a Sonny & Emily story


Chapter 1

Sonny Corinthos listened as his boss, Frank Smith, gave him an assignment over the phone. Frank was in the Caribbean at an important meeting. "I know this is not a normal assignment for you Sonny," Frank said. "You're the most feared capo in the business and here I am sending you on an errand." Sonny wanted to agree with him; to say, "yeah Frank, I'm much too important to be picking up your daughter at the airport." But instead he held his tongue. Being important, and feared, had nothing to do with why Sonny didn't want the assignment. But he certainly couldn't tell Frank the real reason so instead he replied, "whatever you need Frank, you know that."

"Thanks. I owe you for this one Sonny. Treating you like a babysitter…well, actually she's hardly a baby anymore." Sonny rolled his eyes but still held his tongue. He knew damn well Emily Bowen Smith wasn't a baby anymore; that was the problem. "And frankly Sonny," Frank continued; "I don't trust anyone else to be alone with her, even for just the car ride from the airport. She's turned into quite a beautiful young woman." Sonny wanted to scream, "don't you think I know that?!" but again said nothing. "And I know to you she's still that little girl you saw running around the house years ago, so you go pick her up ok?" Frank concluded. "Sure thing Frank," Sonny replied.

Frank hung up, and so did Sonny. He put his face in his hands and tried to calm down. He searched his mind for the moment when he stopped seeing Emily as that little girl running around the house and started thinking of her as a young lady. He remembered one day when she was visiting from Europe, where she attended a convent school. She was sixteen and sitting out by the pool tanning herself. Sonny had shown up for his daily breakfast meeting with Frank, and he took a seat at the dining room table facing the French doors which lead out to the backyard. He could see the pool clearly, and could see that someone was lying on a chaise out there. He didn't realize it was Emily. He didn't even realize it was her when she stood up and walked to the edge of the pool. He stared at her beautiful figure from behind, clad in a skimpy bikini, and then followed her longs legs as she dove into the water. It wasn't until she emerged at the surface, swam to the far end, and then turned to swim back that he realized it was Frank's daughter. He was shocked at how mature she now looked. "Sonny are you listening to me?" Frank snapped. Sonny quickly looked at his boss. "Sorry, I just saw someone out there…I didn't realize Emily was home." Frank smiled, "oh yeah I meant to tell you. I'm so happy to have her home for a couple of weeks. I need you to handle things for me, ok? I'm going to spend as much time with her as I can." Sonny nodded his head. "Sure Frank, of course." As he left the house that day he felt grateful that he'd be really busy with work; too busy to think about Emily…he hoped.

But now there was no way out. Sonny sat in the back of the limo as it made its way to the airport. He was not only going to have to see Emily again, he was going to have to be alone with her for an hour. Alone with her sitting on a leather seat; a seat (or one like it) on which he'd had plenty of sex with plenty of women. Sonny always traveled in a limo, being driven by someone else. He loved the connotation and feeling of power that it held. Women liked it too, and countless numbers of them would offer themselves up at whatever club or restaurant Sonny was visiting. And they'd make their way to the back seat of his limo, where Sonny would order them to get on their knees and service him. Or he'd instruct them to climb on board and ride him. Sonny would sit back and enjoy it all.

But for the last few years every time he was with someone in a limo he'd think of Emily. He'd think of her on her knees; her pretty mouth working on his huge cock. And as she'd try to fit him all the way in he'd run his fingers through her hair and talk to her, telling her how beautiful she was and how much he wanted her. And when she'd climb into his lap and lower herself down he'd hold her closely to him and thrust up from underneath. He couldn't get deep enough into her for his liking. And Emily would cry out and moan and her head would fall back, and soon she would shudder and shake and wail with pleasure as the orgasm overtook her. And then Sonny would release into her with a groan…and then come back to reality as the nameless woman released his cock from her mouth and smiled at him.

"Jesus…" Sonny now groaned realizing he had a raging hard on. He reached into his pocket for his handkerchief and then picked up the phone. "I need to make a call Joseph," he told his guard and driver. "So take a little detour and give me privacy until I tell you I'm done." "You got it boss," Joseph replied. Sonny hung up and unzipped his pants. He needed to remove all evidence of his desire for Emily before she got into the car.


Chapter 2

"We could share a cab, no?" Emily tried to ignore the young Spanish man who had followed her off the plane and out to the curbside pickup area. She had already told him to leave her alone but he wasn't listening. She was nervous enough about moving home for good; she didn't need this too. And she knew if the guy was still there when her father arrived, he'd be in a lot of trouble. "Just go away, ok?" she told him. The man smiled. "You are so beautiful; que bonita. You could show me around, no?" Emily rolled her eyes and looked for her father's limousine. She saw it approaching and started to relax a bit.

Sonny had lowered the dividing window in the limo. "Do you see her Joseph?" "Yeah, she's right here," he replied pulling up to the curb. Both men noticed she wasn't alone. Sonny quickly got out and walked over to her. Emily's heart threatened to burst through her chest. She'd known Sonny Corinthos practically her whole life. He was her father's right hand man, and from what she had heard over the years, a man that was not to be messed with. He was also the man she had given her heart to when she was 15 years old…only nobody knew that but her.

Emily's pesky companion didn't like the looks of the man who was approaching them. He looked rich and tough, and the sight of him caused the pretty woman's face to break out in a wide smile. "Sonny!" she cried. He stopped in front of her; "hey Em." She looked so beautiful he could hardly breathe. "Wha…what are you doing here?" she gasped. "I mean…not that I mind or anything…it's just…is my father ok? Why didn't he come himself?" Sonny smiled at her babbling; it reminded him of when she was just a little girl.

Then he realized the strange man was still standing nearby watching them. Sonny stared him down and growled, "what are you looking at?" The man replied to him in Spanish; taking advantage of the supposed language barrier to curse Sonny out. Only Sonny, whose mother was Cuban, could understand every word. He replied in kind. "Listen asshole. You have five seconds to get the hell away from her and out of my site…or I'm going to reach down your throat and rip your heart out. And then I'll make you eat it. Comprendes?" The man tried not to soil himself and ran off. Emily didn't even notice. She was too busy trying to calm down. Sonny was sexy to her on a normal basis, but watching him threaten someone in Spanish…his eyes black as night, his teeth clenched…almost caused her to orgasm right then and there. She needed to snap out of it quickly before she had to get into the back of a limousine with him.

Sonny brought her out of her thoughts. "Are you ok? Did he touch you?" Emily shook her head. "No he didn't touch me. He was just being a pest. You didn't answer my question Sonny, is Daddy ok?" Sonny reached out and put his hand on her elbow. He guided her to the car. Joseph held the door for them and they climbed into the back…onto the leather seat. "He's fine," Sonny finally replied. "He's at a meeting in Puerto Rico and he got delayed. So he called and asked me to come and pick you up." "Oh I bet you loved that," Emily quipped. "Big, bad Sonny Corinthos playing babysitter." Sonny looked into her eyes, "I don't see no baby, do you?" Emily's breath caught in her throat. Sonny quickly realized what he had said. "Shit, I'm sorry Emily. That was totally inappropriate. I only meant that you're older now." He wasn't sure if he covered well or not. He needn't have worried. "Oh, I know what you meant," Emily said. She didn't think for a second that Sonny saw her as anything but Frank's little girl. And she doubted that would ever change.


Chapter 3

"So," Sonny tried to ease the tension in the back of the limo; "are you happy to be out of that convent and back in the real world?" Emily looked at him. "Well yes, I'm happy to be out of there. It was a very stifling environment." "But?" "But I don't think the one I'm coming back to is any less restrictive." Sonny knew she was right and commented, "yeah, the old man is pretty protective of you." Emily giggled. "Do you always call him that?" Sonny smiled; "not to his face! And don't you be telling on me either; you know I have nothing but respect for your father." "I know," Emily sadly replied. In her mind it was that respect that would keep Sonny from ever looking at her like he did other women…not that Emily believed he even wanted to. But she knew that even if he had an interest in her he'd never act on it because of Frank Smith.

"I'm surprised Frank's letting you go to PCU," Sonny added. "He thinks if I go there and live at home he can keep me from growing up any more," Emily replied. "We talked about it the last time he came to see me in Switzerland. I'm supposed to go to classes and spend the rest of my free time at home. No social events at the school; no studying at the school." Sonny nodded his head; he didn't see a problem with that at all. The last thing he wanted was Emily partying with a bunch of horny college boys trying to get into her pants. "And no boys of course," Emily said. Sonny couldn't help but smile. "Of course. He's just looking out for you Em; you don't understand how boy's minds work." "Their minds?" Emily teased. Sonny shook his head; "yeah well, you know what I mean."

He was trying to keep the conversation light, but it was getting uncomfortable for him. So he changed the subject. "So your dad is coming back tonight if everything goes well." "I thought he was cutting back on that stuff," Emily said. "Isn't he planning on retiring soon?" Sonny nodded his head. "Yeah. And he's been giving me more and more responsibility. But he wanted to handle this thing himself. Maybe he just wanted a little vacation before he had to deal with the prodigal daughter coming home," Sonny teased. Emily smiled, but it was a fake smile. She didn't need any reminding that she was Frank Smith's daughter. That one fact controlled her entire life.

When they reached Frank's mansion Emily announced she was going to go change and then go for a swim. Sonny groaned inwardly. He was going to make himself scarce if Emily was going to put on a bathing suit. He already had to jerk off once; he didn't want to do it again. Then again, he could always call up one of the many women in his little black book. They were always willing to give the up and coming mob boss some sexual relief. Especially Monique; an exotic beauty he met a year ago. She was part Cuban and part Irish, just like Sonny, and 100% built for sex. And she liked having sex with Sonny a lot. Now that Emily was home it was going to be tougher than ever to keep his feelings for her hidden. Maybe spending more time with Monique would help.

Emily saw Sonny leave the house from her bedroom window. She wanted to cry; he wasn't even interested in seeing her in a bathing suit, let alone interested in her at all. Being home was going to be even harder than she anticipated.


Chapter 4

"Daddy!" Emily exclaimed racing down the stairs, across the foyer, and into her father's arms. "Oh baby it's so great to have you home!" he declared hugging her tightly. Then he pulled back, "let me look at you." "Daddy you just saw me a few months ago. I don't look any different." "Yes you do," Frank sighed; "you look older every time I see you. And I don't like it." Emily rolled her eyes. "And I don't like that either," Frank scolded. His driver walked in the front door with the luggage. "Take it upstairs, thanks," Frank said. "Yes sir boss," the man replied. Emily waited until the man had left and then grilled her father about his trip. "How was it? You look tan." Frank smiled, "yeah I got some sun. Took care of business…it was good. How about your trip?" They walked into the living room and sat down. "The usual," Emily replied; "boring flight." Frank narrowed his eyes. "Except for the man who was bothering you," he retorted. Emily rolled her eyes again. "I see Sonny wasted no time filling you in." "I called him when I landed," Frank said; "and asked him if he picked you up at the airport. So yeah of course he told me. Sonny's loyal." Emily wanted to scream. On the one hand she was grateful that Sonny was so loyal to her father; she knew he'd always be taken care of by his right-hand man. But on the other hand, it was that loyalty that ensured she could never be with the man she loved. And it was tearing her apart.

"I didn't mean to imply he wasn't loyal daddy," Emily snapped. "I know, I know. You're just mad because my men will help me ensure that no man…or boy…takes advantage of you." "Or asks me out; or takes me out; or anything!" Emily cried. Frank took her hands in his. "I'm going to protect you from harm and heartbreak as long as I can Emily…whether you like it or not." "Yeah and cause me heartbreak yourself!" she yelled and then got up and ran out of the room. Frank stared after her. "What the hell did she mean by that?"

Sonny entered the club with his entourage. He never went anywhere without Joseph, his trusted guard and driver. And sometimes when he was going out socially, several more of the men who served under him in Frank's organization always tagged along. Sonny didn't mind. He liked making an entrance. He liked people looking at him warily. He liked giving off the aura of power. He liked that most people knew better than to mess with him. He liked all of it because it was the polar opposite of how he grew up; as a scared, beaten little boy, with no power at all.

He surveyed the dance floor which was packed. This club was one of the many businesses that Sonny had a stake in. Frank let him invest his money how he wanted and didn't ask for a cut of the proceeds himself. But Sonny gave him a cut none-the-less out of respect. It was the way Sonny wanted people to act when he became the big boss. And Sonny knew that day would come soon since Frank often talked about retiring. "Want a drink boss?" Joseph asked in Sonny's ear. "Yeah after we go talk to Freddie," Sonny replied. Freddie ran the club, and Sonny was concerned about him. The last time he'd seen Freddie Sonny thought the man was high. Casual drug use didn't bother Sonny much, although he didn't take or deal in drugs himself. But if Freddie was a heavy user, or addicted, Sonny knew he couldn't be trusted to run anything. The large amounts of cash that flowed through the club were too tempting for most people to ignore…especially someone with a habit to pay for.

Sonny and Joseph made their way to Freddie's office while the other men sat down at Sonny's table. Being part owner, Sonny had his own table where no one else ever sat. Or if they did they'd quickly regret it. Monique tried to make sure the table remained open for the important Mr. Corinthos; both because she worked as a waitress in the club and because she hoped to see Sonny every night she went to work. He didn't come in that often, but she wanted to make sure he knew how happy she was to see him whenever he did show up. Now she spotted him from across the room and smiled at him. Then her smile vanished as she realized he hadn't even noticed her and was going into the office. Dejected she headed to the bar to get a scotch so it would be waiting for him when he came back out. In the back Sonny motioned to Joseph to open the office door. He did, and Sonny walked in…just in time to see Freddie stuff a large wad of cash in his pocket.


Chapter 5

Freddie was slow to react to the intrusion, further evidence that he was jacked up. When he saw Sonny he acted normally at first. "Hey boss man! What's up?" Sonny stared at him. "What are you on Freddie?" "Huh?" "You're stoned, what did you take?" "Oh…no…not stoned. I just had too much to drink." Sonny's stare turned into a glare and Freddie got nervous. His mind was clear enough to realize he was in trouble. "Search him," Sonny told Joseph. Joseph walked over, picked Freddie up, turned him around and slammed him up against the wall. He frisked the man and retrieved the money as well as a bag of white powder. Joseph tossed both items to Sonny while pushing the side of Freddie's face into the wall with his other hand. Freddie started whining, "come on man! Don't do that!"

"Shut up!" Sonny yelled. Freddie's whine turned into a whimper. He now realized he was in a lot of trouble. "Is it coke boss?" Joseph asked. Sonny opened the bag and looked at the powder. "I think it's horse," Sonny replied using the street term for Heroin. "Check his arms." Joseph pulled Freddie away from the wall and threw him down into his chair. Noticing one of his shirt sleeve cuffs was unbuttoned, Joseph pushed that sleeve up revealing the expected marks. "Yup he shot up," he told Sonny. Sonny looked up at the ceiling as if to say "Lord why do I have to deal with this shit?" And then he looked back at Freddie who was now shaking in his seat. "Boss…" he stammered…"it…it was only this once…" "He's lying," Joseph said. "There are older tracks too." Sonny nodded his head, both as an acknowledgment and an order of what to do next. Joseph knew exactly what he meant, and took off his suit coat and started rolling up his own sleeves.

Emily lay on her bed watching television. Her father was leaving her alone which surprised her. She knew what she said to him must have peaked his interest. Or maybe he just didn't want to know what she meant when she said that he was causing her heartbreak. She thought about Sonny and felt like crying. Even if her father ever relented and let her date someone from PCU, she knew it would all be a sham. She'd date the guy just to make it look like she had a normal life; so no one would know she was pining that life away for a man she could never have. "Like he even wants you," she thought. "He can have any woman he wants…and probably does. He's probably with one of them right now. He's probably having sex with her right now." She put her face in the pillow and screamed "argh!" Then she reached a hand down into her pajamas. She was soaking wet, like she always was when she thought of Sonny.

She rolled over and stared at the ceiling, her fingers playing in between her legs. "I wonder what he likes to do with women?" she pondered. Images flashed in her mind. "I bet he likes to be in control…"

"Unh yeah Em," Sonny groaned. "I like your legs on my shoulders…I can go deeper this way." "Ooh!" Emily cried as she felt him sink in even further. It was hard to believe she could take all of him inside of her. "How…big are you?" she gasped as he started thrusting again. "Huh?" "How…how many inches?" Sonny smiled, "I've never measured it, but I'd say about eleven." "And…how wide?" Sonny laughed, "I don't know! Why do you care?" "Because…you're…so…ooh…big inside me." Sonny leaned down to kiss her as he continued driving his cock in and out of her. "And you love it don't you baby?" he growled. "Yeah…yes!" Emily wailed as the orgasm started to build. Sonny intertwined his fingers with hers and moved her arms so they stretched out over her head. She was practically folded in half; her legs touching her breasts. Sonny took her mouth in a deep kiss and fucked her hard. She exploded under his mastery. "Sonny!" "Unh Em!" he groaned in reply as he erupted inside of her.

"Damn it!" Emily cried. She didn't see how being with Sonny could ever be a reality. She tried to find relief and comfort with her hand, which was a poor substitute for the real thing. But it was all she had.


Chapter 6

When Sonny emerged from the office and took a seat as his table, Monique could tell he was highly agitated. She immediately placed a glass of scotch in front of him, and he drank it without saying a word. She took a seat next to him, waiting for him to acknowledge her presence. When he did he simply looked at her and said, "let's go outside." No explanation needed; Sonny wanted some one-on-one time in his limo. Monique followed him out.

For his part Sonny felt like he was in someone else's body. His mind, and if he thought about it his heart, were definitely somewhere else. When Monique started kissing him on the leather seat he felt nothing but the usual involuntary stirring in between his legs. He was already keyed up from the situation with Freddie. Sonny stood there and watched as Joseph taught the man a serious lesson. Freddie would be in no shape to run the club anymore…nor could he be trusted to do so. Between that, the regular business stuff, and Emily, Sonny had a lot on his mind. Monique could tell he was distracted so she didn't try to have a conversation with him…not that they talked much anyways. Instead she got down on her knees in between his legs. And as she took care of that business, Sonny's mind wandered as it usually did.

"You love when I suck you, don't you?" Emily teased while studying his rock-hard cock. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah," Sonny groaned in reply; his fingers sifting through her long, silky hair. "Why do you love it so much?" she asked; licking its entire length. Sonny tensed up and then answered, "because your mouth is so sexy and it feels so good." Emily smiled and lowered her head down taking it all. Sonny couldn't help but tilt up his pelvis and start a gentle thrust. "Yeah, that's it baby," he moaned. "Suck it with your beautiful mouth. I love you Emily."

Monique released his cock from her mouth and looked up with a start. "What did you just say?" Sonny opened his eyes and looked at her. "Huh?" "Did you just say Emily? Who's Emily?" Sonny glared at her. "Are you questioning me?" Monique got scared and dropped the subject quickly. She knew enough about Sonny to know he didn't take kindly to anyone questioning him. "No sorry…forget I said anything!" She returned to the task at hand and didn't notice Sonny rubbing his hands over his face. "Shit!" he thought. Luckily Monique didn't know Frank Smith or his daughter, but Sonny knew he'd have to be a lot more careful or someone who did know them was going to find out how he really felt.


Chapter 7

The summer passed slowly despite Sonny being incredibly busy. He ran the club himself for a while until he found a suitable replacement for Freddie. Everyone at the club, as well as in Frank's organization, knew what went down that night in the office. Freddie hadn't been seen since, although there were rumors he was still alive but couldn't walk right anymore. Sonny's reputation as the biggest bad-ass around grew even further, and everyone knew he was poised to become the big boss. Some even wondered if Sonny would get tired of waiting and bump Frank off, but Frank never worried about that. He trusted Sonny implicitly.

Emily spent the summer registering at PCU, choosing her classes, lazing by the pool, and dreaming about Sonny Corinthos. She didn't see him much. He would come to the house to meet with Frank and then usually leave while she was at the pool. If she'd thought about it, she would have realized he was avoiding her. But in Emily's mind she didn't register with him enough to be consciously avoided. She resolved in that mind that once she started college she would try to find a nice guy to date. And then she'd try to convince her father to let her date him. But she also knew she'd never get over Sonny. Everything about him drove her mad with desire…and love. She especially liked how powerful he was, which made sense since she'd grown up with an incredibly powerful father. One day she overhead Sonny and her father speaking. They were sitting on the patio and Emily was in her room putting on her bathing suit. If Sonny had been there alone she would have paraded around in front of him on the way to the pool. But since her father was also there, she planned to take another route altogether.

"I heard there was some trouble at your club Sonny," Frank said. "Yeah, I was going to tell you about that," Sonny replied. "It's your club; not really my business," Frank retorted. "I was just curious and wanted to make sure you weren't in any trouble." Sonny smiled at him. "I don't get in trouble; I give it to others." Frank laughed. "Yeah, tell me something I don't know. I think I'm the only person on the planet not afraid of you." Sonny kept smiling. "Anyway…I caught Freddie Jennings shooting up H and stealing from me." "Ouch," Frank said; "I wouldn't want to be Freddie." "Freddie didn't want to be Freddie," Sonny said. Frank laughed again and Sonny joined in. Emily pulled back from her window breathing heavily. She decided to wait until Sonny had left altogether before heading out to the pool. She didn't trust herself around him at that moment.

Finally the end of the summer brought the start of Emily's college career. She was excited. Frank was nervous. He told her she would have a driver take her to the campus every morning and pick her up every afternoon. Emily didn't bother arguing; it was pointless. She was grateful he didn't insist she have a guard with her during her classes. When Sonny arrived for his morning meeting Frank was clearly out of sorts. "What's wrong?" Sonny asked. "Emily started at PCU today." "Ah, I see," Sonny replied. He knew exactly why Frank was concerned. Sonny was concerned himself. He was honest enough about himself to know he could never handle Emily hanging out with, or God forbid dating, some college boy. Luckily for him Frank felt the exact same way. "Listen Sonny…" "Yeah Frank?" "I know this is nuts of me to ask. You're the second most powerful guy in the organization." "Just ask Frank." "Your apartment is right near the PCU campus, right?" "That's right." "Could you just…just drive through there every once in a while to help keep an eye on Emily?" Sonny stared at Frank; had the man read his mind? He had already planned to do that very thing. "Sure Frank," he replied; "whatever you need."


Chapter 8

Two weeks later…

Emily had to admit she was enjoying PCU. She'd already made a few new girlfriends, and knew she could have her pick of any guy she wanted. She could see them all admiring her…some outright staring…whenever she walked into a classroom, or walked around campus. It was too bad no one really appealed to her. Could any of them ever compare to Sonny? "Hey," one of them spoke to her. She realized he was sitting next to her in Anatomy class. Emily had decided to pursue a pre-med curriculum, and her father was thrilled. "My daughter…a doctor!" "That'll take a while daddy," she reminded him. "Yeah but I'm so proud of you for choosing that field. And you'll probably meet a nice doctor that you can marry someday!" Emily rolled her eyes.

Now she turned to look at the young man speaking to her. He was nice looking. "Hi," she replied. "I'm Sean, what's your name?" "Emily." "Nice to meet you Emily. I hear this professor is a real tough-ass…oops excuse my language." Emily smiled. She was confident Sean didn't have a clue what a tough-ass really was. "Well I hope he's not too tough," she said. Sean smiled at her. She was the prettiest girl he'd ever met. And since he was trying out for the PCU football team, he figured he had a shot with her. But he'd wait until their first date to tell her about all that. Emily had stopped looking at him and was looking at the professor waiting for the class to start. She was already bored with the guy next to her. Her mind wandered to Sonny, as it usually did, and she wondered what he was doing.

"You want me to keep driving around boss?" Joseph asked through the lowered dividing window. "Did I say otherwise?" Sonny snapped. "No sir, sorry." Joseph swallowed hard and turned the wheel of the limo to make another pass through the PCU campus. They drove through on a daily basis; usually in time to see Emily walk from one building to the next. Today things were off. Sonny knew Emily's schedule and knew she should have emerged from her Anatomy class already. He wondered what was keeping her inside. As they approached the Science building again he finally saw her. Only she wasn't alone. Sonny's blood started to boil. He told Joseph to slow the limo down and they followed Emily and her friend down the street.

"Thanks for saying you'll have coffee with me," Sean eagerly chatted. "Sure," Emily quietly replied. Sean had asked her out right after class. Instead of saying she'd go on a date, she told him she was going to the coffee shop and he could come if he wanted. That was good enough for Sean. He talked her ear off about himself as they walked the two blocks to the nearest Starbucks. Sean opened the door for Emily, and then put his hand on the small of her back to guide her inside. Sonny's head almost blew off.


Chapter 9

Joseph didn't realize that Sonny had jumped out of the limo until he saw him running into Starbucks. "Shit!" he exclaimed and pulled the car over to the curb. Sonny opened the door and surveyed the coffee shop. Emily was sitting at a table and Sean was standing in line to get them coffee. Sonny walked over to her. She looked up with a start. "Sonny! What are you doing here?" "I think the question is what are you doing here?" he replied, practically snarling. "Uh…having coffee?" "Don't get cute with me," he snapped. He was furious and could barely control himself. "Sonny, what's wrong?!" Emily was alarmed. She'd seen Sonny angry before, but never at her. Sean heard Emily's voice and turned to see what was going on. He was alarmed too; who was that man looking furious with Emily? He returned to the table empty-handed. "Emily? Is everything OK?" Sonny gave him the look of death. Emily immediately gathered her books, stood up, and stepped in front of Sonny. "Yeah everything's fine Sean. I just remembered I have somewhere to be. Let's go Sonny." She grabbed Sonny's arm and started heading for the door. Sonny let her pull him out, but his eyes never stopped shooting daggers at Sean.

Emily waited until they were in the limo before erupting. "What the hell is the matter with you?!" "What's the matter with me?" Sonny yelled back. "You're the one letting some dumb jock paw all over you!" Emily narrowed her eyes. "Paw…what? He never touched me!" "Yeah he did!" Sonny kept yelling. "He put his hand on you when you went in the door. I saw it!" "What…have you been following me? Watching me?" Emily cried. The thought wasn't an unpleasant one, except that she knew if he had been it was only at the behest of her father. "Your father wanted me to check up on you…good thing I did!" Emily slumped into the seat; "I knew it." Sonny tried to calm down. "You got her away from that punk," he told himself; "that's what matters." "I can't believe him," Emily continued. "I'll never forgive him for this."

"Hey," Sonny said, his tone somewhat more subdued. "You should be grateful you have a father who loves you so much. That man would die rather than let anyone hurt you. Don't you know how lucky you are?" Emily stared at him. She could detect notes of pain and regret in his voice. "I have no life Sonny, don't you get that?" "No social life," Sonny corrected her; "that's different than no life. Trust me." "There's no difference to me," Emily muttered and turned her head to look out the window as the limo drove off.

When they got to her house Emily didn't bother hanging around for her father's lecture. Instead she told him, "I'm sure your loyal employee will tell you everything and I already know I'm grounded, so…" and she went off to her room. Frank looked at Sonny with concern. "What happened?" Sonny took a deep breath and let it out. He told Frank about Sean and the coffee shop and then added, "it's only going to get worse boss." Frank nodded his head. "Yeah, I know."


Chapter 10

Despite avoiding the first lecture from her father, Emily couldn't avoid getting one altogether. Dinner was an unpleasant affair. "You tell that boy to leave you alone," Frank warned; "or I'll send Sonny to tell him." "You need to stop sending Sonny to do your dirty work," Emily snapped. "Isn't he too important for that?" "That's not your concern," Frank snapped back. "All you need to worry about is studying and doing well so you can get into medical school. You forget about football players, boys, all of that." "Football players?" Emily questioned; how did her father know that? "Sonny said that guy looked like a football player. I'm sure his research will confirm it." Emily rolled her eyes, "you told him to check up on the guy?" "Of course; just in case we need leverage to get him to back off." "Well you could always just break his legs," Emily quipped. Frank stared at her. "Yeah, we could." Emily shuddered; she had no doubt he was serious. "So if you want to avoid that, stay away from him," Frank added. Emily didn't reply. "I can't hear you Emily." Emily knew she had no choice but to do what her father wanted and sadly replied, "yes daddy, I'll stay away from him."

Sonny was happy to have an assignment that afternoon. Otherwise he would have beaten up the first person he encountered. He was raging mad. Emily was inching closer and closer to the day she'd become a woman for real, and if it wasn't with him Sonny was going to lose his mind. But that was no more possible today than it had been yesterday. "Boss," Joseph brought him out of his thoughts; "there's the JV football team." Sonny lowered his window and looked out at the field. He located Sean and watched him practicing. The guy was clumsy. "He probably won't even make the team," Sonny thought. That gave him comfort. If Emily was going to end up with someone, it certainly wouldn't be this loser. "Yeah, but it won't be you either Corinthos," he told himself.

When Sonny returned to Frank's house that evening, Emily was already back in her room serving out her self-imposed grounding. Sonny went into Frank's office. "Is Emily around?" "She's upstairs. She agreed to never see that kid again." Sonny was happy to hear that. "Great." "What'd you find out about him?" Frank asked. "I checked him out at football practice; he probably won't make the team." "No good?" "Nah." "Well OK. I don't think we have to worry about him anymore," Frank informed him. "Emily understands he's the one who will pay if she sees him again." Sonny nodded his head and hoped that was the last he heard of Sean Browning…or any other punk college kid.

Upstairs, Emily was watching pornography on her portable DVD player. One of her classmates at the convent school in Switzerland used to get disks sent from a friend. The first few minutes would be a normal family home movie, so the nuns would be fooled if they checked it out. The rest of the disk was serious, hard core porn. The girl had made copies for all her friends including Emily, who watched it as a learning tool. She figured she'd never get another opportunity to learn about sex until the day her father agreed to her marrying someone. So, she watched the porn, marveling at the things the people did to each other, and imagining Sonny doing every single one of those things to her.

"Fuck me doggy-style Sonny!" Emily cried. "Woman, you are asking for it," Sonny growled in response. Emily had been riding up and down on his shaft and already experienced a huge orgasm. But she wanted more, and knew from porn-watching that men loved taking women from behind. She got off Sonny and assumed the appropriate position, sticking her ass as high in the air as she could. Sonny got up and moved in behind her. He admired her swollen, pinks lips which were peeking through, and then stroked them with his hand. He loved how warm and wet they felt. "You'd better hold onto something," he warned. Emily grabbed the headboard in front of her as Sonny sank his entire length into her with one thrust. "Ooooooooooooh!" Emily wailed. Sonny grabbed her tight ass in his strong hands and went at it with total abandon. The bed was slamming against the wall. "Oh fuck…yeeeeeeaaaaaaaah!!" Emily screamed. It was almost too much to take…almost.


Chapter 11

"Daddy, can I ask you something?" Emily broached a sensitive subject one evening. Frank put down his fork. "Sure, what?" "Can you tell me about Sonny's father?" "Huh? Why would you ask me that?" "Well, that day he found me at Starbucks…you know with that boy…he said some things that made me think he didn't have a good relationship with his father." "What things?" "That I was lucky to have a father who cared so much about me." Frank smiled, "you don't agree I'm sure." "It's not that. I know I'm lucky to have you as a father. I just don't agree with everything you do." Frank was very happy to hear her say something kind about him; there hadn't been much of that in the house lately. To avoid embarrassing them both, he changed the subject back to Sonny. "Sonny's father left him and his mother when he was six years old."

Emily felt awful. Her own mother had died of breast cancer when Emily was very young. Emily missed her but never felt like she'd been abandoned. "Oh that's horrible." "Yeah. And his mother remarried a couple of years later, and let's just say his stepfather was a real bastard," Frank added. Emily felt even worse than before. She couldn't imagine having to live with a mean step-parent. She was glad her father never remarried. Now everything Sonny said to her made perfect sense. "But he went on and made a life for himself so don't bring that stuff up to him, ok?" Emily nodded her head. "Of course daddy. Besides, Sonny and I hardly talk anyway." Frank heard sadness in her voice, but assumed she was still thinking about Sonny's difficult childhood. He didn't know her regret was about something much more current.

After dinner, Emily and Frank moved into the living room for coffee. Frank listened happily as Emily told him about her classes…and didn't mention any other boys. Emily was chattering away, trying to keep her mind on school and off Sonny. It was a few moments before she realized her father was looking at her strangely. "Daddy? Are you listening to me?" Beads of sweat formed on his forehead and he gasped, "Em…I don't feel so good." Before Emily could react her father fell forward onto the floor.

Sonny had gone home after making his usual rounds for the day. He held meetings with all his top men on a daily basis; Sonny ran a real tight ship. Next, he was going to head to the club to check on the new manager who had taken over for Freddie. But first he wanted to shower and clean up. Sonny was fastidious about his personal grooming and how he dressed. He knew it added to his mystique and aura of power. He took off his suit, hanging it up so the pants wouldn't wrinkle, and then stripped out of the rest of his clothes. Once he felt the hot water pouring over him his mind wandered to Emily…and his hand wandered south.

"Daddy!" Emily screamed hurrying to his side. He was lying face down and eerily still. Emily checked his neck for a pulse and didn't find one. She screamed as loud as she could; "help me!!" Luckily Frank always had men patrolling his house and grounds and one of them heard her and ran in. Emily told him to turn Frank over, which he did, and then she bent over her father and put her cheek next to his mouth. "He's not breathing," she said trembling all over; "and I couldn't find a pulse." The guard was trying not to panic. "What should I do?" he asked. "Call 911, and then get back here and help me." The man nodded, got up, and went to the phone while Emily started CPR. Somehow, despite being terrified, her mind was clear and she knew exactly what to do.


Chapter 12

Sonny had just turned the water off when he heard the banging on his front door. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he hurried to answer it. He was shocked to see Emily standing there. She was shocked to see him standing there in nothing but a towel. At any other time she would have been totally distracted by his gorgeous, sculpted, copper-toned body. But now she kept her wits about her. "Emily? What are you…" "Get dressed," she ordered. "Daddy's had a heart attack."

Emily filled Sonny in on the way to the hospital. "Jesus Em, you saved his life," Sonny said. He was filled with admiration and love for her. "I'm just glad I remembered what to do," Emily replied. "Sonny, he was so still." Sonny took her hand in his. "Shhh, you did good." Emily felt comforted by his touch and relaxed a bit. "Why didn't you go straight to the hospital with him?" Sonny asked. "You could have called me…or had someone else call me." "I…I didn't know what it would mean," Emily replied. "I mean, if Daddy…died. I was afraid to trust anyone else." Sonny held her hand a bit tighter. "Well you know you can always trust me right?" Emily nodded her head. "And I'll always take care of you," Sonny added with a whisper. Emily looked at him and smiled.

When they got to the hospital they were told Frank was in surgery. The ER doctor filled Emily in. "He had a massive heart attack. If you hadn't revived him, he'd have been long gone before getting here." Sonny tried to not get upset at the man's lack of a bedside manner. "But, you revived him so he has a good chance at recovery." Emily and Sonny were comforted by that bit of news and walked over to the waiting area to settle in for the night. "If you need to go handle business," Emily told Sonny, "I understand." Sonny looked at her. "I am handling it by being here with you. You are the most important thing in Frank's life; this is where he'd want me to be." Emily couldn't help but feel sad, assuming her father was the only reason Sonny was sitting there with her. She started to cry, both because of her father's condition and the condition of her love life. Sonny put his arm around her and pulled her into his chest. Emily totally lost it and sobbed against him. "That's it baby," Sonny whispered. "Let it all out." Emily couldn't help but mouth the words "I love you," but she knew he couldn't see her face and would never know. And she also knew it was the only way she'd ever get to say it to him.

The morning brought good news. Frank made it through surgery and his prognosis was guarded but good. Sonny knew everything was about to change; this incident would surely convince Frank to retire. And that meant Sonny would be the man in charge of the entire organization. That meant he would answer to no one else. It would be the realization of what he had been striving for his whole life. Sonny looked at Emily, who was still speaking with Frank's surgeon. Now that he had everything he'd always thought he wanted, could he be truly fulfilled? Or would it all be hollow and empty because he couldn't have the one thing he really needed?


Chapter 13

Sonny sat quietly at Frank's bedside. It was 24 hours since the heart attack and surgery and Frank was resting comfortably. Sonny had sent Emily home with Joseph so she could change her clothes and get some food or whatever else she needed. Emily made him promise to never leave her father's side until she returned. So Sonny had been sitting there for a while. Frank woke up periodically and managed to ask Sonny how Emily was, and how business was. Now when he opened his eyes Sonny thought they looked a bit clearer than before. "You still here?" Frank said. Sonny smiled. "Your daughter threatened me with bodily harm if I left your side," he replied. "I know better than to mess with a Smith." Frank gave him a weak smile. "You admire her don't you?" Sonny stared at him and said, "sure." "That was something how she did CPR on me, huh?" "Very impressive Frank; you should be really proud of her." "I am. The guard that was there told me she knew exactly what she was doing." "Yeah," Sonny said; "I guess they taught her first aid at the convent."

Frank paused and then continued. "Clearly I'm not going to be in any shape to run things now." "Well why don't you give yourself some time Frank?" Sonny asked. "No. I don't need time. This is God's way of telling me I need to stop now. And of course that means you're the boss." Sonny nodded his head; "if that's how you want it Frank." "It is. And I want you to know how much I appreciate your loyalty over the years. You've been invaluable to me. You're going to be very successful as boss." "Thanks Frank." "There's just one other thing I need to ask of you Sonny; one last thing." "Sure Frank, whatever you need." "Marry my daughter."

Sonny sat in stunned silence for several minutes. Could this possibly be happening? Could Frank Smith actually be offering him that which had been forbidden to him for years? That which he wanted above all else? "You're shocked," Frank observed. "I don't blame you. This is coming out of left field." Sonny held his tongue. "And I know you're a confirmed bachelor Sonny; with leagues of panting women chasing after you all the time. And I'm asking you to give all that up and settle down with one woman. One young, naive woman, who you have thought of like a sister for all these years. "Well, not exactly a sister," Sonny managed to find his voice. "More like I was your friend and she was your daughter." "OK, well what I meant was, she's never been a woman to you. Which is a good thing because I would have killed you for even looking at her," Frank added with a smile. Sonny nearly bit his tongue to stop from confessing how he really felt about Emily all those years. "But she is a woman now," Frank continued. "And as you know the men are going to be all over her. And I might not be around much longer…I think we can both be honest about that."

Sonny tried to decide the best way to respond to Frank's request. He didn't want to seem too eager to agree, nor too reluctant. He decided the usual approach was the best. "You know I'll do whatever you want Frank. Even if I'm going to be the boss now, you'll always be my boss. If you think this is the best thing…for Emily…then I'll do what you want." Frank narrowed his eyes and asked, "do you think you could grow to love her? I don't want her stuck in a loveless marriage." Sonny chose his words carefully. "I like Emily very much as a person; I consider her my friend. She's a very special woman. I'm sure I could grow to love her, and hopefully she could grow to love me." Frank was pleased with that answer, but then realized there was a potential problem. "Uh I guess I need to make sure Emily thinks she could grow to love you Sonny. If she's totally against the idea, I'm not sure I'll be able to get my way on this one."


Chapter 14

When Emily returned to the hospital she found Sonny and her father discussing business. "Oh sorry," she said from the doorway. "I'll come back later." Sonny stood up quickly at the sound of her voice. "I was just leaving," he said. "Sonny," Frank called from his bed. Sonny turned back to him. "Thanks for everything." Sonny nodded his head and then turned again to leave the room. As he passed Emily he paused and stared intently into her eyes. His gaze was so penetrating Emily almost lost the use of her limbs for a moment. Something was definitely different about how he was looking at her, and she wondered why that was.

She took Sonny's seat at her father's bedside. "You probably need to rest now," she said. "No, we need to talk," Frank replied. "First, I want to tell you how incredibly proud I am of you. How you knew what to do and revived me. You're going to make a great doctor." Emily's eyes welled as she remembered how close she came to losing her father. "I don't know what I would have done if you died daddy." "I know. I've sheltered you so much you'd have a hard time on your own, wouldn't you?" Emily nodded her head. She hated to admit it but it was the truth. "I've only wanted to protect you. The world can be a really hard place," Frank said. Emily nodded again; "I know." "But now that I've almost died I've realized that I won't be around to protect you forever. And since I created this situation, I need to fix it." Emily wasn't sure where he was headed and started to get nervous. "You've grown into a beautiful young woman," Frank continued. "And I know that there will be many men who will want you, and even some who will want to take care of you." Emily shrugged, "maybe." She didn't want to fight with her father about boys right then. "I would hate for you to end up with someone who didn't appreciate you; didn't value you; didn't take care of you." "Daddy, we don't have to talk about this now."

"Yes we do," Frank insisted. "I want to make sure you'll be taken care of for the rest of your life, so when my time comes I can die in peace. And there's only one way to ensure that." "Ho…how?" Emily nervously asked. "You need to get married as soon as possible," her father stated. Emily's jaw fell open. And then he added, "and I know the perfect man for the job."

"I want something very special," Sonny told the jeweler. "Whatever you need Mr. Corinthos," the man told him back. It wasn't every day that Sonny Corinthos walked into his store and wanted to buy an engagement ring. In fact, it was something that no one thought would ever happen since Sonny's reputation with the ladies was legendary. "And of course I'll keep it quiet," the man added. He didn't want to get on the mob bosses' bad side. Everyone knew that Frank Smith had a heart attack and everyone assumed Sonny would be taking over as the big boss. And since the jeweler, as well as all of the merchants on the waterfront, ran their businesses with the protection and permission of the Smith organization, none of them wanted any trouble from the mob. Sonny stared at the man. "No need for secrecy; I want everyone to know."


Chapter 15

Emily was trying not to panic. Sure, she'd long wanted her father to let her start dating. But getting married wasn't even on her radar screen, especially since he never did allow her to date at all. She couldn't imagine who her father would name as her future husband. What if it was some awful, ugly man? "Daddy," Emily began, "I think you're overreacting a bit." "I don't," he sternly replied. "I'll never rest in peace unless I know you'll be ok." "But you're going to recover," Emily said, her panic increasing. "We don't need to worry about this now!" "It's the perfect solution," Frank continued as if he wasn't even listening to her. "And besides, since he's now running my whole business it makes so much sense." Emily's entire body froze. She could barely breathe let alone move. "I must be dreaming," she thought. "This can't be happening." "You like Sonny, right?" her father asked. Emily could only blink in response. "Em? OK I know this is sudden and all, but I don't think you marrying Sonny Corinthos should feel like a fate worse than death!"

Emily found her voice. "No it's not!" Then she repeated herself without shouting. "No it's not. I didn't realize you meant I should marry Sonny." "Oh, so that makes the whole idea more palatable? Why is that?" Frank asked suspiciously. Emily scrambled to cover for both her and Sonny's sakes. "I just meant you didn't want me to marry some stranger, that's all." "OK, so you have no problem with the idea of marrying Sonny?" Emily shrugged and tried to act cavalier. "I guess not. He's nice." "Do you think you could love him some day?" Frank wondered. "I asked him if he could grow to love you and he said he could." Emily had to stop herself from screaming with joy. "You…you already talked to Sonny about this? And he didn't object?" "No, he thought it was a good idea."

Emily couldn't believe her ears. Then all her joy vanished as her father added, "and he said he'd do whatever I asked him to." "Oh I see," Emily said; her disappointment obvious. "He's just following orders as usual." "That's part of it," Frank admitted. "But he genuinely likes you Emily. And he said you are a very special woman." Emily felt a little better, but was still not thrilled. But wasn't being with Sonny the most important thing? Did it really matter that she felt more for him at this point than he did for her? The decision was an easy one and she told her father, "OK daddy. I'll do what you want too. I'll marry Sonny."


Chapter 16

Sonny didn't return to the hospital until the next morning. He had business to take care of that night, and Monique to deal with. She approached him as soon as he entered the club. "Hi baby!" she said with a smile. "We need to talk," Sonny gruffly replied, pulling her into the office. "Get out," he told the new manager who, knowing the fate of his predecessor, quickly ran from the room. Monique put her arms around Sonny. "Hmmm, you want to do it in here for a change? Tired of the limo?" Sonny disengaged from her arms. He looked her in the eyes. "Listen to me carefully. We're not going to be doing it here, in the limo, or anywhere from now on." Monique felt her world crumbling. "Wh…why? Did I do something wrong?" "No you didn't do anything wrong. I'm getting married." Monique's jaw fell open. "You're what? Who?" "That's none of your business," Sonny replied. He had no interest in discussing Emily with Monique. "Who is she Sonny?!" Monique yelled. "I'll slap her silly!" Sonny took her face in one hand. "You will do nothing. You won't even talk about it or her again. And you definitely won't go anywhere near her. Do you understand me?" Monique knew she'd be in big trouble if she went against Sonny Corinthos. Totally defeated she replied, "yes Sonny. I understand."

The next morning, Emily waited anxiously for Sonny at the hospital. She had gone home the previous night after agreeing to marry him, and tried to get some sleep. But that was an impossible task. She was too excited to sleep. Instead, she put on her porn disk and tried to decide the first thing she wanted to do with Sonny when she finally got him in bed. "I wonder when that will be?" she mused. "Will we have to wait until we're married? I hope not!" She watched a lengthy blow-job sequence and paid a lot of attention to the woman's technique. "I really want to do that to him," Emily moaned…

"I want to suck you Sonny." "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah," Sonny groaned in reply. "Do it baby; do it." Emily kissed him and then slid down his body. His cock was standing at attention, waiting for her. Emily licked its whole length, sucked the tip, and licked down again. Sonny clasped his hand behind his head; his elbows out to the sides. He watched intently as she repeated the same action over and over. "Don't be a tease now," he warned. Emily smiled and then sucked on the tip again. "Keep going," Sonny ordered. Emily lowered her head down and slowly swallowed every inch of him. "Oh shit…yeah…" Sonny gasped. "I love you Emily."

"Good morning." Sonny's deep voice now brought Emily out of her lustful remembrance. She looked at him, her face flushed. Sonny smiled, his dimples popping. Emily smiled back. "Good morning Sonny." "How's Frank doing?" "Better. He's sleeping right now though." Sonny nodded his head and then asked, "so…did you two talk about anything last night?" Emily blushed again; her heart pounding. "Yeah he told me I had to marry you." Sonny didn't like her choice of words; did she hate the idea? Emily saw his eyes narrow and quickly reassured him. "I didn't mean that in a bad way. I think…I think it's a good idea." Sonny relaxed. "You do?" "Yeah. I mean, it'll give him peace of mind and me too." Sonny nodded again; disappointed. "And I like you…I mean, you're my friend right?" Emily added. "That's right," Sonny replied.

Emily fidgeted with the hem of her shirt. "So…what do you think about it?" Sonny shrugged. "I think it makes sense like you said. And…I like you too." They stood there in awkward silence, both believing the other didn't share their feelings at all.


Chapter 17

Frank was released from the hospital the following day. Sonny & Emily got him settled at home where he'd have a private nurse 24/7. Once tucked in bed he told Sonny and Emily to get lost. "You two need to go out; celebrate your engagement." Emily felt weird. She and Sonny hadn't spoken much about getting married or anything other than her father for the past 24 hours. Sonny knew Emily's ring was ready and he needed to go pick it up. He didn't think it was right to celebrate before putting it on her finger. "Uh, I have something to do this afternoon," Sonny told Emily. "Can I pick you up at seven and we'll go have dinner?" Emily's heart fluttered; finally a real date. Finally a real date with the man of her dreams. "Sure," she replied with a smile. Frank watched from his bed, happy with what he was seeing. Sonny said goodbye to Frank and Emily and left the house.

"You should go shopping," Frank told his daughter. "Daddy, I think I have plenty of clothes to choose from." "It's not every day you get engaged," Frank urged; "go buy something special." Emily thought it over and agreed. "It'll be nice to wear something I've never worn for any other occasion," she admitted. She said goodbye to her father, spoke with his nurse about his care, and then left.

That evening, Sonny rode in the back of his limo to pick up Emily. He fingered the box containing her ring. He hoped she wouldn't change her mind when he put it on her finger. Then he ran his hand over the leather seat and as usual his mind flashed to him and Emily getting busy and fogging up the windows. "Control yourself Corinthos. You can't touch her until she's your wife."

Emily nervously adjusted her hair and wondered, "do I look sophisticated enough for Sonny?" She knew he'd been on many dates with many women; could she compare to all of that? "I wonder if he'll kiss me," she continued. Her hand moved up and she touched her lips. "I've waited years for him to kiss me." A knock on her door startled her. "Ms. Smith, Mr. Corinthos is waiting downstairs for you." "I'll be right there!" Emily shouted in reply. "Oh my God calm down Emily," she chided herself.

Sonny waited nervously in the foyer. It was a new feeling for him, especially where women were concerned. A female hadn't made him nervous since he was a teenager. But this was a momentous moment; the moment he'd lay eyes on his future wife. And Sonny couldn't wait.


Chapter 18

"Hi Sonny," Emily greeted him as she descended the stairs. She wasn't sure how she was managing to breathe, walk, and talk at the same time. He looked so handsome she was having difficulty with all three. Sonny didn't reply. He was unable to speak. Emily was wearing a simple black cocktail dress, with incredibly high heels that made her legs look endless. The bodice was form-fitting and low-cut. She looked like a woman; a w-o-m-a-n. His woman. Emily came to a stop right in front of him. Sonny stared into her eyes and found his voice. "You look amazing Emily." Emily smiled so bright it almost blinded him. "So…so do you Sonny." Sonny leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. Emily's heart almost burst from her chest. She inhaled his scent, a scent she had smelled in her nightly dreams for years. Sonny pulled back, "shall we go?" Emily nodded her head and Sonny took her hand in his.

Once seated in the back of the limo, Sonny turned to face her. "I have something for you." He took out the ring box and Emily had to fight very hard to not break out in sobs. "I hope you like it," Sonny said, "and I hope you accept it as a symbol of our engagement." He opened the box, took the ring out, and then took her hand. It was trembling. "Shhh," Sonny soothed. "I know this is all so sudden and kind of weird. I mean, we've known each other for almost 20 years but not like this." Emily bit her lower lip and nodded her head. Sonny stared into her eyes. "Will you accept this ring and agree to be my wife?" "Yes Sonny!" Sonny smiled and eased the ring onto her finger. Emily stared at it. "This must be a dream." "Huh?" Emily looked up with a start; had she said that out loud?" "Uh, I said this ring is a dream…you know, dreamy." "Oh. Well I'm glad you like it," Sonny replied.

"So, don't people usually kiss when they get engaged," Emily nervously asked. Sonny smiled at her. "I don't think that's appropriate. I have too much respect for you and your father to…" "My father isn't here!" Emily exclaimed. "And how am I going to know I want to marry you if I don't even know what's like to kiss you?" Sonny turned away from her. "Don't push me on this Emily," he said knowing he wasn't being totally honest with her about his reasons. He was afraid if he kissed her he wouldn't be able to stop himself from taking it much further. He wanted her that much. Emily slumped back against the seat and pouted. This engagement thing wasn't going to be much fun.


Chapter 19

"Mr. Corinthos!" the maitre'd greeted them with a flourish as soon as they entered the No Name Restaurant. "Ms. Smith what an honor to have you here! I trust your father is doing better?" Emily was taken aback and was slow to respond so Sonny did it for her. "Thanks Mario; yes Mr. Smith is improving." "I am so happy to hear that!" the man continued to gush. "Please let me show you to your table Mr. Corinthos." They followed Mario to a private table where he pulled the chair out for Emily. She sat down and then he did the same for Sonny. "The chef has prepared an amazing Lobster Newburg," Mario informed them. "It will be out shortly. In the meantime, I will get our best champagne for the happy couple!" Sonny put his hand up and Mario stopped cold. "Hold on there," Sonny ordered. He looked at Emily. "Is lobster ok with you or do you want something else?" "Uh it's fine thanks," Emily quietly replied. Sonny dismissed Mario with his hand and the man scurried off.

"Geesh is he always like that?" Emily asked. Sonny shrugged; "yeah I guess." "How did he know my name? How did he know we were engaged?" "People know things," Sonny replied. "Because of who I am and who your father is, people in our circle make it a point to know things." Emily digested what he told her. "Does that bother you?" Sonny asked. "I mean, I know you haven't had much experience with this; your father kept you sheltered from it." "Yeah and from everything else too," Emily retorted. Sonny smiled. "Well now that you're about to become my wife…" he paused to feel the affect of the words. They made Emily shudder, in a good way. "You'll experience a lot of new things," he finished. Emily smiled at him and coyly asked, "like what?" She knew what she wanted to experience, and she wanted to start that night. Sonny grinned back at her. "Like more than anything you could have possibly imagined sweetheart. But…not until we're married."

Emily pouted and Sonny laughed. She was impossibly adorable on top of being incredibly sexy. How could he resist touching her until their wedding night? Mario re-appeared with the champagne which he opened and poured with a flourish. Then Sonny raised his glass. "To my bride." Emily beamed; "to my groom." They stared at each other, and Emily fought the urge to kick off a shoe and give him toe sex under the table.

After luxuriating over lobster and champagne, Emily felt buzzed and horny. Sonny just felt horny. A string quartet began to play and Sonny abruptly stood. He put out his hand; "let's dance." Emily's eyes got wide. Finally, she would know what it felt like to be held in Sonny's arms. She stood and put her hand in his. As he led her to the dance floor everyone else moved out of the way and all eyes were on the gorgeous couple. Sonny pulled Emily close; so close you could barely fit a piece of paper between them. He expertly glided her across the floor staring into her eyes the entire time. Emily felt lightheaded. When the song stopped Sonny stopped, and they stood there together. A hush fell over the room as Sonny lowered his head and kissed her.


Chapter 20

The world stood still as Sonny kissed Emily. He felt her swooning in his embrace, her mouth yielding to his unquestionably. He moved one hand to her face and held it as he mastered her mouth with his. Emily whimpered against it. Sonny groaned and tightened the grasp of his other arm which was wrapped around her waist. Then the music started up again and Sonny remembered where they were. The next few moments passed in a flurry: Sonny guided Emily back to their table; threw a large amount of cash onto it; and then walked her out the door. They hurried to the limo and climbed into the back seat after Sonny yelled at Joseph to take a walk. Sonny had Emily on his lap, straddling him, in seconds and had resumed kissing her. Emily was in heaven. It was everything she had dreamt it would be; but she still wanted more.

Sonny was about to give her just that. He'd lost all ability to reason or to control himself. He found the zipper on the side of her dress and lowered it. Then he pushed the dress off her shoulders revealing her bra. He quickly unhooked that and then took one breast in his hand as it came free. He did all this while still kissing her. Emily moaned loudly and instinctively leaned backwards to give him access. Sonny reluctantly released her mouth, but soon found something else to do with his. He took her breast in a gentle bite; his tongue playing with the nipple inside his mouth. Emily was panting now and could feel the wetness growing between her legs. Sonny moved his other hand down and up under her dress. He cupped one naked ass cheek, as her thong didn't cover much down there. Emily rubbed up against him; aching to feel him. Sonny shifted her so that her pussy was making contact with his cock, which was now fully engorged and throbbing through his pants. "Oh…oh!" Emily cried. He seemed as large as she had imagined. Sonny held her ass tightly, and let her do the bumping and grinding while he concentrated on her other breast.

"Ooh Sonny…yeah!" she panted. "Mmmmm, you feel so good. I want to suck you!" Sonny stopped cold and looked at her. "Wha…what did you say?" Emily stared into his dark eyes. "I said I want to suck you," she whispered. "Please, let me." Sonny moved her off and onto the leather seat. "Sonny, what's wrong?" Emily cried. "This is a mistake," Sonny gruffly replied. "I apologize for even kissing you." He rolled down the window and barked at Joseph to get in the car and drive back to Emily's house. Emily fixed her clothes while fighting back the tears.


Chapter 21

Neither Emily nor Sonny made a move to get out when the limo arrived at Emily's house. Sonny felt horrible; like a cad. Emily felt even worse and believed Sonny was offended by what she said and did. "He must think I'm some slut," she thought. "She must think I'm a real asshole," Sonny thought. They both apologized simultaneously. "I'm sorry about what I…" "I didn't mean to…" Sonny yielded; "ladies first." "I'm sorry about what I said," Emily told him. Sonny gave her a puzzled look. "Huh? What you said? You didn't say anything wrong." Emily was very confused. "Then why did you stop, you know…" "Because I didn't mean to take things that far; it was disrespectful of me." Emily was relieved and told him, "you could never be disrespectful Sonny." "I…I liked what we were doing," she added with a blush. Sonny smiled and reached out a hand to brush her hair out of her face. "So did I baby…you have no idea…" Emily licked her lips and suggested, "so let's go for a ride or something." Sonny moved his hand away and shook his head. "No. We're at your house. I'm going to walk you in and say goodnight."

Emily knew him well enough to know she'd never win the argument. But as he escorted her to the door she hoped she'd at least get another kiss out of him. She did, but only on the cheek. "I had a great time at dinner," Sonny said; "and after." "Me too Sonny. So, will I see you tomorrow?" "I'll call you and we'll do something," Sonny replied. "Aren't you coming in the morning to meet with Daddy?" Emily naively asked. "I won't be doing that anymore," Sonny informed her; "I'm the boss now." "Oh that's right," Emily said, chiding herself for not remembering. "It's a lot to get used to," Sonny offered. "Your father retiring…our engagement…speaking of which, start thinking about a date for the wedding." "How about tomorrow?" Emily silently replied.

Later, upstairs in her room, Emily didn't need the aid of pornography to act out the end of her date with Sonny. She imagined what would have happened if he hadn't put on the brakes…

"I said I want to suck you," she whispered. "Please, let me." "No time for that now," Sonny gruffly replied. "I want to be inside your sweet pussy like right now." Emily moaned. It sounded like a great idea to her. She got off him momentarily to remove her thong and Sonny took the opportunity to free himself from his pants. Emily climbed back on board and guided his huge organ to her wet folds. "This might hurt a little," Sonny warned; thrusting up as Emily lowered herself down. Emily yelped so Sonny held still for several moments. "You let me know when you're ready baby," he whispered. Emily did so by moving up and then lowering herself back down. "Better?" Sonny asked. Emily licked her lips and nodded her head. "It feels sooooo good Sonny," she panted. Sonny smiled, grabbing her ass tightly in both hands. He increased the force of his thrusts and Emily's head lolled back in rapture. All her fantasies and dreams were being fulfilled in this moment. Sonny once again took a mouthful of tender breast, sucking on the erect nipple. Emily could feel the pleasure building and building. "Ooh Sonny…I'm…" "Hold on baby, I'll get you there," Sonny promised. And he did…


Chapter 22

Emily was having trouble sleeping; she was too excited. Her first real date was fabulous. Even the misunderstanding in the limo didn't bother her anymore. She felt certain that Sonny wanted her as much as she wanted him. He just had more self-control than she did. "I can't wait until we're married!" she thought while hugging her pillow. "I'm gonna rock that cock morning, noon and night!" She rolled over onto her side still holding the pillow closely, and tried again to fall asleep. Then she heard voices coming through the open window. Rolling her eyes she got up and walked over to it, prepared to yell at whoever was out there to shut the hell up. But when she got closer and heard the subject matter, she remained quiet and listened.

"He's going to be tougher than Frank," one of the guards said to another. They were patrolling the perimeter of the house, as someone did every night, and had paused on the patio beneath Emily's window. "Yeah," the other replied. "Corinthos has a mean temper. He can go off on you like that," he snapped his fingers for effect. "The benefit of being the boss I guess," the first one retorted. "Yeah all that and marrying Frank's daughter," the second one said. "I know," said the other man, "can you believe that guy and women? He lands a beautiful, young one to marry, and still has that Monique on the side."

Emily felt sick to her stomach but kept listening. "Monique is hot; she does him in his limo every night." The other man looked at his watch; "I bet he's there with her right now." Then they kept walking while Emily sank down to the floor next to the window. She was filled with an enormous emotional pain and broke out into wracking sobs.

Meanwhile Sonny was at the club taking care of business. Monique sadly watched him from across the room but kept her distance. She'd heard that Sonny bought his intended a beautiful engagement ring; the news traveled fast. And since Sonny hadn't even looked at her she knew he meant what he said about them being over. Sonny finished up and left the club. As he rode home in the limo he couldn't help but think about what almost happened with Emily. His cock was still throbbing painfully but he decided to wait until he was home to deal with it. "Oh baby," he thought. "When you're my wife, I'm going to rock your gorgeous body morning, noon and night!"


Chapter 23

Frank was concerned when Emily didn't join him for breakfast the next morning. He wanted to hear all about her date with Sonny, and check out her engagement ring. "Is my daughter up yet? Did she already eat?" he asked one of the household staff. "She hasn't come out of her room sir." Frank looked at his watch; it was almost ten o'clock. Emily was normally an early riser. "What time did she get in with Mr. Corinthos last night?" "It was about nine o'clock sir." "That's not too late," Frank muttered mostly to himself. "No reason for her to be sleeping in this much." He felt that something was off and got up from the table. He was supposed to rest as much as possible, but found it impossible to stay in bed. So he'd been resuming his normal routine around the house.

He went upstairs to Emily's room and knocked on the door. "Em? Are you all right in there?" She didn't respond. Frank got very nervous. "Emily! Open the door this minute or I'll break it down myself! And you know how good that would be for my health!" A moment later the door opened. Frank walked in and found Emily getting back on her bed and trying to climb under the covers. "It's ten o'clock and you're still in bed? What's wrong? Are you sick?" Emily turned away from him; "I don't want to talk about it." Frank sat down on the edge of the bed. "Is it Sonny? Did you have a bad date? Are you changing your mind about the marriage?" "Stop asking me so many questions!" Emily cried. Frank stroked her hair. "You have to tell me Em. You know I'm not leaving this room until you do. What happened?"

Emily took a deep breath and finally answered him. "I think Sonny's marrying me just because you want him to," she said in a quiet voice. "He loves someone else." Frank narrowed his eyes. If Sonny loved another woman he'd kept it a secret from everyone. "I don't think so," Frank told her. "I would have known." "Well, he went to see her last night apparently," Emily said. Frank was getting angry. "What? Who told you that?" Emily sat up and turned to face him; her face stained with tears. "I heard some of the men talking. They were standing out there," Emily pointed to her window. "And they were talking about Sonny and some woman?" "Yes." "What exactly did they say?" Frank demanded. Emily was nervous that she was getting Sonny into big trouble with her father, but had said too much to take it back now. So she repeated what she'd heard. Frank sat quietly steaming mad. Then he told Emily, "I can guarantee you Sonny is not in love with that woman." Emily felt a glimmer of hope in her heart. "Really?" "Yes. Now whether or not he was with her…well I'm going to get to the bottom of that!" "Daddy please don't hurt him!" Frank stood up. "He'll get whatever he deserves Emily, I promise you that."

Later that day Sonny was making the rounds in the territory. The organization owned many businesses and properties on the waterfront and managing all of them was a big task. There were people in charge of each one but Sonny wanted them all to know he was going to be a hands-on boss. They needed to get used to him showing up. At the last stop he instructed Joseph to wait with the car; that he shouldn't be long. When he entered the building he was told that the warehouse manager needed to see him. So he walked to the back and towards the office. Only once he got there he was grabbed and a chloroform-soaked rag was put over his mouth. He didn't have time to react before everything went black.


Chapter 24

Sonny came-to slowly. His head was full of fog; his vision blurry. And his arms were tied behind his back and to the chair on which he was seated. But he was able to make out the man sitting directly in front of him. "Frank?" Frank Smith sat with arms folded, and looked angrier than Sonny had ever seen him. And Sonny knew why. "OK Frank I understand why you're upset." Frank raised his eyebrows. "So you admit what you did?" Sonny then realized they weren't alone in the back room of the warehouse. "Can you ask them to leave?" he said referring to Frank's guards who were standing behind Sonny. "I don't think so. I've got a heart condition remember? I might need some help with you." Sonny tried to remain calm; Frank wouldn't really kill him over things getting out of hand with Emily…would he?

"Frank. I'm asking you to dismiss them from the room to protect Emily's honor." That made Frank even angrier and he yelled, "Oh now you care about Emily's honor?" But then he calmed down and agreed it would be best to have this conversation alone with Sonny. He waved the guards off and the two men left the room. Then he repeated his last question to Sonny. "So now you care about Emily's honor?" "Frank what happened last night was a mistake. I never intended that to happen. You have to know I respect Emily too much for that."

Frank wasn't reassured. "You didn't intend it to happen? So what, it was just force of habit or something? You couldn't help yourself?" Sonny paused and then replied, "not force of habit, but yeah I couldn't help myself. And I instantly regretted it. And you have my word, it won't happen again until after Emily and I get married."

The top of Frank's head almost blew off. He stood up and started screaming. "What?! You son-of-a-bitch! I'm going to kill you!" Sonny was taken aback; why would Frank freak out over him promising to not touch Emily until after the wedding? "Frank, Frank, calm down…your heart!" Frank's guards hurried back into the room. "Boss we could hear you yelling out there! You're gonna give yourself another heart attack!" one of them warned. Frank took a deep breath and sat back down. "There isn't going to be any marriage," he informed Sonny. "And I'm not sure what I'm going to do with you."

Back at the house, Emily was nervous wondering what her father was doing to Sonny. "I should never have told him!" she chided herself. "If he hurts Sonny I'll never forgive myself! And if I can't be with Sonny because of this, I'll never forgive myself for that either!"


Chapter 25

Sonny tried one more time to explain things to Frank, praying he'd understand. "Frank please listen to me. I swear on my mother's soul I never intended to offend Emily or you. I know it was wrong, and I'm telling you it won't happen again." Frank stared at him; "until after you're married, or so you said." "That's right." Frank shook his head. "Let me see if I've got this straight; you're promising to never cheat on Emily again until after you're her husband. And that's supposed to be a good thing?" Sonny gave him a look that said "are you friggin crazy?" And then he yelled, "wha…what? Cheat on Emily? What the hell are you talking about Frank?!"

Now it was Frank's turn to be confused. "That's what I've been talking about Sonny! You and that Monique woman getting together!" "Last night? You think I was with her last night?" Neither Sonny nor Frank noticed the two guards looking nervously at each other. "That's what Emily told me," Frank replied. "That you dropped her off and then went to have sex with that woman." Sonny shook his head; nothing Frank was saying made any sense. "Frank, how the hell would Emily know about that…not that it happened because it didn't!" Frank paused and for the first time felt like he'd overreacted to absolutely nothing. "Uh, because she overheard some of the men talking about it." "When; where?" "Last night. She was up in her room and they were standing outside under the window. They were talking about that Monique woman and how you would have her and the boss' daughter, and how you were probably with her right then."

"And you took that as fact?" Sonny asked. Now he was the one who was angry. Frank felt like a fool. "Shit Sonny I'm sorry! Emily was so upset; she'd been crying all night. I couldn't think straight with my baby like that. She thought you were in love with the woman, but I told her I knew that wasn't true." "Yeah…and that I was just fucking her, right?" Sonny growled.

"Untie him!" Frank bellowed at his men, and then said, "I don't know how to apologize enough Sonny." "So you believe me?" Sonny asked. "That I wasn't with Monique? Cause the truth is I told her we were through the night I said I would marry Emily." Frank smiled, "thank you. That's all I needed to hear." Then he paused. "Wait a minute; what the hell were you talking about before? What did you promise you wouldn't do until after you and Emily are married?" Sonny stood up rubbing his wrists. He looked at the two guards and then back to Frank. "I won't discuss that with you unless we're alone Frank." Frank nodded his head and then moved to dismiss the guards again…but Sonny stopped him. "Hold up. Who was patrolling the grounds last night? Was it these two?" Sonny studied the panic on the guards' faces and knew he had the right men. "As a matter of fact, yes," Frank replied, after thinking it over. "Oh shit," one of them muttered. "You got that right," Frank retorted.


Chapter 26

"Mr. Corinthos please forgive us," one of the guards stammered. Sonny walked over and kicked the man's legs out from under him. He fell to his knees. Then Sonny looked at the other man. "You get on your knees if you're begging me for something!" The man shot down to the ground in a flash. Both men knelt in front of Sonny and clasped their hands together. "I think you should forgive them," Frank commented, playing the "good cop." "I don't think so," Sonny replied, playing himself. "I think I should shoot them right between the eyes. Give me a gun Frank." Frank did what he asked; "it's your gun Sonny. Sorry, I had them take it from you." Sonny took the gun, cocked it, and then put it up to one of the men's forehead. The man was shaking uncontrollably and Sonny could smell the unmistakable odor of urine. After pausing a moment for effect, Sonny uncocked the gun and handed it back to Frank. The man almost fainted with relief. "Change your mind?" Frank asked knowing Sonny was tormenting the men on purpose. "Yeah. Give me my knife instead." Frank handed him the switchblade they'd taken off Sonny earlier as well.

Sonny flicked the knife open. "I'm an eye-for-an-eye kinda guy," Sonny stated. "So since your crime was gossiping about the boss and his future wife, I think the appropriate punishment would be for me to cut your tongues out." The other guard released his bladder as well. Sonny looked at Frank, "why do they always do that?" Frank laughed; "you didn't!" Sonny turned back to the guards and bellowed, "if you EVER talk about me and mine again I will cut your tongues out and shove them down your throats until you choke on them! Do you understand me?!" The two men cowered in the ground, furiously nodding their heads. Sonny turned back to Frank. "Come on, Joseph is out in the car. We'll talk on the way home."

"I really am sorry Sonny," Frank apologized again once they were in the limo. "I understand Frank," Sonny replied. "You thought I betrayed Emily; your reaction was warranted. I just wish you'd had a little more faith in me. But then again maybe I don't deserve it." "Why, what happened?" Sonny took a deep breath and let it out before confessing, "I kissed Emily last night…on the dance floor at the No-Name in front of everyone." "Sonny you just got engaged. I don't see the problem." "Well the problem is when we left and got back in the car things went a little further." "How much further?" "Not all the way but further than it should have gone. I stopped as soon as I realized what was going on." "So you got carried away is what you're telling me?" "That's right. And I apologized to Emily, and I'm apologizing to you." Frank thought it over. "I understand Sonny, I mean she's a beautiful young woman and is going to be your wife. And I'm glad you want her that much, as strange as that may sound. But I'm asking you to promise me you'll respect her honor." "I promise Frank." "Well then that's all I need," Frank said with a smile.

Emily saw the limo pull up and ran out of the house. She was greatly relieved when Sonny stepped out of the car looking totally intact. "Sonny, you're ok!" She ran to him and threw herself into his arms. "I'm fine," Sonny replied hugging her. "But I think we need to talk." Frank said hello to his daughter and then went into the house. "Let's take a ride," Sonny said taking Emily's hand and guiding her into the limo.


Chapter 27

"You must be furious with me," Emily said. "I should have never said anything to Daddy. I should have asked you about what those men said." She studied Sonny's face. "Did he hurt you?" Sonny shook his head, "nah. Nothing I couldn't handle. I've been hurt much worse." Emily felt sad for him, remembering what her father told her about Sonny's childhood. Sonny looked into her eyes, "I broke things off with Monique as soon as you and I got engaged. I haven't been with her since even before that." Emily nodded her head. "Thanks for telling me that. I realized I was jumping to conclusions and that I should trust you more." "I'm not mad at you, but I thought you did trust me more than that," Sonny replied. "I do, it's just…it hurt so much Sonny. I thought you were in love with her but marrying me because it's what Daddy wanted."

Sonny touched her face with his fingers. "You really have no idea, do you?" Emily closed her eyes at his touch and then opened them back up. "No idea about what?" "About how I feel about you." Emily stared at him; her heartbeat quickening. Sonny shifted and turned his body to face her. "You can't repeat this to anyone," he said; "especially your father. He'd kill me for sure." Emily was confused but replied, "I promise; I won't say anything." "I'm not in love with Monique…I'm in love with you." Emily's mouth fell open and that heartbeat was now pounding in her ears. Sonny smiled at the shock on her face. "I've loved you for years now," he continued. "Many times I've tried to remember the exact moment my feelings for you changed, but I can't pinpoint it. But one day you were Frank's little girl, and the next you were the missing piece of my soul." Tears fell from Emily's eyes. "I didn't know…why didn't you tell me?" "Because of Frank," Sonny solemnly replied. Emily nodded her head. "I used to tell myself that you might really want me but would never act on it because of Daddy. Then I'd tell myself I was nuts, and you didn't even notice me." "Oh I noticed. I was tormented by my desire for you," Sonny whispered.

"Sonny," Emily moaned. "Kiss me Sonny, please!" Sonny stopped her as she moved closer to him, "wait, I need to know something," "I won't tell Daddy; I promised!" Emily said. "No, I need to know if you think you can feel like I do. I know it will take some time…" Emily smiled. "Oh Sonny, you and Daddy think I'm the naive one but you're totally clueless…both of you!" "Huh?" "I've loved you since I was 15 years old! I've dreamt about you every night. I've imagined how we'd be together. I fantasized that some day you'd marry me. I love you Sonny! I always have!"


Chapter 28

Now it was Sonny's turn to be stunned. "You…you've always loved me?" Emily smiled and touched his lips with her fingertips. "Yes." "I had no idea," Sonny said. "Would it have mattered if you knew?" Emily asked. "I mean, you said you never told me how you felt because of Daddy, so I assume if you knew how I felt the same thing would apply." "I never would have acted on it," Sonny answered after pausing to think; "and in a way I guess it was easier thinking I was the only one being torn up every time we saw each other." Emily swooned; "is that how you felt…torn up?" Sonny nodded, "yeah. Like my heart was being pulled out." "That's how I felt too Sonny; it was really hard." "I'm sorry baby; did you cry about it a lot?"

Emily gave him a sly grin. "I cried sometimes, but mostly I had another strategy for dealing with it." Sonny raised his eyebrows, "oh yeah?" "Let's just say I had a rich fantasy life." Sonny groaned; "ok I think we should change the subject now." "Why?" Emily asked. "Because I already want you more than I've ever wanted any woman. If we start talking about things we can't act on…" "Why can't we act on them?" "Because we're not married yet Emily. It's disrespectful." "To who, my father? 'Cause I won't feel disrespected I promise you that!" "And I promised your father I'd respect your honor until after the wedding so I don't want to talk about this anymore!" Sonny yelled back in frustration.

Emily slumped back against the seat and pouted. Then something occurred to her. "Sonny what does 'respect my honor' actually mean?" "Huh?" "What does it mean? Doesn't it mean you won't knock me up until I'm your wife? Isn't that what he's really worried about?" Sonny thought it over. "I guess so. I always thought it meant that you'd remain a virgin until you were married." "OK, so we won't have intercourse," Emily stated. "You sound like a doctor already," Sonny teased. Emily rolled her eyes at him; "will you get serious about this?" "I am serious about this believe me! I'm trying to stop this conversation because I want to have…intercourse…with you something fierce!" Emily leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. "So we'll do everything but have intercourse Sonny." She sat back and smiled in triumph. No way could he argue with her about that. Sonny stared at her, his eyes blackened with desire. "I like the way your mind works baby."

When they entered Sonny's apartment, Emily looked around. Was this her future home? "Uh, we haven't talked about this yet but…" "We haven't talked about much yet Em," Sonny reminded her; "including a wedding date." "I know and I have some ideas about that," Emily replied. "But I was wondering after the wedding, are we going to live here?" Sonny shook his head, "no way. You deserve a beautiful house. I just figured you'd want to pick it out yourself." Emily beamed, "you are so sweet. But how would you feel about living in my house?" "You mean with Frank?" Emily nodded her head. "I don't want to leave him now," she admitted. "He's still so weak. And the truth is…I love that house." Sonny walked over to her. "If that's what you want, that's where we'll live. I'm sure Frank will be over the moon. Now that's the last time I want your father mentioned tonight," Sonny told her. He took her in his arms. "Let's get busy."


Chapter 29

Emily luxuriated in Sonny's kisses and whimpered in frustration when he pulled back from her. Sonny chuckled, "there's a lot more where that came from baby. I'll be kissing you senseless for the rest of your life." Emily smiled, "mmmm I can't wait. So what now?" Sonny took off his suit coat and went to hang it up. Emily took note that his apartment was as neat as his appearance always was. "You're a neat freak aren't you?" she asked. Sonny walked back over to her. "Yeah, but not by choice. My stepfather was a cop and a military man. He was a drill sergeant at home…a sadistic drill sergeant." Emily regretted bringing the subject up; "I'm sorry we don't have to talk about that." Sonny sat down in an armchair right in front of her. "I'd rather not talk about that," he honestly replied. "But if you want to know all about my messed up childhood I will tell you…just not tonight, ok?" Emily stepped closer to him. "That's definitely ok. I have other priorities tonight mister." Sonny smiled and ran his tongue across his lower lip. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, so do I. Like watching you get naked. Take your clothes off for me."

Emily was grateful she'd taken a shower and gotten dressed while Sonny and her father were off "discussing" things. She stood before Sonny and started peeling off her shirt with shaking hands. "Come 'ere," Sonny whispered; she was too far away. He spread his legs open and she stepped in between them. He put his hands on the backs of her thighs and watched intently as she revealed her lacy bra. Sonny could feel his breathing becoming labored. Emily stared at his handsome face as she unhooked the bra and then tossed it aside. Sonny's eyes got bigger and darker at the sight. "Perfect," he said in a strained voice. "You like my breasts?" Emily teased. Sonny's answer was to pull her closer towards him and take one in his mouth. Emily grabbed his shoulders to steady herself as her legs threatened to give way. Sonny suckled on her; his tongue circling the nipple and coaxing it to get even harder. "Ooh!" Emily panted. Every nerve in her body was alive and buzzing with anticipation. Sonny moved to the other breast, and Emily thought the first nipple looked like it was frowning with the loss of him.

She moved her hands from his shoulders to his hair and ran her fingers through it. A light coating of gel made the process a smooth one. "Sonny, please…" Sonny smiled against her breast but didn't stop his actions. He did move his hands up her legs to cup her ass through her pants. Then he abruptly stopped and pulled his head back. "What's wrong?" Emily asked. "You've got too many clothes on," Sonny growled. "I want to feel every inch of your skin." Emily stepped back and quickly removed her pants and thong. She stood before him totally naked. "Is that better?" she whispered. Sonny groaned and reached out for her again. Only this time when he pulled her close his knees hit the floor, and his mouth landed on another part of her anatomy.


Chapter 30

This time Emily's legs did give way when she felt Sonny's mouth on her pussy. He kept her upright, his hands firmly holding her ass as he gently tasted her. "So sweet," he moaned in between licks; "so soft…" "So wet for you," Emily added. "I've wanted this for so long Sonny!" Sonny's tongue penetrated her folds and Emily gasped as it went into her. Sonny's hands parted her ass and one of his fingers found its way inside there. Emily's head lolled back and she had to fight to right it again. With his free hand, Sonny lifted one of her legs and draped it over his shoulder. He then quickly grabbed her ass again to steady her. Emily held onto his head, feeling like she would topple over at any moment. But she didn't, and stood there on one leg while Sonny feasted on her pussy.

He worked at a slow and steady pace, teasing her juices out and then licking them up after they threatened to trail down her inner thigh. Emily was shuddering all over and Sonny could tell she was close to finding her release. So he applied a bit more pressure and slipped a second finger into her ass. Emily orgasmed with a loud wail; "ooooooooohhhhh Sonny!" She held onto his head for dear life as he prolonged the pleasure with his expert technique. Finally, mercifully, Sonny stopped licking her and took her leg off his shoulder. Emily still couldn't stand on her own so she sank down to the floor with him. Sonny then removed his fingers from her butt. "That was…oh my god…amazing," Emily breathlessly informed him. Sonny smiled and kissed her. She could taste herself on his mouth. "I taste good," she teased. "You sure do. I want some more…let's go to my bed," he growled. Emily stopped him. "Uh uh; I have other plans for you." Sonny narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "What plans?" "Get back in the chair and I'll show you." Sonny knew exactly what she was proposing and his heart raced at the thought. Finally, his ongoing fantasy was going to come true.

After a quick trip to the bathroom to wash up, Sonny hurried back to the arm chair. He opened his legs up and Emily went in between them still on her knees. "Wait," Sonny told her, retrieving a pillow from the nearby couch. "I want you to be comfortable," he said with a sly grin. Emily laughed, took the pillow, and knelt on it. Then she got serious as her hands reached up to his belt. She unfastened it and then slowly pulled it from the loops. Sonny was already rock hard, but his cock throbbed more actively with every move she made. She tossed the belt to the floor and then unhooked the waistband of his pants. She could see his cock straining; it looked large. She hoped it was as large as she'd imagined. Despite the recent orgasm her pussy was aching at the thought that he could be that huge. She lowered the zipper and reached a trembling hand inside. "Briefs?" she asked, thinking that was what she was feeling. "Boxer briefs," Sonny corrected. "Ooh my favorite!" Emily exclaimed. "I bet your ass looks really hot in those!" Sonny got upset, "your favorite? What's that supposed to mean?" "Calm down," Emily chided; "I just meant from what I've seen in ads…magazines…movies…I've never seen any real man in his underwear!"

Sonny tried to calm down but was still pondering if her statement was truthful. He wanted to be the first man she saw in his underwear…and out of them. "Let's take all this off," Emily suggested referring to his pants and black boxer-briefs. Sonny lifted his hips and helped her pull everything down. Emily unlaced his shoes, and took them off his feet. She took of his socks and then everything else came off. Emily looked back up and gasped as the realization of innumerable fantasies stood before her in all its glory.


Chapter 31

"I don't want to spoil your fun," Sonny said, "but are you going to do anything but look at it?" Emily was entranced by his huge cock, and was watching it throb under her gaze. "How…big are you?" Emily asked. "Huh?" "How…how many inches?" Sonny smiled, "I've never measured it but I'd say about eleven." "And…how wide?" Sonny laughed, "I don't know! Why do you care?" "Because…I always thought about…oh never mind…" Emily replied finally lowering her head to take him in her mouth. "Unh Em," Sonny moaned; "your mouth is so sexy… it feels so good." Emily smiled and concentrated on taking it all down her throat; it was no easy task. Sonny couldn't help but tilt up his pelvis and start a gentle thrust. "Yeah, that's it baby," he moaned. "Suck it with your beautiful mouth. I love you Emily."

Emily was in heaven. Sonny loved her, and she loved him, and they both finally knew it. Plus she knew she'd have him and his gorgeous cock in her bed every night. It couldn't get any better than that. She concentrated on the technique she'd seen on her porn disk and was soon sucking him like a pro…and Sonny noticed. "Hold…hold up…Emily!" She stopped and raised her eyes to look at him, her mouth still full. "Where the hell did you learn how to suck cock like that?" Sonny asked his eyes flashing with jealousy. Emily sucked him a bit more and then took him out of her mouth. With her hand still stroking him she replied, "I think you'd be shocked if I told you." Sonny got even more upset. "Well you'd better tell me, and you'd better tell me right now!" "From watching porn." Sonny was shocked but also very relieved. He was petrified she was going to tell him she learned with some guy in Europe. "P…porn? When did you watch porn?" Emily told him about her friend and the disk. Sonny smiled, "ah so that's what you meant when you said you had another way to cope with wanting me." Emily laughed, "yeah that's right. So now you know my dirty little secret."

"I'm sorry I got so upset," Sonny said. "You might as well know that I'm very jealous, always have been about you." "Well now your reaction to me and Sean at Starbucks makes more sense," Emily teased. "Who?" Sonny replied. Emily took the hint; Sonny didn't want to talk about Sean or any other man. "May I continue now?" Emily asked. "Yeah but first I want to tell you one of my dirty little secrets since you told me yours," Sonny replied. Emily kept stroking him but listened intently. "Anytime I've been with a woman in the last few years…I imagined I was with you." Emily was even more turned on than she had been; "really?" "Yeah. And the last time I was with Monique, I called out your name." "You did?" "Yup." "Oh Sonny…that poor woman. I bet she was in love with you but she didn't have a chance did she?" "Nope, no chance in Hell," Sonny replied his eyes dark and full of love.


Chapter 32

"Unh…shit…Emily…" Sonny was groaning and thrusting his pelvis. "Damn I've gotta see this porn disk…you are so good…" Emily was concentrating on getting him off. She'd been working his huge cock with her hand and mouth for a while and she could feel his entire body tensing up. "Get ready," Sonny warned; "here it comes!" Emily braced herself as he released the mother-load into her throat. "Unhhhhhhhh!!!!" Emily swallowed everything he gave her as Sonny fought to remain conscious. He was grateful to be sitting down. Finally Emily released his cock from her mouth and looked at him. He was rubbing his hands over his face and moaning. Emily smiled; she was proud of herself. "Are you ok?" she asked. He nodded his head, his hands still covering his face. "I…I just need a minute here."

Emily got up and started to move away from him to find her clothes. Sonny reached out and grabbed her…and she landed on his lap. "Where do you think you're going woman?" he asked, kissing her. "Mmmm…just to get my clothes. I wanted to give you a minute to recover." "I'm recovered just fine," Sonny told her. "And if we weren't avoiding…intercourse…I'd have you in my bed and I'd be giving it to you real good right now. And since I just came I'd be hard for a long time. Think you could handle that?" Emily almost fainted at the thought. "Uh yeah I think so. I really want to find out!" Sonny smiled and kissed her again. "But since we can't do that let's just go lie down and touch each other," he suggested; "pleasure each other again. I want to taste you some more." "Well that sounds great Sonny," Emily replied, "but I'm not sure I can walk after what you just said."

Sonny laughed and then scooped her up in his arms. He carried her to the bedroom and laid her out on his bed. "I want you inside of me so bad," Emily whispered. "Soon baby, soon," Sonny soothed. "Speaking of which…we really need to set a wedding date. Do you have any idea where you want to get married?" Emily knew exactly where; "I was thinking about the house…in the gardens. Wouldn't that be nice?" She saw the disappointment on Sonny's face. "Oh, you don't want to get married at the house?" Sonny shook his head, "it's not that. It's just…Emily it's almost October. If you want a wedding in the garden, with all the flowers in bloom, we have to wait until June. I was just kinda hoping you'd be my wife before that. But, if that's what you want…" Emily pulled him close to her, pressing their naked bodies together. "That is an excellent point. No way do I want to wait that long for you to be my husband."

Sonny thought it over and then asked, "how many people will you be inviting?" "Well, just a few friends I guess," Emily said. "But I'm sure Daddy will have tons." "Yeah, all our associates," Sonny agreed. "But still the house can handle them." "What are you suggesting?" "I'm suggesting a winter wedding in the house. We can get someone to decorate outside so people can look out at the gardens, and inside as well. What do you think?" Emily sighed with contentment, "I think you are brilliant. A winter wedding it is! A white wedding with red roses!" Sonny laughed, "very appropriate sweetheart. You're the virginal bride, and I'm the blood red thorny rose." "Mmmm baby prick me," Emily moaned.


Chapter 33

"I know this isn't what you really want, but it'll have to do for now," Sonny declared before slipping two fingers into her waiting pussy. Emily gasped and grabbed his wrist, urging him on. "So impatient…" he teased. He pressed his naked body up against her hip and kissed her while moving his fingers in and out. "I feel full with your fingers," Emily panted; "I can't imagine that huge cock fitting inside me." Sonny rubbed said cock against her; it was throbbing painfully already. "You are seriously asking for it woman," he warned. "On our wedding night I'm going to rock your body until you beg for mercy." Emily couldn't help but laugh. "Oh that's funny? You don't think I can?" "I have no doubt you can," Emily replied; "it's just that I used to think about rocking your cock all night." Sonny moaned into her ear and increased the movement of his hand. Emily moved her pelvis in time with him and could feel the orgasm building.

"Touch me," Sonny requested. Emily reached over and took his cock in her hand. She stroked him as he fucked her with his fingers. "Cum for me baby," Sonny demanded, aiding the process by putting his thumb on her clitoris. He applied pressure at the right moment and Emily broke with a wail. "Oooooooohhhhhhhh!" Sonny was pleased and removed his fingers. After sucking her taste off them he climbed on top of her, covering her body with his. "Unh…damn…I want to be inside you so bad…" he groaned. "I can suck you again," Emily offered. Sonny was so horny he accepted her offer and guided her so she was sitting up a bit against the headboard. Then he straddled her on his knees and put his cock to her lips. Emily took it in her hand again, and into her mouth. Sonny put his head back, and moaned.

Later, Sonny reluctantly drove Emily home. She had to go to PCU early the next day and get the materials from all the classes she missed due to Frank's heart attack…and everything else that had happened. Emily promised Sonny she'd finalize the wedding date and hire a planner to coordinate all the details. Sonny walked her to the door and kissed her deeply before letting her go for the night. Emily got into bed sighing with contentment.

The next day she attended a few classes and then went to see other professors to get the assignments. Then she headed to Anatomy class. She took a seat in the back of the lecture hall hoping to avoid Sean. But he was on the lookout for her and made a beeline to sit right next to her. "Emily! Are you ok? I've been so worried about you…the way you had to leave with that man. Who was he anyway?" Emily looked him right in the eyes; "my fiancée." Sean looked down at her hand. "That ring wasn't there before, was it?" "No. I just got engaged. But that man is my fiancée so you understand I can't go out with you. In fact I really can't even talk to you so please change your seat." Sean started to object, but quickly realized she meant what she said. He walked away moping. Emily felt badly for a moment but then thought of Sonny and smiled.


Chapter 34

"You look so beautiful!" Frank stood behind his daughter who was examining herself in the full-length mirror. Emily beamed, "thanks daddy." "And you look very happy…are you?" "Yes. I'm very happy daddy." Frank smiled. "Great. I'm going to go check on the groom and then I'll be back to walk you down the aisle!" Emily kept smiling as he left the room. Then she went back to fussing over herself. Her wedding dress was simple and tasteful; looking more like an evening gown than a typical wedding gown. She wanted to look sophisticated and a bit older than her 20 years. And the dress matched the theme of the wedding…a winter wonderland. "With blood-red roses," she added in her head. Yep, there she was the virginal bride, and somewhere in the church her thorny rose was waiting for her.

"All set Sonny?" Frank asked as he entered the chapel and walked towards the altar. "You bet Frank," Sonny replied with a smile. "No concerns; doubts?" Frank wanted to make sure Sonny was 100% committed to marrying Emily. "Not a one Frank," Sonny tried to reassure him. "And I promise you I'll take care of Emily and make her happy for the rest of her life." Sonny punctuated his promise by putting out his hand. Frank shook it, and then the two men embraced. "We're ready to begin," the priest interrupted. Frank pulled away from Sonny. "Well then…I'll go get the bride."

As Frank walked with his daughter down the aisle he could feel her shaking uncontrollably. "Are you ok?" he whispered. "Yes," Emily replied. She didn't know why she was so nervous; she didn't have any doubts about marrying Sonny. He was the man of her dreams and the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Then she realized the cause…the wedding night. In only a few hours, Sonny was going to give her what she had fantasized about for years. That was enough to make any woman shake in her shoes. Frank looked at Sonny; he wanted to gauge Sonny's reaction to seeing his bride. Sonny's face was deadly serious, and Frank wasn't sure if it was because he was overwhelmed by the sight of her, or overwhelmed at the thought of getting tied down. They reached the altar and the priest asked "who gives the bride…" Frank heard himself saying "I do," and then he put Emily's hand into Sonny's. Stepping back to go sit down, he had to stop himself from crying. His little girl was gone.

The rest of the ceremony passed in a blur for Frank, Sonny and Emily. Sonny was overwhelmed by the sight of his bride…and also consumed with thoughts of the wedding night. Emily was smiling throughout the entire thing…and crying with joy. When the priest pronounced them husband and wife, Sonny took Emily into his arms and kissed her deeply…and for a long time. It was a kiss that caused most of the men from the organization in attendance to stand and cheer for their new boss. Frank watched and a realization hit him right between the eyes.

Back at the house Emily marveled at the way the wedding planners had decorated the house and grounds. Since it was a nighttime wedding everything was glowing from hundreds of white tapered candles. Outside glass hurricane lamps protected the candles from blowing out in the cold January wind. Red roses punctuated the white tables, providing just the right accent. "It's perfect," Emily thought. "Can I borrow the groom for a minute?" her father interrupted her thoughts. She looked at Sonny and then at Frank; "of course daddy." Frank led Sonny off to a more secluded part of the house. "What's wrong Frank," Sonny asked. "I just have one thing to ask you Sonny and I'd appreciate an honest answer." "Of course Frank." Frank stared him in the eyes. "How long have you been in love with my daughter?"


Chapter 35

Sonny pondered his next action carefully. Should he be totally honest and tell Frank he's loved Emily for years? Or should he make it sound like he'd fallen in love with her just since the engagement? Or should he put the focus back on Frank and ask why he's asking the question at all? In the end Sonny did the only thing that felt right…he told the truth. "I've been in love with her for years Frank." Frank closed his eyes and then opened them back up. "So have you been playing me all this time? Orchestrating everything so that one day you'd end up as the boss and with my daughter?" Sonny tried to not be offended. "Come on Frank how can you even ask me that? I never made any secret of my business ambitions. But you always knew that I would be your loyal captain until the day came that you decided it was time for me to take over. And I patiently waited for that day." "Yeah, I know Sonny. But what about Emily? How did she fit into all this?"

Sonny shrugged. "She didn't. I fell in love with her but knew it was impossible to ever be with her. So I went on with my life and tried to not even think about it. It was easier to do when she only came home a couple of times a year. But then she moved back and you asked me to look out for her…it got really tough. But I gotta tell you Frank, I would have gone to my grave never acting on my feelings out of deference to you. And that's the truth." Frank thought it over and then said, "I believe you. So I guess it's a good thing I had a heart attack and thought I was going to die huh?" Sonny was shocked, "of course not! Why would you say such a thing?" Frank laughed. "Because if I hadn't decided you two should get married, you both would have gone on being miserable. Cause I gotta tell you, my daughter's even worse at hiding her feelings than you are." "What do you mean?" "I mean, from the minute I suggested she marry you it was pretty clear to me she already had strong feelings for you. I just wasn't sure if you had them too." "Well now you know," Sonny replied, relieved it was all out in the open. "So can I ask you something Frank?" he continued. "Yeah?" "Have Emily and I been apart and miserable all this time for nothing? If I had come to you and told you how I felt would you have let us be together?" Frank paused for a moment and then honestly replied, "no…I would have killed you."

Both men broke out laughing which aided Emily in finding her new husband. "There you are! Sorry daddy he's mine now…you don't get to monopolize him anymore!" They continued laughing and then Frank walked off to check on their guests. Sonny took Emily into his arms and kissed her. "Mmmmm," Emily moaned against his mouth. "So how long do we have to act sociable with all these people?" she then asked. Sonny looked at his watch. "A couple more hours. Let's just get through dinner, have the traditional last dance, and then get the heck out of here." "Out of here? Where are we going?!" Sonny smiled. "Well tomorrow we're going to Spain for our honeymoon…" Emily squealed in glee as Sonny continued "…but tonight I've booked a hotel room in town for us." "Wh…why? I thought we were staying here?" Sonny stared at her. "Do you really want me taking your virginity…and rocking your gorgeous body all night…down the hall from your father? You know the guy with the heart condition?" Emily swooned and replied, "no you're right. We should definitely not be here for that. Who knows what kind of noise I'll make once I have your eleven inches inside of me?"


Chapter 36
The Wedding Night

"Mmmm Sonny…please…I want…" Sonny smiled but continued kissing and nibbling up and down Emily's body. "I know what you want baby," he told her, his tongue circling a nipple that was already swollen from a previous visit. "Don't you want it too?" Emily gasped as he quickly moved down and in between her legs. Sonny didn't reply verbally, and instead lavished more attention on her pussy. Emily groaned in frustration. He'd already spent a long time down there and had coaxed her juices out in abundance. He took her close to the edge and then moved to another part of her body and left her hanging. He'd done that several times and now there he was again. "Why are you teasing me so much?" Emily cried. Sonny stopped licking her and moved his body up. He kissed her and then answered, "because you need to be really ready before I enter you. I don't want it to hurt anymore than is required by nature. Emily put her arms around him. "I've been ready for you for months Sonny…for years!" Her eyes pleaded with him, and he relented.

"OK, I guess you're ready for me." Emily stifled a scream of joy. Sonny sat back on his knees in between her legs. He stroked her pussy a few more times and then guided the tip of his huge organ into her. Then he pushed her legs back towards her chest and as moved up to kiss her again as he sank down. "Take a deep breath," he told her. She did, and then let it out as he drove into her. She felt a sharp twinge but it was nothing compared to the pleasure she felt as he filled her up. Sonny held still inside of her. "Are you ok?" Emily grabbed his ass. "Oooh I'm great! It feels so good Sonny!" "Didn't it hurt?" "Just a little. You were right…you got me so ready for you it wasn't that bad." Sonny was glad to hear it. Now there was nothing to stop him from taking both of them on the ride of their lives.

Emily playfully slapped his ass. "Give it to me!" Sonny laughed and pulled back, almost the entire length, and then plunged into her again. "Oh yeah," Emily moaned. Sonny repeated the action, and Emily moaned or spoke every time he filled her up again. "Unh Em…I can't believe I'm finally inside you," Sonny groaned. "Get used to it," Emily moaned back. Sonny had planned to take it real slow but he could feel his release approaching. He hoped all the foreplay had Emily on the verge of cumming too. He increased the speed and force of his thrusts. Emily started to cry out as the pleasure built and built. Soon Sonny was slamming into her; it felt so good he couldn't control himself. Emily screamed his name as the wave hit her; "Sonny!" The rapture was so intense she felt like she would pass out. Sonny's hips were moving at a frenetic pace, and he released into her with a loud groan of his own. He kept stroking as they both came through their orgasms…causing Emily to experience a series of smaller ones. She kept crying out, but in a much softer tone. Finally, Sonny collapsed on top of her.

Emily embraced him and they lay together listening to the rapid beating of their hearts. After several moments of silence Emily spoke. "I knew it would be amazing…but it was more than I ever imagined." Sonny smiled and moved his head to kiss her. "Mmmm. It was more than I imagined too." "Was it…different?" "Different than what?" "Than with other women?" "Yes very different," Sonny told her. "It was more intense; I wanted…needed to release much more badly. Plus, more than just my body was involved." Emily liked that answer. Sonny rolled them over, still buried inside of her, so that they were lying on their sides. "Are you getting hard in me already?" Emily asked, amazed at the possibility. "Yes," Sonny replied. Emily moved her hips to give him a better angle. "Please Sonny, I want you again." Sonny groaned; he wanted her again too. He started stroking in and out and they both watched and marveled at how well they fit together. "Feel good?" Sonny asked looking up to her face. Emily nodded her head, but didn't take her eyes off what was going on between their legs.

Then she pushed him onto his back and landed on top of him. "Oh it's like that huh?" Sonny teased. "Yes," Emily replied. "I told you I wanted to rock your cock all night. I'm gonna rock it now!" Sonny laughed. "I think you're going to be too much for me to handle." Emily licked her lips, "I have faith in you…you'll be up to the task!" Sonny laid back and put his hands behind his head…his elbows falling out to the sides. He watched intently as his wife rode up and down, working it for all she could. He marveled as she started shaking with the impending orgasm. Her head hung back as she wailed out in pleasure. "Sonny!" She collapsed forward onto him. Sonny wrapped his arms around her and started thrusting up from underneath. Emily kept moaning and shaking as wave after wave hit her. Sonny moved his hands down to hold her ass. He held her firmly and powered on to his own release. "Unh…Emily…I love you…unh!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Emily was still riding out her own pleasure. Finally, sighing with complete contentment, she told him, "I love you too Sonny."

They lay together like that and Sonny felt himself drifting off to sleep. But then he felt Emily moving and realized he was still buried deep inside her…and getting hard once again. He groaned, with both lust and exhaustion. "Come on baby," Emily whispered. "I'm not through with you yet." "Uh Em…how about we get some sleep?" Emily gave him a wicked smiled. "No way...I've got plans for you husband." "What plans?" he asked. She answered, "do you like it doggy-style?"