "Yeah but…" Emily moved her hand away. "I'm sorry. It's unfair to you to get close but not take it all the way." Sonny shook his head, "don't you ever worry about being fair to me." "Of course I worry about it!" Emily exclaimed. "I love you and you are my husband. I don't want to hurt you. So if you'd rather we keep our distance until I'm totally ready to be with you…" Sonny took her face in his hands and kissed her.


Chapter 14

Emily moaned against Sonny's mouth; she loved having his lips on hers once again. Sonny was lost in the kiss; was it a dream? Did he really have Emily in his arms? Emily grabbed one of those arms to try to pull him closer. "Ow!" Sonny quickly pulled away. "What's wrong?" Emily asked. Sonny held his left forearm where she had grasped it. Then he tried to brush it off; "uh nothing. I banged my arm in the bathroom…it's bruised." Emily felt a chill wash over her. She knew he was lying and that the pain in his arm was connected to the blood she saw in the bathroom waste basket earlier that day. But why would he lie about something like that? Somehow Emily knew it would be wrong to press the issue so instead she played along. "Oh sorry; I shouldn't have grabbed you like that." Sonny stood up. "And I shouldn't have kissed you. I'm sorry. It won't happen again." And then he hurried upstairs. Emily remained on the couch, dazed from both the kiss and what transpired afterwards. Something was very wrong with Sonny and she was determined to find out what it was.

She stayed downstairs for a while, wanting to give Sonny time to get into bed and fall asleep. But he knew he wouldn't be able to fall asleep. He was too upset. He berated himself for kissing Emily; for breaking his vow not to touch her. "You're a selfish bastard," he stated to his reflection in the bathroom mirror. Opening a drawer in the vanity, Sonny located his shaving kit. He took it out and placed it on the counter. He opened it reverently and drew out the straight-edge razor. He hadn't used it in years to shave his tough beard; a high-end electric did that job. Now he was using this razor for another purpose altogether. Sonny unbuttoned his silk pajama top and slipped it off, dropping it to the floor. He then looked at his left forearm, partly covered with a gauze bandage. He chose an open area and then picked up the razor. Emily entered the bedroom quietly, assuming Sonny would be asleep. She saw right away he wasn't even in the bed. Then she saw the light coming from the bathroom; the door had slipped open after Sonny had gone inside. It was only open about an inch, but that was enough for Emily to peer through and be met with a horrifying sight.

Every instinct told Emily to rush in and stop Sonny from cutting himself again, but she was paralyzed in place and could only wait to see what he did next. He had dragged the razor once across his arm but didn't seem poised to do it again. He leaned down over the sink and let out a loud groan. It was the same sound she heard him make the previous night. After a moment he rinsed off the razor and put it away. Then Sonny set about bandaging his wound and Emily's legs finally decided to cooperate with her. She hurried out of the room and down the stairs. Racing to the phone, she dialed Lainey Winter's cell phone and left a message.

"Lainey it's Emily. I need you to come to Greystone as early as you can tomorrow morning! Sonny's in trouble!" Hanging up she took a deep breath and headed back upstairs. When she returned to the bedroom, Sonny had his pajama top back on and had gotten into bed. "I wondered when you were coming up," he said, acting like nothing was amiss. "Studying as usual," Emily cheerfully replied. Sonny smiled at her and then settled down against his pillow. "Goodnight…wife." She smiled back; "goodnight husband." But as soon as Sonny's eyes closed Emily's smile turned into an expression of profound sadness. She studied Sonny's handsome face and told herself she'd never give up until she knew the cause of Sonny's enormous pain.


Chapter 15

"Good morning sweetheart." Sonny cheerfully greeted Emily as she came down for breakfast the following morning. "Good morning," she replied looking into his eyes to judge his mood. He seemed genuinely happy. "Got some good news," he said pulling her chair out. "What's that?" she asked while taking her seat. Sonny paused behind her smelling her freshly washed hair. He momentarily lost his train of thought. "Sonny?" "Uh…sorry" Sonny took his own seat at the table. "Um, my lawyer called. The DA's office isn't pressing charges against me for killing Ric...lack of evidence." Emily beamed. "That's great! I'm so happy!" "It's all thanks to you," Sonny said reaching over and touching her hand. "Damn it!" he snapped and pulled his hand away. "Sonny it's OK!" Emily exclaimed. Sonny put his right hand on his left forearm and looked down at his plate. "No it's not. I told you I don't deserve…"

"Good morning!" Emily's head whipped around as Lainey Winters entered the room and approached the table. Emily's eyes got wide, and she tried to send Lainey a silent message not to reveal why she was there. Sonny looked up. "Dr. Winters? What are you doing here?" Lainey had to think fast. It was clear Emily didn't want Sonny to know she had been summoned there. Lainey looked at her watch. "Don't we have a session this morning?" "Yeah," Sonny replied; "but not until ten o'clock. It's only eight." "Oh darn," Lainey said. "I must have entered it wrong in my Blackberry." "That's not a problem," Emily chimed in. "Actually it is," Sonny said; "I have a meeting at eight-thirty. I probably can get back here around nine-thirty though." Emily looked at him. "Why don't you go to your meeting and Lainey can have breakfast with me and wait for you?" Everyone agreed on the schedule and Sonny excused himself. Once he was safely out of the house Emily let out a long breath.

"What in the world happened?" Lainey asked taking Sonny's seat. Emily relayed the previous night's events culminating in what Sonny did in the bathroom. "Oh my god Lainey it was terrifying. He cut himself like it was nothing." "How long do you think this has been going on?" Lainey asked. "I don't know!" Emily cried. "It could be months! But I know for certain he did it the night before also because I saw the bloody gauze in the bathroom." Emily put her head down in her hands. "What would make him do this?" Lainey tried to comfort her. "This behavior is sometimes associated with Bipolar Disorder. It's something we can manage by adjusting his medication Emily." Emily looked up; "really?" "Yes. But I have to tell you that unless we address the root of Sonny's self-loathing this could reoccur." "And what do you think the root is?" Emily asked. "Well without revealing anything too confidential…I'm sure it has to do with his childhood." Emily nodded her head. "I agree. He was abandoned by his father; abused by his stepfather; and rejected by his mother. That would make anyone hate themselves, wouldn't it?"

The two women sat in silence for a while; the severity of Sonny's problems weighing on both of them. Then Emily asked, "how do we get him to deal with this?" "It'll be tough," Lainey replied. "So far in our sessions he's refused to delve too deeply into his past." "What do you talk about then?" "Believe it or not we mostly talk about Carly." Emily didn't like the sound of that. "He must still really love her," she said sadly. "Actually I think it's a defense mechanism. He would keep changing the subject to Carly and Jax and all the reasons why she shouldn't marry him. But then when the time finally came, he didn't seem like he cared about the wedding at all." Emily felt a bit better. "Really? So you think he was talking about Carly so he wouldn't have to talk about his childhood?" "Yes," Lainey replied; "and so he wouldn't have to talk about you."


Chapter 16

Emily digested what Lainey said. Feeling queasy she then asked, "do you think guilt over ending our relationship could have brought this on?" "Maybe, but I think I would have noticed some signs of this behavior if it's been going on since then." Emily nodded her head. "He's been holding his arm." "Does he do that when he gets upset?" "Yes. He did it right before you came in actually. He had touched my hand, and then when he realized that he touched me he pulled away and grabbed his arm." "Did he say anything?" "He said he didn't deserve to touch me. He's been saying that since yesterday when he got out of jail and found me moved in here." Lainey was a bit confused; "I guess I'm not supposed to ask you to explain why you are back here, right?" "Right; and actually…we're married."

"You and Sonny are married and Sonny is out of jail. I assume there's a connection there," Lainey said. Emily didn't reply and Lainey continued. "Can I just ask if the marriage was Sonny's idea?" "No, it wasn't," Emily answered. "And he's upset about it." "When you broke up this summer, what did Sonny tell you then?" "That I deserved a better life than being with him," Emily replied sadly, feeling the pain from that moment all over again. Lainey apologized; "sorry to bring up bad memories. But I think it's significant that you bring out very strong feelings of unworthiness in Sonny." Emily started to cry. "So this is my fault? If I hadn't forced this marriage on him he wouldn't be hurting himself?" "It's not your fault. But the only conclusion I can make is that Sonny feels so guilty about you being back in his life…because he thinks you deserve better…that the only way he can deal with it is to hurt himself." Emily cried even harder and Lainey put an arm around her. "We'll get through this Emily. We just need to find a way to start a dialog with Sonny about his childhood." Emily looked up and wiped off her face. "I think I know how we can do that."

When Sonny returned home from his meeting he found Lainey alone. He looked around and asked, "where's Emily?" "She had something to do," Lainey replied. Sonny took a seat next to her on the couch. "So what should we talk about today?" Sonny asked. "Well, it seems there have been some big changes in your life. I think we should talk about that," Lainey replied. "Oh you mean Emily?" "Yes Sonny; I think we need to talk about your wife." Sonny couldn't help but smile; his dimples popping. "Ah, so you like that she's your wife," Lainey teased. Sonny's smile faded and he put his right hand on his left forearm. "Of course I like that she's my wife," he sternly replied; "I love her. I never stopped."

Lainey pressed the issue. "So it's a good thing, right?" Sonny rubbed his arm. "Good for me, sure. Good for her? I doubt it." "Why do you say that?" "I was arrested for killing my own brother Lainey. You saw me in lock-up. It's a place I'm in about four times a year. Do you really think this is the kind of life a woman like Emily should be in? Do you really think she should be with a man like me?" "The question is Sonny, what does being 'a man like you' mean?" Sonny looked down at his arm; the urge to leave the room and go upstairs and take out the razor was overwhelming. "I don't deserve to be loved," he said in a voice so low Lainey had to strain to hear him. "My father can tell you that."

Chapter 17

Mike Corbin wasn't surprised to see Emily approaching the counter at Kelly's. She was a frequent patron there. He was surprised though that she had come specifically to see him. "Sonny's in a lot of trouble Mike," she told him. "I saw the news," Mike gruffly replied. "I guess he killed his brother right?" He shook his head and added, "his mother's son…" Emily became enraged. "How about your son Mike…do you even care about him at all? I saw how you treated him when Courtney died. I know that you wished he was dead instead of her. Do you have any idea what kind of damage you do to him with your hateful words? Why can't you love him? Why didn't you love him when he needed you most?"

Emily broke down and sobbed and Mike stared at her with his mouth open and his eyes wide. "I…I don't know why I say those things to him…about him." Emily tried to regain her composure. "I know why Mike; because as long as you're blaming him you don't have to blame yourself. But because of that Sonny has this hatred for himself…you have no idea." "Is he having another breakdown?" Mike asked, afraid of the answer. "He's starting to show signs of one," Emily told him. "And unless we get him to deal with his past...really deal with it…he most definitely will have another one. And I don't know if he can get through it again." Mike took a deep breath and then asked, "what can I do for my son?"

"I think we need to adjust your meds a bit," Lainey told Sonny at the end of their session. "Wha…why?" "Because you seem quite down, and as a newlywed your mood really should be happier," Lainey replied. It was the best cover story she could think of to hide the real reason for changing his prescription. Sonny had to admit to himself that he was feeling a bit out of sorts. He had attributed it to being in lock-up for two days. "I guess I could feel a little better," he told her. Lainey smiled at him. "Great. I'll have the hospital pharmacy send the new dosage over. Make sure you take it at your next scheduled time." Sonny promised he would and then Lainey left. Sonny sat back down on the couch holding his arm and wondering when Emily was going to be home.

Chapter 18

When Emily got home she was thrilled to see Sonny opening a bag from the pharmacy. "What's that?" she nonchalantly asked. "Oh Lainey wanted to adjust my meds a bit," Sonny replied. "She thinks I should be happier since I'm married to the woman of my dreams." Emily smiled at him. "I don't want to be just the woman of your dreams Sonny. I want to be the woman of your life." Sonny took the pill and then turned to her. "You are. In fact you are my life. I just wish…" Emily touched his face. "Wish what?" "I wish I was the man of your dreams." Emily took him into an embrace. "Oh but you are Sonny…you have been for a long time. Before you realized you had feelings for me I used to dream about you all the time." Sonny smiled against the side of her face. "Really?" "Oh yeah; I had some whopper dreams…very sexy stuff."

Sonny groaned; he was getting too turned on for his liking. He pulled away from her. "I can't…can't do this." "Sorry Sonny, I didn't mean to push things like that," Emily said feeling guilty. The last thing she wanted was for Sonny to feel like he had to punish himself again. Sonny stared at her. "You know since the charges have been dropped, I don't think the cops will show up here anytime soon..." Emily listened intently wondering where he was headed. She didn't like where he ended up. "So I can sleep in the guest room." "Sonny you don't have to do that," Emily said. Sonny nodded his head, "yeah I do. I don't trust myself around you. It's better for both of us if I'm not even tempted." Emily thought he was referring to cutting himself…even if he didn't really know it. Although she wanted to be with him more than anything she agreed they should sleep apart. Then she put the responsibility on herself. "You're right. I did say I needed time, so this is probably the best thing to do."

Sonny said goodnight and reluctantly left her in the living room and went upstairs. He felt a big sense of relief that he wouldn't be physically close to Emily all night. He retrieved his toothbrush from the master bathroom, but forgot all about taking the shaving kit and the razor. When Emily went up for the night, the first thing she did was look for the razor. She located the kit and then hid it under some towels in the linen closet. Maybe with Sonny sleeping in the other room he'd feel no need to look for it. Emily prayed that was the case. She then lay in bed unable to fall asleep. She was preoccupied with what was to occur the following day. She had arranged for Sonny's father to come to the house during Sonny's session with Lainey. It was an intervention of sorts; they were hoping Sonny would open up about his childhood if Mike was there to spur him on. It was a dangerous strategy. Sonny could react very badly to Mike being there. But Lainey and Emily both felt it was worth a shot; something drastic had to be done to stop Sonny from ever hurting himself again.

Chapter 19

"I wish I was the man of your dreams." Sonny said. Emily took him into an embrace. "Oh but you are Sonny…you have been for a long time. Before you realized you had feelings for me I used to dream about you all the time." Sonny smiled against the side of her face. "Really?" "Oh yeah; I had some whopper dreams…very sexy stuff." Sonny was very aroused. He held Emily closely and whispered in her ear. "You know what I want to do?" "No, what?" "I want to give you pleasure. I want to touch you and taste you and make you cum…" Emily's heart pounded. "And I want to do the same to you." Sonny shook his head; "no way. You need to promise me that you won't touch me. You won't concern yourself at all with me." "You want to be frustrated Sonny? Is that what you're telling me?" Sonny nodded his head. "Yes. I want to ache so much that I feel like I'll die if I don't release." They went upstairs to the bedroom and Sonny asked her to undress for him. When she did, he cried at the sight. "You are so damn beautiful," he whispered. "I can't believe you're real…that you're here." "I'm here Sonny, and I'll never be gone again…never." "Remember that night you got all dominatrix on me?" Sonny asked. Emily was confused. "Huh? I never did that!" Sonny chuckled. "OK not exactly, but you were telling me what to do every step of the way; remember that?" Emily smiled; of course she remembered. "Yes, I remember." Sonny ran his tongue over his lower lip and then said, "so tell me now my love…what can I do for you?"

"I love how you lick me," Emily breathlessly replied. "I love to lick you," Sonny groaned. "Should I lick you from the front, or do you want to get on your knees?" he asked. "Mmmm tough choice," Emily said. "Sometimes your fingers wander when you're behind me…" Sonny smiled. "And do you like it?" Emily smiled back, "yes you know I do. But you said I get to tell you what to do, right?" "Right." "So I say that I'm going to lie on my back, and you're going to get in between my legs and lick me." Sonny had her flat on her back in seconds. Then, he pushed her legs up and back, giving him full access to every part of her. His mouth descended on her folds and his fingers started to wander. "But…but I said…" Emily gasped. Sonny picked his head up and looked into her eyes. "You just said you wanted to be on your back," and then dove back down. "Cheater," Emily teased. "Oh…ooh…you're such a…ooh…cheater!"

Sonny woke with a start; sweating and shaking. "Oh fuck, Emily," he groaned putting his hands over his face. The ache he felt was unbearable, but he was going to suffer with it. He felt it was well deserved. But he didn't realize he'd made a little psychological progress; he didn't think about the razor at all.

Chapter 20

Sonny sat listening to Lainey, a puzzled look on his face. She was talking about the upcoming mid-term election, and whether or not their representative would retain his seat. It was clear to Sonny that she was deliberately holding off starting their session, but he had no idea why. Sonny snapped at her. "Lainey…I really don't care about our Congressman. Am I paying you to talk politics?" Lainey was nervous; both about Sonny being angry with her stall tactics and about what was about to happen. Fortunately Emily walked in the room and distracted Sonny. Unfortunately she wasn't alone. Sonny turned to see who had come in with her. "Mike?"

"Good morning Michael," Mike replied. Sonny stood up and looked at Emily. "What's going on?" "Excuse us for a moment," Emily said. She took Sonny's hand and led him out to the terrace. "Why is Mike here?" Sonny asked. "I asked him to be here," Emily answered. "I think he needs to be involved in your therapy sessions." Sonny was aggravated. Mike's presence made him think about things he'd rather were left in the past. "Why? Mike's not a big part of my life now Em; I don't see what he has to do with any of this." Emily gave him a sad smile. "You know that's not true. You know he's a huge part of this; of why you feel that you're not worthy of being with me." Sonny shook his head, "no way. I'm not going there." Emily put her hands on his face and stared into his eyes. "Sonny no one knows better than me how hard it is to face what has hurt you the most. It's really tough, and it's painful, but when you get through to the other side it makes all the difference in the world. Please for me…for us…please try." Looking into her soft brown eyes, Sonny was powerless to deny her.

Lainey was relieved when they returned and Sonny said he'd let Mike stay. "But I don't think he needs to be here," he added. "Fair enough," Lainey replied. She had everyone take seats so that Mike and Sonny were facing each other. Emily sat next to Sonny, and Lainey next to Mike. "Let's talk about why you two broke up this summer," Lainey began. Sonny didn't understand what that had to do with Mike at all. "Why does he have to be here for that? No offense Mike, but my personal life with Emily is none of your business." Mike didn't reply; he'd been instructed to follow Lainey's lead. Lainey responded to Sonny. "Pretend Mike's not here for now and let's talk about you and Emily." Sonny shrugged; "we broke up because once I was well enough to realize what I'd done I knew I had to correct it." Emily studied his handsome profile. "Correct what?" Lainey asked. "That I never should have gotten involved with her in the first place; it was wrong." "Wrong how?" "I lead a dangerous life," Sonny stated.

Lainey looked at Emily. "If I'm not mistaken weren't there several attempts on your life when you were married to Nikolas Cassadine?" Emily nodded while Sonny stared at the ground. He was already getting very upset talking about his relationship with Emily. Emily answered Lainey's question, "yes. His uncle and grandmother both tried to get rid of me," "Did anyone try to 'get rid of you' when you were with Sonny?" "No. Someone did go after Sonny when he was with me…and someone shot at my brother when I was with him. But no one was specifically targeting me." "So in reality one could conclude that Sonny's life was less dangerous for you than Nikolas' was," Lainey said. Emily agreed. Sonny started shaking his head violently. "You don't know what you're talking about," he muttered. "I don't or Emily doesn't?" Lainey challenged. Sonny looked up at her, his eyes pitch black. "Neither of you. It doesn't matter who comes after me or why…or if Emily's an innocent bystander. Just by being with me she's ruining her entire life!" Mike fought back the tears as his son continued berating himself. "I'm no good don't you get that? I was born bad; I'll always be bad." Sonny paused and looked directly at Mike. "Just ask him."


Chapter 21

Both Lainey and Emily, while concerned about his increasing anxiety, were happy that Sonny brought Mike into the discussion. That was exactly what they hoped would happen. "Michael you weren't born bad," his father told him. "Why do you always call me that?" Sonny yelled. "My name is Sonny; Sonny Corinthos! You know…the name you read in the newspaper headlines every other day!" "I know what your name is now," Mike calmly replied. "But to me you'll always be Michael Corinthos, Jr., my son." Sonny couldn't help but laugh. "Your son…your son you wish was dead. Your son you wish was never born." Mike shook his head, "that's not true." "Come on Mike! We can be honest here. It's me you're talking to…the cold-hearted hood." Mike broke down crying. He remembered that frigid day outside the back door of Luke's Club, when he called Sonny a cold-hearted hood. He wondered how many other things he had said to his son that fed the self-hatred Sonny carried his whole life.

When he had composed himself Mike finally replied, "I should never had said that. I'm sorry." "Why did you say that Mike?" Lainey asked. "And why did you tell Sonny you wished he had died instead of Courtney?" Emily had told her that bit of information. Sonny stood up and started pacing while holding his left arm with his right hand. Emily watched him anxiously. Mike took a while to answer. "I think I say things like that to Sonny so I don't have to blame myself for abandoning him when he was a child. I wasn't there for Courtney, just as I wasn't there for Sonny. But Courtney forgave me and Sonny never could. That's probably why I said I wished he had died instead of her. It was so wrong of me…so cruel." "You do understand that when you left, things happened that greatly affected Sonny's life?" Lainey said. "Yes. But when I called him a 'cold-hearted hood' I didn't know what had happened to him yet."

Emily couldn't stay silent. "But you knew he grew up without his father; thinking his father didn't love him. You had to know that much! And yet you still blamed him instead of yourself." "Enough!" Sonny bellowed. "I'm not doing this! Get the hell out!"


Chapter 22

Emily and Lainey froze as Sonny bellowed at his father; "I'm not doing this! Get the hell out!" Never one to let something alone when he should, Mike stood up and approached his enraged son. "She's right Michael. It doesn't matter what happened after I left. Even if Deke never existed I still let you down. I still made you feel that you didn't deserve to be loved. Hey if your own father couldn't stick around, why should anyone else think you were worth it, right?" "Shut up Mike!" Sonny yelled lunging at his father. His hands closed around Mike's throat. Sonny wanted to choke the air out of him so he'd stop talking. "Oh shit!" Lainey exclaimed while opening her purse and searching for the sedative she'd brought. Both she and Emily were worried something like this might happen.

Emily started yelling for help. "Max! Max! Milo!" Max hurried in the room. He grabbed Sonny from behind and pulled him off Mike. Mike stumbled away gasping for air. Sonny struggled against Max's hold. "Get off me Max! I'll kill you too!" Lainey fumbled with the syringe and raced over to the two men. "Hold him still!" she yelled at Max. "I'm trying!" Max yelled back. "Just give him the sedative!" Emily yelled at Lainey. Lainey took aim at Sonny's bulging bicep and drove the needle in. Sonny was still yelling that he was going to kill Max. Finally, the drug took effect and Sonny slumped down into Max's arms.

"What do we do now?" Emily nervously asked. "I'm checking him into the pysch ward at GH," Lainey replied. "Since he's already tried to hurt himself, and clearly he can hurt others, I want him under suicide watch. We'll work on adjusting his meds again while he's there." Mike stood rubbing his throat and watching his son. "I'm sorry Michael."

Emily and Mike sat in the waiting area on the pysch floor at GH. They were both very worried about Sonny. "If I made him worse, I'll never forgive myself," Emily whispered. Mike took her hand in his. "It's not your fault Emily. You are the best thing that ever happened to my son. You're the reason he knows he has an illness; the reason he's being treated at all. Lainey will get the medications straightened out. And maybe what happened today will let Sonny stop blaming himself for what I did to him."

Lainey sat by Sonny's bedside. He was strapped to the bed by his wrists, legs, and torso. "I'm sorry Sonny," Lainey told him. "I thought we had this thing under control. I should have known something was wrong when you broke up with Emily. I should have known because I know how much you love her and how happy she makes you. You wouldn't have given her up unless there was something really broken inside of you. I should have known." Lainey didn't notice that Emily and Mike had come to the room and were standing in the doorway. "I should have known too," Emily said softly. "We all should have known."

Lainey motioned for Emily and Mike to come in. "How is he?" Mike asked. "He's still sedated," Lainey replied. "We need to keep him at a certain level so he doesn't hurt himself trying to get free from the restraints." Emily's heart broke seeing her strong, viral man lying there so helpless. "He has to get through this and get better," she said through her tears. A new voice boomed out, "if there's any justice in the world…he won't get better at all."


Chapter 23

Everyone turned to see who said such a hateful thing. Emily wasn't surprised at all to see her father standing there. "How can you say that? You're a doctor!" she yelled at Alan. "And I'm also your father," he said back. "And that man…" he pointed at Sonny, "has ruined your life enough already. He's a scourge on this town…my family…and I don't want to have to even hear his name anymore!"

"Well that's just too damn bad!" Mike bellowed getting in Alan's face. No one noticed Sonny was starting to come around. "That man, as you call him, is my son. MY son. MY family. And he is a human being who loves and is loved. Your daughter loves him, and I'm grateful that she does. But even she can't love him as much as I do, and I will not let anyone talk about him like he's nothing…like he doesn't matter. So you'd better shut up and get the hell out of here, before I shut you up myself!"

Emily and Lainey stared at Mike while he read Alan the riot act, and then something made Emily turn around and look at Sonny. He was awake and tears were streaming down his face. Alan hurried from the room knowing he'd get no support from anyone there. Mike stood with his fists clenched, breathing heavily. "Good job Mike," Lainey told him. A quiet voice called out. "Pop?" Mike whipped around and looked at his son, wondering how much of the tirade Sonny had heard. "Do…do you really mean that?" Sonny asked through his tears. Mike walked over to the bed, crying even harder than Sonny. He sat down on the edge and took Sonny's face in his hands. "I mean it son, I love you. I always have. I'm sorry I failed you so badly. I won't ask you to forgive me for it, but please, please, finally forgive yourself."

Emily spent the next few nights alone in her and Sonny's bed. Lainey thought they'd had a breakthrough, but wanted to keep Sonny in the hospital for observation a bit longer. She started him on a new medication regime and wanted to get a sense of how that was working as well. Emily fell asleep each night praying that Sonny would come home to her a healthy and whole person. And she prayed that in that state he'd realize they were meant to be together forever. And above all else she prayed that he'd finally believe he was worthy of being loved.


Chapter 24

Emily sat on the couch, studying and waiting for a phone call from Lainey. Today Lainey was to decide if Sonny could be released from GH. But instead of a phone call about Sonny, Emily got the real thing. She leapt up from the couch as Sonny walked slowly into the room. "You're home!" Sonny smiled at her; "looks like it." Emily hurried over and hugged him. "I thought Lainey might not release you today. Why didn't she call me to pick you up?" "I asked her not to," Sonny said holding her tightly. "I wanted to surprise you." "Well you did that," Emily replied cheerfully. She led Sonny over to the couch. "How are you feeling?" "I feel good," he replied; "a bit worn out, but good." "That's to be expected; you've been through quite an ordeal." Sonny stared into her eyes. "So have you; I'm sorry about that." Emily got nervous and Sonny added, "don't worry. I'm not beating myself up. I'm just saying it couldn't have been easy for you…especially that thing with the razor."

Emily nodded her head. "It was difficult. Seeing you hurt yourself like that broke my heart." "I didn't really know what I was doing," Sonny explained. "I know that. And you have nothing to apologize for or feel badly about. Everything that's happened is because of your illness." "Everything? So you understand that when I pushed you out of my life it was because I was still messed up?" "Yes Sonny I know that's why. And I owe you an apology because I should have known something was wrong back then. I should have trusted in our love more." Sonny shook his head; "no, no apologies from you. I made it impossible for you to trust in our love. You had no way of knowing that I still wasn't in my right mind." "Can we just move on now Sonny?" Emily asked. "Can we just let ourselves love each other and be happy?" "I think we can," Sonny replied; "but there's one thing that has to happen first."

Sonny and Emily knelt in the center of the bed, facing each other. They were both still fully clothed. Sonny laced the fingers of each of his hands through hers. "I've missed you so much," he said. "And I've missed you," Emily replied. "I think you should make love to me now," she added teasingly. "I intend to," Sonny replied with a smile, "but like I said downstairs, there's one thing that has to happen first." "OK, what's that?" "I know you said that you understand why I broke up with you; that I was still sick." "Right." "But that doesn't change the fact that I hurt you very badly by doing that." "Sonny, it doesn't matter. We're together now," Emily protested. "It does matter. It matters a lot. So before we can move on together, I need to hear you say that you can trust me with your heart again. I need to hear you say that you know I would never intentionally hurt you; or leave you; or send you away. I need to hear you say that you know how much I love you. Can you do that?"

Chapter 25

Tears fell onto Emily's checks as she listened to him. "Of course I can say that." "Then say it…please." Emily kept hold of Sonny's fingers and stared deeply into his eyes. "I trust you with my heart; with my body; with my soul. I know you would never intentionally hurt me, or leave me, or send me away again. And most of all I know how much you love me. I've always known that, even when we were apart."

Sonny smiled as she spoke. His heart was so full he didn't know if he could withstand the joy. He hoped the latest concoction of meds Lainey had given him would keep him on an even keel so he could savor this moment. "Thank you," he said. "It makes me so happy to hear you say all that." He leaned forward and kissed Emily. "So…I think I should make love to you now," he said against her lips. "Not so fast," Emily replied pulling back slightly. "I gave you what you needed now you need to do the same." Sonny grinned at her; dimples on full display. "That's what I was about to do baby…give you what you need." Emily couldn't help but moan. She knew once they started making love, Sonny was going to rock her world all night. "Cute," she managed to reply. "But you know that's not what I meant."

"OK what do you need from me?" Sonny asked in all seriousness. "I need to hear you say that you know you deserve to be with me." She paused then added, "that sounds really pompous; you know I don't feel that way but it's what you say all the time. I need to know that you finally understand that you have as much right to be loved and to be happy as anyone else does. Can you say that now?" Sonny took a deep breath and slowly let it out. "I think I can. I don't feel like I did before." "How was that exactly?" Emily asked. "That I was so ashamed of myself I wanted to be in pain." "Like when you cut yourself?" "Yeah, and when I told you to leave. Nothing hurt me more than that." Emily wanted to weep knowing what he had put himself through. "I could have spared you that pain," she whispered. "What…how?" Sonny asked. "Like I said before I should have known in my heart that you would never have ended our relationship unless there was something wrong. Can you forgive me for that?" Sonny shook his head, "you couldn't have known. I told you I was fine." "You had only been on medication and in therapy for a very short time. Forget about the fact that I'm the woman who loves you; as a wannabe doctor I should have known." "Don't start doubting yourself again Emily," Sonny said sternly. "Lainey didn't even realize and she's been a doctor for a while."

"Yeah I know," Emily conceded. "But I still feel badly. We were apart for months and months because I was so blind." Sonny couldn't help himself and replied, "you kept yourself busy." "What does that mean?" "You spent a lot of time with Nikolas…at least I assume you did since you felt the need to go tell him we got married." "Yes, I spent a lot of time with him. I was helping him with Spencer…he was having issues with the nanny." Sonny rolled his eyes. "But," Emily continued, "the entire time I wished I was with you. I ached for you every night Sonny." Emily leaned closer and pursed her lips for a kiss. Sonny groaned. He didn't want to deny himself any longer. He devoured her mouth. "Mmmm…" Emily moaned, and then pulled back again. "Damn it Sonny! Just say you forgive me already so we can start banging!"


Chapter 26

"Of course I forgive you Emily," Sonny whispered pulling her close to him again. "Great!" Emily exclaimed and tackled him down to the mattress. She lay on top of him grinding her pelvis against his huge erection. Sonny ran his hands up and down her entire body, squeezing her ass as he passed. "How did I survive without making love to you all this time?" he groaned. "There's no doubt I was insane." "Don't you call yourself that!" Emily admonished. Then she started kissing him, exploring his mouth with her tongue. Sonny started pulling at her clothes; so impatient to touch her skin he debated ripping them off. Emily felt his urgency and momentarily moved off him to undress. Sonny did the same, watching her with his black eyes. Emily shuddered under his stare. "We can take our time later," she told him. "Right now I need you inside me Sonny. I want you so deep I can feel that you've been there days from now."

She mounted him again, kneeling and positioning his throbbing cock at her slick, wet, opening. "I love you," she told him taking hold and guiding him inside. Sonny thought he'd cum instantly. Being inside her again was almost too much to take. Emily felt the same and started slamming herself down on him. "Oh god…I've missed this so much…" Sonny put his hands on her slender hips and started thrusting up from underneath. He found himself incapable of responding to her with words. Emily lost all control of her body, but kept moving up and down as if on auto pilot. Her head hung back; her pert breasts and hard nipples bouncing in rhythm as she moved.

Sonny stared at her as he thrust; the pressure to release building to an uncontrollable level. Emily was already there. "Sonny! Oh…I'm…don't…stop…oooooooooooooh!" She shook violently as she crashed over the edge; Sonny held her up with his hands. As she came through the orgasm, he was still driving into her like a man possessed. Emily managed to straighten up and open her eyes. "Cum for me baby. I want to feel you shoot it all inside me. Fill me up with it." And he did. "Unh Emily!!!!!!!!"

Later they lay together, tangled up as if they'd never been apart. "You OK?" Sonny asked caressing her back with his strong hands. "Mmmm," Emily moaned in reply. "I've had continuous orgasms for the last few hours…how could I not be OK?" Sonny smiled and kissed her forehead. "We need to set things right," Sonny commented. Emily pulled her head back to look at him. "What do you mean? This seems pretty right to me." "It's very right baby. What I mean is you need to marry me for real." "Well legally it is real. And it's real in our hearts so…" "Actually," Sonny corrected her, "legally it's fake. Jason forged my signature on the marriage license remember?" "Do you think someone could figure that out?" Emily asked. "Maybe, but I'm not living the rest of my life worrying that one day someone will show up and tell me you're not really my wife. I want to stand with you before a priest and God and make it real." Emily swooned. "That's so romantic Sonny." "I'll show you romantic," Sonny groaned pulling her close again to kiss her. "No wait!" Emily protested. "We need to figure this out Sonny. We can't get married in a church because the cops might find out about it." Sonny knew she was right, but then he got a brilliant idea.

Chapter 27

Sonny distracted Emily with a long make-out session, not wanting her to know his plan until he could make it a reality. In between kisses he asked her if she was too tired, or too sore, for more love making. "Mmmm no," Emily replied. "We have a lot of time to make up for." "Yeah but we have our whole lives," Sonny said. Emily reached down and started stroking him. "But you're ready right now," she teased. "I'm always ready for you baby," Sonny growled. "I wake up hard for you and go to sleep the same way." "Well I'm going to have to work on that…the going to sleep part. I must not wear you out enough." "I think that's a battle you'll lose," Sonny teased, "but feel free to try your hardest!" Emily smiled and then scooted down his body to take him in her mouth. "That's a good start," Sonny gasped. Sonny was only partially erect, but got more so as soon as Emily started sucking. "I love feeling you get hard in my mouth," Emily said momentarily taking a break. Sonny groaned in reply.

Emily knew he'd want to be inside her again soon. She turned around and moved herself on top of him so he could work on getting her ready. Sonny grabbed her ass in his hands and eased it apart; he wanted better access to the jewel between her legs. Emily got wetter just with that action. When she felt his tongue on pussy she practically purred with pleasure. "Keep sucking," he ordered and then plunged his tongue inside. Emily had to fight to concentrate, but that was another battle she would lose. Sonny was licking her with slow, steady strokes; occasionally slipping his tongue into her. Emily could do nothing but enjoy the ride. When Sonny felt her tensing up he scooted out from beneath her. He positioned her on her hands and knees and easily slipped his now fully-engorged cock into her waiting sex. "Hmmmm Sonny!" Emily moaned. Having him inside of her always felt so right. Sonny decided to torment her a bit, so he thrust into her a few times and then pulled all the way out. Every time he did Emily would whimper with disappointment, and then grunt with gratification when he plunged back in.

After about five minutes of this Emily complained, "stop teasing me!" Sonny responded seriously, "because of that Mrs. Corinthos, I'm going to do it even more." The next time he pulled out, he reached over and stroked her with his fingers. She was sopping wet. "Ooh so, so wet for me," he whispered. Emily looked back at him over her shoulder. "I don't supposed begging would do any good?" "Don't you like this?" Sonny asked, his black eyes staring at her as his fingers continued their exploration. Emily had to admit she did. The build up to her release was delicious. "I like it Sonny," she told him. Sonny smiled. He took hold of his member and rubbed the tip of it on her slick pussy. "Mmmm," she moaned. Then he sunk it back in, but only part of the way. "Yeah…" Emily panted. He went in a bit further. "Keep going!" she demanded. Another inch. "Ooh…" And then another. "Mmmm…" And finally the rest of him disappeared. "Yes!" she wailed.

Sonny gripped her ass tightly and started driving home. He knew she would cum almost instantly and that he wouldn't be far behind. "You like it now baby?" He growled, thrusting decisively in and out. "You…know…I…do!" "And now I want to hear you cum for me." "I'm…cumming…Sonny!" Emily careened over the edge with a wail. "Ooooooh!!!" Stars flashed before Sonny's eyes as he went right over with her.



The next day, Jason arrived at Greystone per Sonny's request. "It's all arranged," he said as he entered the room. Sonny stood up from his desk. "Great," he said, putting out his hand for all the documents. "I got your fake travel passports and travel papers," Jason explained; "and then everything is arranged for you in Spain." "And everything that happens at the church will be legit, right?" "Yes. Your marriage in Spain will be 100% legal and sanctioned by the church. I did take one liberty though." Sonny eyed him suspiciously; "what?" "The marriage license will be back-dated, a week earlier than the one in Port Charles. That way it looks like you and Emily got married in Spain, and then did it again when you came home to make sure it would be recognized here."

"Good thinking," Sonny admitted. "Listen Jason about the way I acted…" Jason shook his head, "please don't apologize to me. Emily told me that you've still been sick all this time. I should apologize to you for not realizing it." "Yeah but still, I jumped all over you about the marriage thing and the truth is for the first time in a long time you gave me exactly what I wanted." Jason smiled, "well I'm glad I finally got it right. I had a lot to make up to you for." Emily entered the room. "…both of you," Jason added.

Emily walked over and put her arms around Sonny hugging him from behind. "So what are you two up to?" Jason excused himself, "I'll let your husband fill you in; I've gotta go." "Thanks Jason," Sonny said as he left the room. Emily walked around to face Sonny, and this time he wrapped her up in his arms. "So spill husband." Sonny kissed her thoroughly. "Mmmm, no fair…I can't concentrate when you kiss me like that." "Good," Sonny joked. "I like you confused and enraptured." "You like me anyway you can get me," Emily joked back. "And anytime…anywhere…" "How about in Spain?" Sonny asked. Emily stared at him. "You want to go back to Spain?" "I want us to go back to Spain…and get married there." Emily beamed. "Oh you smart, smart man! That's the perfect solution!" "Jason arranged everything. The marriage license will even be dated to look like we got married in Spain first, and then came back here and went to City Hall." "Let's do it!" Emily declared with glee.

"We can't tell anyone we're going though," Sonny told her. "You need to call in sick to work or something." "OK, I'll handle that." "And we can't spend too much time there, unfortunately," Sonny added. "I don't care Sonny. I just want us to stand up together and pledge our love. I can't wait." "I wonder if it'll feel any different afterwards," Sonny mused. "Maybe it'll make us both more secure…in the marriage I mean," she replied. Sonny studied her eyes. "You're secure about us though, right?" he nervously asked. "Yes I am. I'll never doubt you or what we have again." Sonny pulled her close; "and neither will I. Unless of course I don't know what the hell's going on." Emily couldn't help but laugh. But then as Sonny held her she silently prayed that if that day ever came she'd see the signs and know what to do. And at the same time Sonny was praying that day would never come again. He didn't want to miss a moment with the woman of his dreams and his life…his angel…his wife.

The End